What Do I Have To Offer?

When I think of social media and where I fit in it becomes a bit daunting. Last night I was thinking about this, and it can get you down when you're most vulnerable. Luckily it was night and I was able to sleep it off, as I usually do and become refreshed the next morning.

What I mean by daunting and being blue is what do I have to offer? But we all have something to offer, we just have to find what that something is.

What do I have to offer?

Well, off the bat I can give my opinions. I can tell you what I'm thinking and what I'm going through. I have been through a few things and have conducted research. Chances are there are more people experiencing my issues that I think.

It's also important NOT to look at everyone else, but to look at everyone else.

Yeah, that smells like a gimmick, but think about it. For every person who does a podcast, or publishes a book, there are hundreds, if not thousands, who are doing the exact same thing--and on the same level as those you may have come across.

So many people doing this, and they have their following and such. What can I possibly bring to the table?
Well, anything you can think of. 

Just get it out there. 

I read about YouTube people saying to just put up videos. See what people like, what they don't. Adjust. Do many things--stuff you love.

Chances are there are people who'll want to hear what you have to say. Billions of people reside on this planet. Laws of probability, etc.

You may crash and burn, you may take off and become a massive hit. Depends on your perseverance and how much you tweak as you go. 


Make every other thing you do better than the last, even if incrementally.
The most important thing is get your content out there. 

You never know.

We can do this.



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