Amazon Blog?

I was checking out Amazon and looking around, you know Black Friday, etc. And I was looking at some author stuff and realized on my author page that my blog posts go there. Ha ha.  Had totally forgot.  I am slowly getting back my creativity. Shut off the news. Drinking tons of coffee. And slowly mapping out a strategy, a trajectory for my writing.  I want to write, but I open a Word document, or this blog, and loose something. Some may call it writers block, but I don't think so.  I have another post I had made, had the pictures, and abandoned it. I may still do it.  Let's see.  Going to work on the YouTube channel, as well. There has been a lot I've learned during this contemplation.  A lot.  Talk soon.  WCM

Halloween Special 2020

  Happy Halloween. Hope it's a safe one.  Just put up the new video Gary and I did. There were some technical issues, but we were able to make it work in the end--and possibly even make it more funny.  Hope you enjoy, and if you did, please like, share and subscribe.  See you next time.  WCM

Sitting On Things

  I have been sitting on posts, making the mistake of not writing them directly here. I, instead, write them in an email and send them to myself to look over later--yet I overlook them, instead.  So, tonight perhaps, I will try and get some of those ideas on here. One is particularly fun involving coffee leaves. Oh yes, they're back.  That and I have to really try and push out the YouTube videos.  Talk soon.  WCM

What We're About UPDATED

I've updated the intro video to the channel. Check it out. And please subscribe while you're there.   Thank you.  WCM 

All These Words I Don't Just Say

I used to winder what older writers did before there were blogs, back in the day. And then I found letters they wrote to other writers, or articles posted in publications. I didn't do too much digging into this, because I'd slaked the thirst of that which I was looking for. But what they said made me think. They were just as insecure and worried about the same things--they just worded it differently. More eloquently, if I could say? To see them write about these things made them seem more human, but perhaps it was the method of posting, or the way they made it more of an essay that distinguished the time. But they did it as well. Eh, just thought that was interesting. And I was testing more of the theory I had in the last post. Be genuine. Of course you can say what you feel, but perhaps watch how you say it? I don't know, just some thoughts. Cryptic. Maybe. Like that phrase from Nothing Else Matters by Metallica: "All these words I don't just say."

The Umbrella Academy Series Review

Gary and I review The Umbrella Academy. As usual, we had a fun time shooting this. I had a bit of a challenge getting this edited. Many things got in the way, one that stood out was a tree falling on power lines right outside my home, knocking out power for a just about a week.  It's been nuts, but finally got it done.  Working on a new "What We're About" video, and then have another one before we record again. And I want to do something fun for Halloween. Maybe we'll eat a bag of candy corns while we record. Or some pumpkin Peeps. Who knows.  Anyway, hope you enjoy the video and if you did, please consider liking and sharing. And of course, please subscribe. I've made it easy, you can do it right here.  See you next time.  WCM

Step Back

I put a pumpkin out the other day. Reminded me of the past Falls, of when things were normal. With all this craziness in the world, it makes me think about how there are still things that are normal. I disconnect and the thoughts come back, why I wanted to do this in the first place is realized. The madness that bombards us when we press the power button to the devices that allow the world to flow into our homes is quelled, if only momentarily. We control what is consumed--what we need enough of to understand what is going on to make a decision for survival. But that is another subject. Right now I am at work as I write this portion of this post. When I post it I may be at home, but thoughts are flooding in and I am wondering what the heck? But here we are, and here the thoughts come. There is a virtue in looking at the good in everything, the bright side, as the saying goes. Well, I've read that the bright side to all this insanity going on, the quarantining in par