Army of the Dead - Movie Review

Gary and I review Army of the Dead. Had a fun time with this one.  There were parts in the movie that just didn't add up, but overall I enjoyed it. Check out the video above to see what Gary and Kris thought about it.  Please like, share and subscribe if you enjoy the content.  R.I.P. Chico. You will forever be the original Censor Dog.  WCM


It's a beautiful day outside. It's hard for some to admit, with all the things that are happening in the world today. But it is a beautiful day outside. Another day alive. I always think back to Stephen Hawking, and how long he survived when they say he wouldn't. He beat the odds. But while he was alive he had no control over his arms or legs. Couldn't even turn his head. He typed through someone else. I believe he could move his eyes and face a bit, but even that was limited. And still the man wrote books and gave lectures (he did the speaking through a device). I can imagine how hard that would be, and yet there are some who have everything--meaning their body parts and such, and don't do a fraction of what this man had accomplished. When I look at things this way, it makes me think. Even if I'm down it lightens the load a bit to see I have the capability to change things. No matter how small they are. Because no matter how far down in the dumps you are, you c

Fast Food

Gary and I talk about fast food and our experience with it. This was an old episode during the Lockdown. I just got around to finishing the editing. More to come soon. And if you enjoyed this, please consider likening and subscribing. And maybe even share the video. Thank you. See you next time. WCM

Missed Opportunities

  Looking back I see many days without a post. I see many opportunities for me to have put my thoughts up here, but missed them because I either thought I'd put it off until later, or I'd think of a more polished way to present them.  Sometimes that moment never comes. In fact, a lot of the time. Things come up. You put it all on hold and later the ideas look spoiled, aged. I think, well, I can try and go back and remember what I was feeling in that moment. But it's gone.  Writing (to me) is the same. Except you can wait here and there (it's a bit more forgiving) and editing is definitely the way to go. But on a different scale, my writing has been put off in the past(and probably will be in the future) because I wasn't in the mood, or I wanted to wait for the thoughts to mature. But then I end up loosing them because I couldn't remember the feeling and moment I was in.  I had said before that this was, in sorts, a dump for my thoughts as well as a platform for

Mortal Kombat Review

  After a long period of no videos, Gary and I are back. This time around we are reviewing Mortal Kombat 2021 the movie.  See if you can find all the Easter Eggs.  I skipped the food episode to rush this one along. Hope you enjoy. If you did, please subscribe. Or just subscribe anyway. haha. We'd really appreciate it.  WCM

Weigh Loss Update April 21st

Down to 285.2  For a bit I had gone up to 288, but that is normal. Some call it plateauing. It's why some go off of diets. Because they see they've hit a wall and quit. But usually you keep going for another few days, or week, and you'll move past that wall.  Other factors can slow down your weigh loss number, too. Like if you lift weights. Lean muscle weighs more than fat. Though, it helps to burn it, as well.  So don't be discouraged. Go by how you look and feel.  And of course, here's proof from my scale app.  Let's keep doing this!  Oh, and I've cut my coffee down to one cup a day. Ugh, the feeling going through this. Especially when you're like me and are used to drinking multiple cups a day.  Pop a pain killer and wait it out. That's if you're cutting back, or quitting, coffee.  I love coffee. I don't think I'll ever fully quit it. But I was drinking way too much.  I'll talk soon.  WCM

Weight Loss Update

Haven't talked about my weight loss for quite a bit. I believe the last time I had, it was before the whole pandemic happened. During that time I went off the path. Not by much, but by enough.  I thought this was a good entry. A little cring, but it helps to get it off my mind, and it just might help someone else who happens to read this to get motivated.  I had not gone back up to my old weight during the pandemic, but I did not continue to loose. And I had gained weight. Too much eating and not enough exercise. In fact, the episode I'm working on for YouTube has Gary and I talking about food and what we like, and things we've eaten during the pandemic. It's older footage I had saved incase we couldn't film, to use if I didn't have anything to work on. And look what happened: I haven't put something up since January, or so. This was more or less from last fall, or coming into it. But it shows what was up around the begining of the virus, just before we were