Can it be Done?

I hate when my glasses fog up in humidity. Or when they get smudged, it aggrivates me to no end. But I stop and clean them. Nothing else I can do. I want to see. You know? 

I got to thinking about how much work it takes to write a novel. Takes quite a while to read one, imagine the other side of it. 

I've read about writers who needed a team to help them put their yarn together. I guess to make sure things add up and all the intricacies that go into a story make sense when seen inside the reader's mind.

Do all writers need that? Na. Some do. The story can definetly be made better even if you don't need the team, thiugh. Some can just put something together off the cuff. Some can't. Or time does not permit them. I mean, having a team is done lots of times on TV series, or movies. 

But writing is different. 


Then I started thinking of exactly how intricate things can get and I realized it takes a lot of work and a lot of concentration. I mean, one can just get by withou…

Shut Out the Noise

Gary and I talk about shutting out the noise. Basically, put down the phone and get to work on your craft.

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YouTube Self-help Videos Grind Gary's Gears

Gary talks about his experience with YouTube self-help videos.


YouTube Connections

Gary and I talk about the connections made when watching your favorite YouTube videos. You come for a particular subject, but come back because of that connection. 

Another channel might offer the same subject, but the one where you made that connection is your go to. 

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US Movie Review

Gary and I review US, the movie. Hear what we think about it. 

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Something Inside

There's something inside me that, when it comes out, takes control over most of my thoughts. I like when this thing comes out, because things get done. Not to say that things don't get done when I'm in a different mood, but this particular mood is a go-getter.I liken the personality to a Tony Stark type personality
I have snappy remarks to those being wise-guys to me, and thoughts come from my mind with the quickness. I might be writing this with that personality manning the help right this very moment.
I will probably know with the words I choose to use. This personality goes out on a ledge at times. It speaks its mind.
There are limitations to this mainframe, or muse, or whatever you want to call it, but it comes with the territory.
Some say it's possession, some say mood, muse. I don't know. All I know is I realize when this feeling comes over me, and I try to take advantage when it does.
I guess you can say that's why some writers have different styles of writin…