How Do You Draft?

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This time Gary and I talk about how we draft our stories. Some do it as they go, while others wait until the end to go over it with a red pen. 

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Social Media Hindrances

Gary and I talk about how social media is keeping us from what we've come here to do. Create. 

Make friends, post your work, but don't become obsessed. 

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How Far Would You Go?

I could have done this, or that, but I was not feeling too well, or it was raining, or I had to do a few things. Bottom line is you didn’t do it. 
Period. No matter how many times you make an excuse, you know the real reason for not doing what you want to do. I believe the saying is, you're only hurting yourself. So don't turn away your next project because something isn't going the way you want it. Later you'll look back and thank yourself for not giving in. It's like that family member, or friend, who says "oh, yeah, I'm losing weight, just lost 5 pounds", and yet they don't look like they've lost anything. They're only hurting themselves. I know it can be hard these days, the barrage of news and work and other outside events that entrench their influence upon your daily psyche, but if you look at those who made it, usually they've put all that outside noise aside and went for it. They didn't get weighed down with the outside distrac…

Just Read

I was reading this article in Publishers Weekly, and thought of my recent trip to the local Barnes and Noble with my wife and daughter.
I love going to the book store. And they do well to entice would-be readers to pick up a book. The feeling is profound, just thinking about all the stories waiting to be read, all with the best special effects money can't buy. Sometimes the thought seems more appealing than the actual reading, almost the same with writing now that I think about it. I'm glad my daughter is picking up on chapter books, maybe she'll want to test her ideas and write stories like her dad. One book series that really gets kids going are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. She loves them. I'd pointed them out in the book store and we tried one, just to make sure, and that was it. It's almost as if she skipped a few reading levels from what she had been reading. I can't wait for the day wh…

Tell is Show, Too

Some say show don't tell. And yes, this makes for a better story. There are stories that tell, and are famous, but for the most part it's better to show. It makes the story like a movie. 
Then there's that little loophole, sometimes it's ok to tell. 
Sure, ok. I mean, if there are stories that are pretty popular with telling in it, then why not? 
But I was thinking. 
So yeah, it's cool to put "telling" in your story, but is it technically still telling and not a different form of showing? 
Allow me to explain. 
There are ways of writing a scene that you aren't writing directions for a character, moving around chess pieces as I like to say. What the passages insinuate is something you see in your head. 
Off the bat I'll try to show examples. 
Instead of saying he picked up the fork, you can say the metal felt cold, hard, he jabbed at the beans, trying to get three on the tongs. They tasted yadda yadda. 
Perhaps a bad example, but I'm in a Cafe and tappi…

Write in the Morning, Edit at Night

Writing in the morning and edit at night. Sound advice. Don't think I've read it anywhere before. Who knows, though. Maybe my subliminal mind slapped it together? But I'm actually saying this from recent events. I've been doing this story a day thing (or at least a story when the mood catches me, which I try to make very often). And I had an idea coming into work, on the train. I was listening to some music and it put me in a mood which lead to a cool thought. It was one of those thoughts that bring one back to another time or place, where you can smell and feel your surroundings. But I didn't whip out my trusty cell and start taping away the basic idea of it. Later on, I'm looking out the window, longing to leave work, and thought about exactly that time this morning when I had this idea. I told myself I could still get it out, but something inside was saying "fat chance". I thought upon this, and how different my mind frame was at that later hour. Semi-d…