What's to Come

On this Friday's episode Gary and I talk about the future and enhancements that will be taking place on the show.

There's also a compilation of outtakes at the end you may enjoy. Have a great Friday.

Yomawari Home Alone

Forgive me I got this one out a little late. It was on Twitter though. And YouTube on time.

I already have Friday's episode finished. It's pretty funny.

In this episode Gary talks about playing a game he bought on Steam called Yomawari Home Alone.

He seems to really enjoy it. Give this episode of listen And subscribe if you like what you hear. The best has yet to come.

Got GAME Will PLAY Episode One

A little something different today. I play Call Of Duty Zombies for a bit. Testing out a few things. Want to see how it goes. 

Let me know what you think. 

Payscales and Submissions

In this episode, Gary and Will talk about different levels of payment between begining and pro markets. 

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Webcams Ugh...

Looking at various webcams. There are two that I've heard are good on YouTube, both from Logitech. One is the C920, which is the older model. The C922 is the newer of the two. 

I've seen some tests that show the prior 920 actually works better in some instances, but it could have been the location of it. 

The sharpness did actually seem better in the 922. 

so I'll have to think this through, perhaps a few more videos comparisons. 

There is another model from Logitech vloggers swear by titled the Brio. This is a 200 dollar web came, so I'll be holding off on that. 


But the other two are more reasonably priced, and being I have a gift card from Best Buy, I'll probably be choosing one of those. 

Being the 920 is about 50, before tax, and the 922 is about 80, I just want to compare a tad more. But I'll probably go with the 922, being it can more than likely be tweaked and has more features. Though, sometimes the prior model can turn out to be better. 

Talk soon. 


Altered Leaf

Was able to snatch a little time before work at the cafe again. The design the barista handed me today was a nice little leaf. So I decided to
sip it from one side, then the other. Before I knew it I'd made it into a totally different work of art. 

Ok, I'm reaching here, but think about it. Sometimes tweaking certain aspects of life can make it better, and most of the time the whole process is free of charge. 

Unfortunately, thinking back now, I don't have a picture of the before. But it hit me as I was taking a seat about how how easy it is to alter your outlook, or mood, on the day. 

The thought sort of played off of yesterday's post about being different. Even though the leaf looks strange, doesn't mean the coffee isn't still good. And that leaf is beautiful in it's own way. Eye of the beholder and all that fun stuff. 

Well, I'm going to send myself a story. Should be a slow day at work. Going to try and get stuff done today. 

Talk soon. 


Pet Sematary Reboot

Join Gary and I today as we talk about the Pet Sematary reboot.

I even make a prediction at the end which movie I think we'll do better the Pet Sematary reboot or Child's Play Reboot.

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