Trying and Will Push On

Back again so soon? 

Why, yes. Because I'm having a hard time thinking of certain words. I know Stephen King said to just write everything out and worry about the other stuff later, but the fog is thick. 

Alas, I have decided, as my brain mulls through the word it needs, I will keep my fingers busy with another post. 

The keys lend a (great, searching for a word now, my mind is a mess...) the keys lend a certain comfort to my ears. It makes them think something is happening. 

But it is going to happen... I'm still here and staring down the thoughts. They will give me what I want. Sorry if I sound a bit loony, just trying to work these thoughts out. Will be done soon. 

Oh, wait, there we go. I remembered the word. No I didn't. 


Ah! Figured it out! Thank you blog. Thank you people. Thank you synonym choices on Word. 

OK, talk soon. 


Preparing to Write

There are so many things I want to write. Yet here I am typing on my blog. This isn't a bad thing. It gets the mind primed to get words down. But I get frustrated when I can't think straight. 

Then that saying comes to mind, about how no great work comes from being comfortable. I mean, I'm sure there are instances when this isn't true, but I get what's trying to be said. 

And it's true. Because conflict is experience. And just sitting there not having anything to worry about is boring. Safe, but boring. Right? Well. I'd probably rather be boring and draw on past experiences. But you get the point. 

And this world certainly aids that lifestyle of not having to deal with the outside world, doesn't it? Food marts delivering your groceries to the front door, or Amazon sending you anything you need within a day or two--sometimes within hours. 

And here I am, worrying about writing a few sentences. No YouTube, I will not look at a video. No Twitter, I will not ch…

Setting Trends

Sitting here in the cafe before work, managed to get in a bit early. I got to thinking about trends. People who set them and people who copy others. 

No harm in striving to be like another, I suppose. You can study them, improve what you feel needs improving, and make it your own. 

Remember, though, there are those who make a living off of copying others, and it can get one started, but to really make it one of the ingredients is doing your own thing. 

Be the trend setter, not the follower. And you'll be on the right path. Emulating your favorite author can even bring out your own voice. Eventually. I guess that's where the whole thing about write and write some more. And then write even more comes into play. Read too. Very important. And don't loose focus. 

There will be a lot of road blocks, what defines you is how you get around them.


Embrace Relaxation

It's so hard to create when you are under stress. Even harder is trying to remember all the writing rules one has learned over a period of time. 

I loose what I remember every so often and it feels like wandering aimlessly through a dense fog. 

Once I remember what I know I ponder why the information had slipped my mind in the first place. But it happens. 

I guess I can attribute it to stress, mostly. Also, if I feel sick it becomes very hard to concentrate on anything. 

I admit, after a hard day of work it's not easy to sit down and create scenes. I'm so tired sometimes I can only keep focused on YouTube or games. Something entertaining, I guess one can say. 

I do enjoy reading and writing, but it can become a chore when I feel I have to do it, or exhausted. Or if I feel very guilty for wasting time and not pushing forward with things. Guilty even if I worked significantly on a project or two that day. 

But I need to stop beating myself up. I just have to realize it doesn't…

Items and Secrets

Work is back to its usual fast-paced grind. And sometimes that's OK. Sometimes it drives me mad, thinking about all I could be doing. 

I got to thinking. As a kid I played a video game called the Legend of Zelda. Great time. My mom was still alive and things were more innocent. My dad had brought the system home one day, as he'd done with the Coleco and Atari systems we'd had. 

I'd been trying to get past a certain level for months. There were other simple games, but this one I wanted to finish so badly. So I tried and tried and read tip magazines and finally gave up at some point. 

Last year I received a Nintendo Switch as a Christmas gift from my wife, and I went onto the online store. If you buy the online for 20 a year, you have access to free games - - pretty much like what the other systems do, but in that Nintendo way. 

Nintendo let's you play the original games from the NES release, and Zelda was up there. So I played it again. Surprisingly it was really fun. 


What We're About

This is an introduction video briefly discussing what the show with Gary and I is about. 

Hope you enjoy and if you like what you hear, please like and subscribe. It is greatly appreciated. 

Life Experiences

Experience in the past can be used later on to understand experiences in life. They say learn from experience. Never more true. 

So many learn from the past. A problem is when they don't learn, but that's another post. 

Keeping away from Twitter I have learned a great deal. (Not that I'm that far away from it, I check in here and there.) 

But moving away from it I have learned to read again, and for myself. You can force yourself to squeeze in time for this and that, but it's not the same if you're forcing it. 

Subconsciously you learn when you consume your favorite books and movies. More so when you're relaxed and enjoying it. Even other genres can be enjoyable, just from the mere conversations between characters and scenes and setting. 

There is much to learn from everything, but if you're wasting time fooling around with social media, then you won't have time for the things that matter. 

And yes, social media matters, too. But not when it takes over your l…