2nd Go

It was so good yesterday I think I'll do it a second time around. For my lunch break I went to one of my favorite cafes again.

It's been so busy at work. Going to see what I can get done today.
This is a video from yesterday, but the picture is from today.
Unfortunately this is one of the dilemmas when you work a day job. Especially a busy one.

Lunch and Leaf

Oh man. It's been a while since I've been to my Cafe. You know, the one where I get the leaf that sits atop the caffeine needed to write!

Or at least to stay awake after the onslaught that is my day job. 
It's cold out today and usually I love it, but it was in the 50s this morning and now I'm the 30s and going into single digits tonight, real-feel. So the heat and coffee feels good right now. 
But let me get to some work before my lunch is over. 
Talk soon.

Love Hate Coffee Woes

Dunkin' Donuts eggnog latte is okay. It could also be the location where I purchased it, so I have to try another before I make my decision. But Starbucks eggnog latte is still the best I've tasted. 

Whole Foods has it, but I was told at the location where I go to that it might not happen this year. Though, again, could just be the worker was misinformed, or didn't want to bother. And theirs is okay, as well, but has proven to be a hit or miss. 

Dunkin's is sweet, and Whole Foods could have a taste of being burnt slightly, probably due to the barista steaming the eggnog/milk too much. 

Starbucks is just right, most of the time--because you could experience an off-day barista there, as well. 

I tended to move away from Starbucks, also, because of price and politics. Though I will say, they have not engaged in it too much as of late. 

It seems trivial, but just having the festive feeling during the holidays, no mater what you celebrate, is something that makes the day a littl…

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 

Christmas and Holiday Decorations

Michael's is getting rid of their Halloween stuff with it so close, but they are also getting ready for the holidays coming up.

Most retail places are usually preparing for the next holiday, but some take it
a little further.
Maybe I'm strange, but there's something about going into a store in the summer and seeing fall and Halloween stuff start to show up.
I know right after the holidays Valentine's will be up soon. And all the hearts. I guess they figure it's for people like me who eat them before haha
Well, I'm off to check out what Halloween deals they have. They say 70 percent off. Let's see. 

Creepshow Series Review

Gary and I talk about the new Creepshow series on Shudder.


Another Day

I brought my laptop. Going to see how I attack today.

That's how things get done. I can only imagine myself getting things done. And sometimes I do, but never as much as I want. It makes me feel bad, but I remember at least I'm getting something done. 
I also feel a force creates certain instances that hold me from doing something until a tid bit of info is remembered, or until I relax and read the story I'm working on in a different way. Maybe I'm afforded a sentence or two that would make the piece a bit more realistic to someone reading it. 
Whatever the case, I don't think it's wise to self destroy. Always keep the energy going. Never give up. Life is too short to do so.