Never more a fitting name for attempting to get something done. 

And then there's NYC... 

Hustle about sums it up. 

I'm rushing into work today, no blog post done, now writing this off the cuff, and there's traffic, and the garage are dopes and elongate a process that should take no more than a minute. 

I sometimes wonder if there is some malevolent force that is preventing me from writing. 

That's honestly how it feels sometimes. 

So I guess this Friday, what do you feel? 

Do you feel there is some force that is trying to keep you from your craft? Or do I just need to relax? 

Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter here: Twitter

See you there. 


Do You

You read your favorite author and think I can do that. You marvel over how wonderful their choice of words is. You can't believe how well their hook, or twist, was pulled off in their latest book. 
You look up their other work and find they have a book on writing. 

Okay, stop there. 

It's fine to read about how many different artists do their thing, but you should be taking that wisdom and building your own plan of action, testing them on your own, to see what works for you. 

Because you are you and those writers are their own person. Even the greats have their favorites, but I'm sure they've blazed their own path and made themselves their own brand. 

I can't explain how it happens, or what exactly it is, but there is a point where you put things together and realize something. You find that special thing that resonates in yourself and you put it into your work. Now your work is yours, only you can write it. 

Then you make a book about writing and fans of yours who want …

Cocky or Confident

Thinking about things, as I usually do, often, I found myself pondering about being cocky or confident--or even overconfident. What is the difference?

There is a lot of difference. Cocky is to be conceited or arrogant, especially in a bold or impudent way. Overconfident is a synonym in that definition, so I guess we can rope those two together.
But confidence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities--according to Google, or whatever dictionary they use.
So think about that. 

Cocky means one may or may not even have the talent they boast of, the tools they speak of, they are so sure of themselves they come off as experts, yet their self-story may or may not be flawed. But confident individuals know what they are capable of, the tools are there and they know it, they know their limitations and up to what point they can go. They are experts of what they know, and probably won't mention or comment on something if they are…


At what point do you stop giving away the secrets? That is, of course, you are giving them out in the first place. Your secrets. Well, there are secrets that some will never understand even if you broke it down for them, they are your own. You can put out a book titled On Writing and give away every single detail and it will never be taken and used to undermine what you’re doing. Some can study up on it, and come out with copies, but you are you and no one can tell what your next move is. Or can they? Sounds like a story. You see, you have learned and taken bits and pieces from different articles and books and pieced them together to suit how you write. And only you apply those learnings in your own unique way to what you want to create. I say you can learn something from everything; you read it and extract the points that make sense to your soul. Of course, don't pass by points that are universal--tidbits that could save you from wasting your time in the bigger picture. There will be a…

Double Think

Similar to the story that made double talk famous, double think is what I might title the event writers go through almost all the time throughout the day.

As I do mundane things throughout the day, think mundane thoughts, I come upon random memories. Many things pass through my mind. Sometimes I run over events that happened to me during the day, or even the day/week/month before--sometimes even years ago.
I find that when I'm thinking about this my imagination runs wild. I think of different scenarios--not necessarily my own--that spawn a full scene. 

It could be something as innocent as the ice cream I had a month ago at Friendly's, but then other things are added via my imagination and the rest is madness. Or not. 
I guess this is how stories come about, but although, for the most part, it's welcome,  sometimes it's not a smooth experience. Intruding, at times. 

I have come to realize what is happening, but it's come to the point where these side thoughts happen qui…

Writing Exercises Help

A writer friend and I are doing writing exercises as a way to keep ourselves sharp and in an attempt to keep the spirit up.
Just like I do with this blog, I try to write something to keep it fresh so I don't put it aside and forget about it for a long period of time. The blog has morphed into something a little different, where I write what I'm thinking if it's strong enough for me to share. Sometimes I just express ideas and thoughts. I don't create a fanfare for some of these posts, as they are just small editions, tiny updates or random things that may not deserve that. Filler for those who may want to read my thoughts to go back and (hopefully) enjoy while I think of the big one on Friday. To get back to the main reason for this post: the exercises. I feel it is helping me because I can hone my skills, and maybe even recycle parts from the little stories created. Gary and I give each other a prompt, and then we write a scene. 500 words he set. I've come up so far …

Kindle Mobile App Update

The Kindle mobile app is getting an update. This is mostly for Android running 7 and up. 

iOS users have already seen this update, though the split screen feature is only for certain iPad models--probably the latest ones. 

Android has had this split-screen feature now on their phones for a bit, and Samsung (which had this feature even before Google put it out) Note phones had it forever until it came to the S line. 

Amazon is adding notifications to the Kindle app. I've had this on mine for a bit, so don't know if this will be a new-and-improved notification system, but could be nice if you're favorite author puts out new work you may want to read, or if there is a flash sale you may want to jump on. 

I purchased a Joe Hill book this way one time, so it could be useful. 

Who is excited for this split-screen feature, or the notifications? 

Do you have them already on your device? 

I do feel it can be useful to look up info while reading, but you can sort of do that already by usin…