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I Have to Do This!

  I was thinking about this blog and how it's basically a YouTube channel without video. Blogs can have video, and pictures. But it's a bit different from the content on video sites.  Maybe blogging is more intimate, maybe the words are an added extra layer that YouTube videos don't have. Though, you can type words there, too. In the comments section. But be honest, most viewers don't read the comment section because the majority of that site is for video.  This site can also be where I tie the YouTube stuff all together. The Horror channel, my random stuff channel (that I haven't done anything for as of yet -- but will be trying something out soon) and anything else that is going on.  The most important thing is to have fun. Be creative. And hopefully, God willing, there will be people who dig what's happening and come along for the ride.  Let's see.  I always said before: if I could help someone with my art then it's all worth it. Just like when I watc