Restrained Feeling

Sometimes it's easy to feel restrained,especially when I work the day job and find no time to work on any of my projects.

Sometimes the only writing I get done are the blog posts. And that's good. I look at it as many things, but one major thing the posts do for me is keep my writing brain active.

But there are times when it can feel overwhelming. I jget home and I'm so tired all I'm thinking about is eating and sleep. And eating seems like too much some nights.

This feeling is a reality by most writers, though. I've read countless articles about how writers cope with this. 

Just writing this--running around getting changed to start work--is making me feel better.

I can't say it enough, but my phone, with Word on it, is one of my best friends. I can sneak some words here and there--like I'm doing now. And get ideas out onto a document I can easily open later when behind a conouter--if I don't pass out from exhaustion first. 

A lot of the things I do, like art and even videos, are done on my phone as well. 

If it wasn't for my phone, I'd be so far behind. 

My laptop is another neat item, easy to bring around and can get to working in seconds. 

Jot down notes on paper, if your job has email, get a scene or idea out from there. 

Don't give up! There's always a way. 



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