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Blogging Helps For More Things Than You Know

It really does. Writing is much more than having a decent grasp on grammar and stuff.  "Stuff" (smiles).  It's all about getting a message across in a coherent manner.  Coherency. Flowing from one thought to another and leaving enough line to string those thoughts together in some sort of a theme that can be understood after your composition is finished.  It can be other than that, of course. I'm not an expert. I'm just exploring and exposing what I find day after day. I'm not a professional writer as of this writing. But I am trying. And from what I see, that's writing in a nutshell.  Be coherent.  And the only way to be coherent is to write and have people read that writing and give feedback. However you get that done, that's up to you. That's the simple part of it.  Write and read. Ah, I've heard that before.  And the reason for the heading? Because blogging is--whether just being used as a journal of sorts, or writing

Going Nuts!

Okay. All this is getting to me a bit. Been trying to stay away from the news, but it seeps in from more places than is realized.  I haven't been really exercising, so my body is weakening and I am feeling worse because of this.  So I'm going to be taking a much needed walk.  The weight-loss was put on the back burner, which I have to get back into. But it was based mostly on the ten thousand steps a day I was getting in, which now is five thousand if I'm lucky. Probably even less. And I haven't put any input into my Fitbit for quite a while. (yeah, quite a bit, I get it haha.) I've been keeping busy, but haven't been able to fall asleep at night. And I have to get up early for work, so that's taking a bit of a toll as well.  But it will all be put back on track. I'm going to go do a few things, then get out there and walk.  For exercise, to clear my thoughts, so feel better.  WCM

Consistent Despair and a Wake Up Call

I can see how this quarantine could drive people nuts, especially those already on the edge. Keeping busy and keeping your mind off of things as long as possible definitely helps. This could be a wake up call for many.  Cooking, cleaning, lawn work if you have a lawn. Hobbies you've always said you wanted to finish.  So many people have wanted extra time: to spend with loved ones, or to get back in touch with themselves.  Well, now's that time.  If you can find something positive in not-so-great situations, then I'm sure it's crossed your mind that this is an opportunity to get things right.  Of course, listen to reputable news sources for what you need to know in your local area, try as best  you can to get things right with money and safety, like getting things in place for the possibility that this goes on for the long haul. But to avoid going over the deep end, keep your mind off of the consistent despair.  There will always be bad things happening, ba

Violence In Video Games

Been busy, but I had a final episode that hadn't been edited so I did it up.  I put a lot of work into it. Tried some new techniques. This one was an old "emergency" episode, to use if Gary and I couldn't come together to record a few episodes. And it came in handy.  So please, enjoy. And please, feel free to comment, like, share and subscribe on the channel, or here: Will talk soon.  WCM

Looking Back and Going Forward

Ending Path? Or New Beginings?  I've been looking here and there at the older posts and fixing up issues. Maybe a random misspelling, or something that made no sense. The older posts where the YouTube video dimensions weren't full--I figured out how to do that later through HTML.  I've been going back as I see what videos are being looked at through analytics, because if I went back with everything, that would be a feat in a half. And let me tell you, some OLD posts are being looked at.  Lol.  I've been going about the gaming channel through the lens of having some time and I noticed a lot of others are doing it as well. So I'll do it for fun and see where it goes. I wanted to start playing a little again, so this is my opportunity to do so and maybe start something in the process.  Who knows.  It's fun to make the thumbnails. I get to use my art past. Some of it isn't easy, because I take screen shots of a part in the game and have to blank ou

Back on Track

It's time to get back on track--at least in terms of this blog.  I enjoy all the things I've been doing, a lot to keep my mind off of everything. But I sat back and realized that I'd lost track of what this blog is about, at least the main part of it.  All the other posts are fun, and I enjoy the video editing and gaming, but I look at the regular posts, these courier posts, and think, hmmm, well, you need to write something better. At least something better than the last time. But then I think, wow, that thinking is against what I had originally wanted to do witch was get my thoughts out.  Now, don't get me wrong. Of course one must strive to get better with each go at something, but sometimes I want to sit down and write a post without thinking about this or that.  And I haven't totally been doing that.  I say totally because I have, but I am missing out on some posts because I worry about this or that. Can't do that.  I think a lot of it is once

Uncharted Drakes Fortune Playthrough

I love the Uncharted series. And I was playing it because they released the remake of the series from the Playstation 3, so figured, what the heck. They even gave the 4th installment this month with Playstation Plus.  So I'll go through that and relive the good times. The story line is great. It's like Tomb-raider meets Indiana Jones.  These are the first two episodes I've recorded in the series so far.  Please give them some attention and subscribe if gaming is your thing. You can do that here: WCM

Keep Busy to Pass Time

Chicken Soup with a side of Zevia I have been working from home. And it hasn't been bad. I don't mind working from home, but I hear a lot of instances where people are weirded out. They want to be back at work, the normalcy of it all.  That goes into other avenues of thought, philosophical. Like, what is normal? Don't people usually say if they had time, or if they didn't have so much work?  Add to that you aren't supposed to go outside except for essential tasks like buying food and pharmaceutical items.  It can get a bit frustrating, especially with all the things you read/hear on the news daily about terrible events.  But if you keep yourself busy, the days will go by faster.  When I was at work, some days were so busy that I hadn't realized the time going by until it was almost time to go, then I'd look at my watch and feel like I'd just come in not too long before. It was weird, but it felt good, too.   Now, there are bad things with

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to those who celebrate. And happy Passover this week.  I was a bit tired in this pic. Not even sure if I had put those ears on, either. Haha.  Hope everyone, whatever your belief, has a blessed day.  WCM

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Quick Session

Just posted a new video on the game channel. This was pretty fun. I think the developers made a change, because it wasn't the massacre it usually is in multiplayer.  I play Free for All and talk about the original Call of Duty and how I used to stay up 'till three in the morning. Those were the days.  Please like, subscribe and share if you enjoyed the video, and leave a comment to let me know what you'd like to see more of, or of your experience with this game.  You can subscribe here: WCM

Gaming Sound Test

I posted the test for my game channel. In the begining my voice was a bit low, but I got it sorted out by the end.  I am working on another video, and trying to get the technical aspects better. Iike frame rate and such.  Hope you enjoy and I'll be back when the next video is ready.  You can subscribe here: Thank you.  WCM 

Progress on Gaming Channel

So I've been working from home, trying to get used to everything now the way it is and might be for bit. And on my down time I wanted to mess around with my other YouTube channels.  I wasn't sure what they were going to be about, but as the days have progressed the ideas have been rolling.  So, first, for the gaming channel. Got GAME Will PLAY. I wanted to get everything right--or as right as it will get with what I have at the moment.  I am recording the game footage through OBS through remote play. So it might not be the best visuals, or frame rate wise, but it will do for now. It doesn't look too bad.  If things go well, perhaps I'll buy one of those recorders that do all that. I'll see.  For now this is a way to play games and do something I've wanted to do for quite a while. I am doing it under the pretense that I am simply getting some gaming sessions in and recording it. Just like with the Horror channel, I will see where this goes.  As for th

Got GAME Will Play YouTube Channel

One thing that has been a big part of my life is/are video games. It brings fond memories to mind when I think of all the adventures I've had in that electronic world growing up.  From Atari and Colecovision, through Nintendo Entertainment System, past Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, and into the current generation systems. I've seen a lot and have been through many fun times with these electronic wonders.  I've also seen, on YouTube, that a lot of channels are starting to play and live stream their gaming sessions. Actually, I know this has been going on for quite a bit, but other channels have been getting in on the fun.  I am a writer. A horror writer, if you want to be a bit more specific. And the video game industry is definitely not short on horror games. Survival horror one of the more prominent with the Resident Evil series coming to the forefront this month with their remake of RE3.  I've had zero time as of late with work being a big part of my day,