Cafe Time

Made it to the cafe fairly quick. Been driving in because it's faster on the highway I take due to kids being off from school. It's quite nice. 

The only problem has been the garage being slow. But today they okay. 

I say cafe, but it's this place that has public seating. There is a cafe, but it's full and I don't feel like waiting for 15 minutes and then not getting a seat. 

So I grabbed one and here I am. 

A fellow author had asked a question the other day, maybe i'll drop this link in that post as the answer. 

I guess when I'm feeling down a bit, the feeling of even just thinking about a cafe gets me going. 

I know it sounds cliche. The writer sitting in a cafe typing, sipping coffee after coffee. 

I like the leaf they do here, but I don't even have a coffee this morning. It's strictly work. 

I think it's a deeper meaning. Like when I was working in retail, or other jobs that weren't so fun (not that the one I work now is much better) I would fantasize about writing. I'd look longingly at the cafes and the people typing on their laptops. 

I'd imagine myself doing the same. Or in front of a fireplace with a drink. 

It kept me going. 

I don't need it to write, but it's one of the things that energizes me. 

This cafe visit before work is the only place I can go really without being seen by too many from work, so that's why I sit here. 

Plus I like the leaf. 



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