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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 

Christmas and Holiday Decorations

Michael's is getting rid of their Halloween stuff with it so close, but they are also getting ready for the holidays coming up. Most retail places are usually preparing for the next holiday, but some take it a little further. Maybe I'm strange, but there's something about going into a store in the summer and seeing fall and Halloween stuff start to show up. I know right after the holidays Valentine's will be up soon. And all the hearts. I guess they figure it's for people like me who eat them before haha Well, I'm off to check out what Halloween deals they have. They say 70 percent off. Let's see.  WCM

Creepshow Series Review

Gary and I talk about the new Creepshow series on Shudder. WCM 

Another Day

I brought my laptop. Going to see how I attack today. That's how things get done. I can only imagine myself getting things done. And sometimes I do, but never as much as I want. It makes me feel bad, but I remember at least I'm getting something done.  I also feel a force creates certain instances that hold me from doing something until a tid bit of info is remembered, or until I relax and read the story I'm working on in a different way. Maybe I'm afforded a sentence or two that would make the piece a bit more realistic to someone reading it.  Whatever the case, I don't think it's wise to self destroy. Always keep the energy going. Never give up. Life is too short to do so.  WCM

Giving Up -- Only For the Night

It's late and I'm giving up for the night. My mind isn't as sharp as I need it and I could benefit from some sleep, anyway.  I wasn't able to upload a story to a site at my job, so I'm bringing my laptop to work tomorrow.  With those resolutions out of the way, I bid you farewell for the night.  Talk soon.  WCM

Lunch Time!

At lunch and I was working on this week's episode of the YouTube show. Figured I'd test out the updates done to the Blogger app for Android. I tried to submit a story on my work computer, but it said I was restricted. Just lovely. So I was going to try it from my phone, but am tired so just settled on some editing.  I still have ten minutes, so not sure yet what I'll do. So tired. I'm nodding off as I type this. And it wasn't as crazy a day as yesterday. But I can still edit my story, so I'm off. Will be back soon.  WCM 

It's Not Easy

Trying to keep things moving along. At lunch and have had no time to even think at work. But I have found little snippets here and there and completed another story.  I sent out a story, so at least I can go back to the rest of my busy day knowing I did something.  I have to get my other ones back out, as they were rejected.  One I'm doing a quick look over, just in case. We learn new things every day and I might have missed something, as well.  As I type this my eyes are closing haha.  Okay, so four more minutes and I have to get back to work. So until next time.  WCM

Do You Have What It Takes?

Being successful at becoming a published writer can feel daunting at times. Especially when I think about how many writers there are out there chasing the same dream. Or how many openings there are (not many), wherever they may be--like movie scripts, novels, etc. And then how I see writers are sometimes treated.  I've seen where a writer completes a script for a movie, or series, and it's green-lighted to go ahead, and then something happens and they get a whole new team of writers.  And I'm sure there are many other instances or ways this can play out.  Then, on top of that, you have those feelings of inadequacy and such that writers go through when they see other writers who are touted as great and such--or if they've just read another writer they feel blows them out of the water.  And there are many arguments for these situations, similar to Darwin's natural selection and such. But that's not what I'm thinking about here.  What I am thinking ab

Movie Review of IT Chapter 2

William Marchese and Gary Buller do a movie review on IT Chapter 2!  WCM 

Cryptic Advice

There's a whole lot of advice out there. Some is useful. Some can be detrimental. Some people are grateful for a bit of help, while others get offended at friendly tips.  I am of the mind that you take what you dig and pass on that which you don't.  There are many types of advice, but one I see the most I dub Cryptic Advice.  It's like advice which can seem universal, could be like duh! But not so easy to follow. Or a tip that can suggest so many things it's like the originator is purposefully trying to throw you off. But are they?  If you get too specific you run the risk of coming off as a know-it-all. If you give too little you can appear to be holding back. Maybe so the artist can get ahead while keeping the rest back? Maybe sometimes. But come on. There can be so many interpretations and accusations.  Personally, I feel if someone has achieved something and then shares their experience, it's pretty darn cool. To see how they think, or what led them

Cooking with Will

On this episode of the show I cook my pasta with meat sauce.  If you think I should do more cooking, or Gary, please let us know.  And if you liked the show, please like and subscribe to the channel. It's greatly appreciated.  WCM 


Haven't been posting any thoughts on here. Been so busy.  Yup, neglect lol.  Between struggling at work (and it's been very busy there, too) I've been carving (ohhhh spooky word used, get it?) some time to write. I've been sort of surprised to find the stories I'm working on don't necessarily deal with the more harsh side of horror. I'm interested to see where they end up. But yeah, that's the story and I'm sticking to it. Been so busy. Takes Pensieve away from forehead. WCM