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Cryptic Advice

There's a whole lot of advice out there. Some is useful. Some can be detrimental. Some people are grateful for a bit of help, while others get offended at friendly tips. 

I am of the mind that you take what you dig and pass on that which you don't. 

There are many types of advice, but one I see the most I dub Cryptic Advice. 

It's like advice which can seem universal, could be like duh! But not so easy to follow. Or a tip that can suggest so many things it's like the originator is purposefully trying to throw you off.

But are they? 

If you get too specific you run the risk of coming off as a know-it-all. If you give too little you can appear to be holding back. Maybe so the artist can get ahead while keeping the rest back? Maybe sometimes. But come on. There can be so many interpretations and accusations. 

Personally, I feel if someone has achieved something and then shares their experience, it's pretty darn cool. To see how they think, or what led them to their work tha…

Cooking with Will

On this episode of the show I cook my pasta with meat sauce. 

If you think I should do more cooking, or Gary, please let us know. 

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Haven't been posting any thoughts on here. Been so busy. 

Yup, neglect lol. 

Between struggling at work (and it's been very busy there, too) I've been carving (ohhhh spooky word used, get it?) some time to write.

I've been sort of surprised to find the stories I'm working on don't necessarily deal with the more harsh side of horror. I'm interested to see where they end up. But yeah, that's the story and I'm sticking to it.

Been so busy.

Takes Pensieve away from forehead.