How Many Stuck Around

How many people have stuck around? 
You may think everyone you're with will be there forever. But the chances are good they won't be. 

Some will drift off and do their own thing. Some will drop out for a bit, or permanently. 

You will be sitting in that proverbial cafe, tapping away on your laptop keys, people around you appearing and then vanishing into the mist as you continue to type and create. 

It's sad, but there is a beauty to it as well. 

It reminds me of Three's Company, an old sit-com where a guy pretends to be gay in order to be a roommate with two girls because the landlord won't allow it otherwise. 

When that show ended and spawned a spin-off called Three's a Crowd, where the guy gets married, and I felt strange. Here was one of the characters from the original show, but who was he with? An impostor! And the other's weren't there any longer. 

Of course I was a kid and didn't know better. This was my introduction to sit-com spin-offs. But I wanted the old show to be back again. But this would have to do. And for a while it did. It only lasted a season, though. 

Thinking back, it makes me realize. Things don't last forever. 

There will be those you find along the road who stick around, lifelong friends and allies. But for the most part you will be alone. 

Writing is a solitary job. You create and live in worlds you've made up inside your head. You can let someone in here and there, but too many is a crowd. 

So as you type out your story in that little cafe, and the people are popping into existence and then evaporating around you, you look up and see those few who stuck around. And they wink, and walk away as you continue to peck at your keys, building another reality. 



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