Relax, There's Time

I'm thinking about a time when I devised plans of attack for my stories. It was as though I found a time warp and froze the moment. Sure things were going on around me, but I paid them no mind.

I looked at other work, thought about what could be done to improve it, and thought some more. 

Fast forward to my older years and I find I'm frantically trying to catch up to something that never ran ahead in the first place. 

Worrying what this one or that one would think, mostly imaginary characters I've made up in my head based on all critics, I would water down my stories until they were cardboard. Dull and tasteless. 

No more. 

Cut all the outside our--at least that which is having a negative effect on you. 

See most of the boundaries we face are in our head. And it is very possible to do this, it just takes time, trial and error. 


So get to it and don't rush. Look, over there! 

It's right up ahead, perhaps hiding in the trees. Do you see it? It's waiting, maybe even teasing. Get over to it. Just don't run. Your mind has got something really good to show you, and there's time. 

What is it? Well, you know the answer to that. 



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