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Another Day At the Grind

Another day at the grind. I didn't get to do as much of the editing I wanted to yesterday, between falling asleep during lunch break and having a big event in the evening. I was able to make up some at night when I got home, but not what I had wanted.  But that's OK. I will pick right up today where I left off.  Got some new pens yesterday, my wife had put them on her Amazon order. .4 great for editing.  Well, have to squeeze in some reading, my stop is coming up soon.  WCM

Trying to Wrap This Up

Working my hardest to get this short story done. It's like everything is against me. But I'm pushing forward, because this will never get done unless I make that extra effort. All the time I say I'll get to it, this is a great idea I'll do it later. And I feel good about it, thinking that later I have this great idea. But when later comes that idea is diluted. No better time than right now. I mean of course unless there is something urgent.  So the way I'm doing it now is I'm editing during the day any chance I get, and making the changes at night. Print in the morning. Repeat. Once I finish this short story I feel it will open up the floodgates.  While I'm doing all this I'm also trying to fit in editing the first three chapters of my first novel. And this weekend I will be joining the Horror Writers Association, on the beginning level.  OK, back to the day job. Until next time.  WCM

Wake Up Call

So, hello to all those not reading this blog as of yet, but are reading them now.  Had one of my managers tell me my writing is a hobby, long story, but that kind of hits you in the gut. Made me wonder if I'm pushing hard enough at this.  Then I started thinking about people who do writing for a living. They have to to survive. If this was my only means of income, I'd probably take it alot more urgently. But at what expense? I'd push harder, but perhaps wouldn't be as creative.  Either way it made me realize that I a have to push harder. Not only because I want to do this for a living, but to show all who doubted and made fun.  Not saying this was an instant of that, but it was a wake up call.  WCM

Gonna Do It

So this is it. Going to join Horror Writers Association. I wanted to concentrate and make sure I did it right. There are new entries now to join, whereas before it was only if you sold something.  I'm excited, and things like this keep you moving forward. It's not easy to do this while working, especially when your job requires a lot of you during the day--but it has definitely been done, and so it will be again.  Off today from work, so I'll be getting to my writing and editing. Coffee ahoy!  WCM

Writing Prompt

Image you are in a situation you feel there is no way out. Everything is bleak, and outside events just bury you deeper in this perceived prison. What do you think of from this perspective? How does it feel? How does it affect all your other thinking? Do you think differently from this point of view than someone who is in a better situation? Just some random thoughts, let me know what you think in the comments. WCM

Popping In For a Bit

I've been trying so hard to squeeze time for writing, but sometimes life gets in the way.  It's funny sometimes how much it seems some evil force is pushing you away from what you have to do.  I've been toying with what I want to write up here, but I think for now i'm going to write what I think, things that come to mind. If I get inspired for something else, i'll work on it, but focusing my energy on my stories is something I must do at this point. Every chance I get I must put to writing and editing and editing...and editing. So much editing lol.  One thing I figured is I'll probably post more often if I just write what comes to mind. Thoughts, writing prompts, etc.  Well, just thought i'd pop in for a bit. Talk soon.  WCM