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The Local Spirit Halloween Store Popped Up Again

I recently stopped into a Spirit Halloween store to check on something Halloween  related and it was all decked out with ghoulish goodness. The year has gone by fast, and it fast-forwarded to the best time of the year in my opinion. The leaves change color, a chill in the air. The holidays are just around the corner.  Take it slow. Try to savor these moments. And if your time of the year is summer, try to savor that, too. When you can.  This Spirit store usually rents the space out annually. Back in 1999, Spencer Gifts acquired Spirit Halloween. Spencer Gifts is a novelty store that you can find in a lot of malls. They do mail order and have those nifty gadgets and gifts you can't find just anywhere. I always used to remember them for posters, musician t-shirts, and lava lamps.  There are some great decorations at Spirit. I always love how freaky these things are. What they represent. Old horror tropes and stories that take shape in the screwed-up, twisted faces on the frightful la

Local Store Halloween Decorations

The local True Value has some Halloween decorations out.  WCM 

Baked some Italian Bread

Baked some Italian bread. Going to make some pizza later. I have to run out and get the cheese. Forgot I didn't have any. I'm testing this bread to see if I can totally get off of buying any from the supermarket, now that I bring my own food to work. Cutting back on cost and various chemicals that go into our food are the goals.  This was my own dough, and brushed some belated egg on top. Baked at 350 for about 35 minutes.  Talk soon.  WCM

Holiday Goodies at Kohl's

This blog is like my YouTube. Or at least an easier way to do posts. It's also like a social media page.  Before we went to Puerto Rico the last week of August into September, we had stopped at Kohl's to pick some things up. And I saw my first catch of Fall items. I forgot to post them. So here it goes.  In PR, in Walgreens, and since coming back, I have seen tons more. And even some Christmas goodies in Costco.  Now I just need to go to Michael's to see the wonders they have there. Exciting stuff. I know. I'm weird. Ever since I was a child, when my Mom was alive, I used to love watching the commercials during game shows and soap operas and going to the supermarket. I still love going to the supermarket. I had the toy groceries. Loved them. My daughter has similar toys today, but they are small. Reminds me of those toys back then.  I remember when my sister and I used to take Entenmens donut boxes and turned them into TV sets where we drew pictures and pressed them up

Attempting to Get Back Into Sketching

  Working on some sketches. Seeing how it feels to get back into it. It is a relaxing process. Thought I'd share.  First one is a cup my daughter and I drew and the second is a palm tree outside.  WCM