How Do They Do It?

The writing game can get a bit daunting. There are so many writers out there and here you are looking out at them from behind your computer screen. 
You can see things from a slightly skewed manner. Or maybe that's by design? 

So many trying to do the exact same thing you're doing. 

Well, for now. 

Once you truly know what you want to focus on, what twist you want to bring to the table, maybe even a writing sub-genre, you can break off and go your own way.

similar to Korn and other bands being alternative Metal (they're metal, but have a different sound). At this point that's the best example I can think of. When they first started you could hear what they were to become here and there. They had a metal sound, but you saw the little hints of what would become Korn. 

Maybe someone heard them and saw it, or they were cultivating something that morphed into their content today. 

Either way, they took what they knew and blazed their own path. At least that's how it appears from looking in from the outside. 

Now think about that. Sub-genre. 

You can make your own thing. And just like with my example of the band Korn, where others followed and tried to sound like them after, you'd be setting the trend. 

Except you created it, so you know it best. 


Those who just followed Korn may have had one or two songs make it to a certain point--maybe even make it big. But unless they harnessed what they knew and put their own flair to it, they just fizzled out whereas Korn kept going on and making new albums. 

As you go you can mold it and build upon things and sidestep those who are copying. Meanwhile, those who are copying you can never go ahead of your path, because only you can write the way you write. 

In the beginning we may write like the ilk, but once you find that special thing of yours, your way, you know it and run with it. 

It's sort of like how presidents in America get in and you hear a few ways they talk, subtle things that become emphasized as their term gets underway. By the time the next president is sworn in, the prior has grey hair and a characteristic where you'd know them in a second if you saw/heard them. Then those little things are talked about for years to come.  

Or another way is like when you can tell if you're reading a certain author. I could probably pick out a Neil Gaiman novel when I read one, or a Dean Koont'z book. 

You will create your own way of getting your message across. Emulate to practice. Make stories interesting, unique. And tell them from your voice. That's what sets them apart. 


Have you found your thing? Whatever that may be. 

Let me know in the comments section below, or on Twitter here: WCMarchese 


If you like what I'm doing, let me know--maybe what more you'd like to see, or less. I'm kind of running the posts blindly here as of writing this post. :) 

Thank you in advance. 


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