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Are Blogs Dead?

I am trying to think of things to write. Thoughts on my mind that I am authentically thinking and want to post, to see if blogs are still alive. YouTube videos do things, only in video form. So why can't the blog format do it, as well?    I'm sure there are still people who want to read, who enjoy it, over watching a video. Maybe. I can also see how a video is easy and relaxing and less stressful in these times. When bad news and events are bombarding us from all around.   I admit. I enjoy listening to my favorite YouTubers as I do something else, almost like a radio show or a podcast. But to those who enjoy the reading part of it, and I'm sure they are still out there, the blog should still do the trick.   I mean, if the blog is dead, then why do you still have sites like Blogger and WordPress. And some may say they are dying, but are they?   I'm not going to cite any one blog, or article, because if you search "are blogs dying?" you can look

Saving Money -- Perspective

I've been thinking and yesterday got an idea. I see how prices on goods are going up, how sizes of products are getting smaller so the company can look good not raising the price (of course until you realize that they've lessened the size of the product). But by then it's too late. And then we get used to it. I read that those prices and size changes don't go back once things get better. Then those companies post great quarters because of raising the price. Of course there are intricacies that come into play, but I've seen this, read this, and it's frustrating.  Then there's the fast food prices going up. I've asked around and found the price of a pie can reach 20 plus in some places. Then there's the toppings. And you may want something on the side? Mozzarella sticks? Garlic knots? Sure. Throw them in. Then there's a chance the order is messed up; price, items not given, product poorly made. And it goes on and on.  Why would you pay more for tha

Save Money

  We've all seen and heard, for the most part, what's been going on with the economy and stuff. It's not normal what's happening. Are things being manipulated? Is this just the product of careless actions on behalf of those in power? Whatever the case is, the situation is getting worse--or at least seems to be. Whatever the case may be (wow cliche) I'm planning on showing you how to cut corners and make your own food, with simple ingredients. As easy as you want it. Not all that fancy garbage you see on oyher sites, claiming you need this and that. No this specific flour and not that much water! I'm talking all purpose flour baby! And easy. Oh, and way more healthy.  Random Will is going to be a YouTube channel about random things. One of those things is going to be about cooking. So, let me get off my rear and get to it. I'm going to try and make pizza be one of the first videos. Might have to revise that video eventually, depending on how bad the quality s

An Influencing Thought, or Influencing Thought

Growing up in a period when all the tech companies were just starting to form was a fun time. I had seen what they call "influencers" now create content that would come to be a pretty big deal today.  There was something to it I didn't understand back then. A connection. You also could get rewarded far easier than you can today. Monetized. Even blogs were a pretty big thing. Some say these days you may have lost out on that opportunity, but there are always ways to do things your own way, to make it your own. If you just think about it. Make it better. I've read one can still do something with even blogging. I guess that "something" is the question. And how one goes about doing  it.  Jumping in is another good idea, because you may mess up the first dozen or more times, but then you get a feel for things and come back stronger and with a better understanding of what you're capable of and what you want to portray or convey to your audience. A feel for the

We're Only Human

So. What to write. At the risk of sounding self-important (which is something I semi-loath), I am trying to think of ways to get more posts out. I don't think my words are anything to be hanging off of. However, I do follow channels/accounts/posts from people that I enjoy reading their thoughts. Like coming back to an old friend for a conversation. Sometimes you can get insight, and sometimes you dismiss their analysis of...whatever. Sometimes it's just like visiting an old friend.    Either way. That's not what the point of this channel of thought was today. I am trying to figure out a way to post more. It is a possible win win. Win for me because I get to write more and challenge myself to learn new things. And a possible win for the person that is coming to my posts to get that insight. An old friend. Sometimes that's a great thing in life. Familiarity. But if I post more often, it means sometimes I may express thoughts for that moment in time that I perhaps may reev

A Milestone?

I must admit. The reason I haven't posted anything on my site lately is because I haven't been able to think of anything. I mean, I've thought of a lot, actually. But the things that do happen to claw to the top fizzle out before I even get to start editing what I'd put down on the page. It destroys me inside that I cannot seem to get the words out. Despite some techniques I've been messing around with to combat this very issue.   What I do get out I scrutinize with an invisible filter called what-will-they-think. Who is they? I don't exactly know. Or something like that. It's bad.    To even think about something like that is ridiculous. And I guess it's like that Metallica song that goes "all these words I don't just say." To a degree now I'm thinking about not posting this because it sounds like I'm skirting around what I truly want to say.  When writers don't have an opinion--an honest opinion--it's bad. Fiction becomes