Do You Feel It?

When you write, do you really feel what you are writing, or are you just going with the motions? 

We can't always be in the mood to write. Sometimes we may just go with the movements and try to get into that mood.

Coming home from a busy day of work may push you further from this feeling of connecting on the story. 

But you have to get some writing done. 

You've been procrastinating and putting things off and soon you run the risk of moving too far away from the characters or feeling that made you want to write this in the first place. You might have to scrap everything and start over, or come from a different angle. 

When you sit down, though, exhaustion may be so complete that you look at the computer and start posting on Twitter, or Facebook, or answering friends in a group you're in. You may check out YouTube videos and become absorbed in the content because your brain needs much needed relaxation time. 

And that's understandable. But should you still go through the motions and see what you have after a good sleep? Or should you wait until you are really in the mood? 

Sometimes just going through the motions can keep you close enough to the world you are creating that you don't move too far away. 

Of course, you don't want to keep doing this, because it can still lead you down the path of not doing anything at all. You build a pattern that can lead to procrastination all the same. 

You can do other things that may free your mind. Sort of like this blog I'm doing, or a YouTube channel. Anything that keeps your creative mind busy. 

You may find that it promotes creative thoughts. 

Are you always able to get into that mood, or do you go through the motions more than you'd like to admit? 

Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter  @WCMarchese.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts. 


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As with a lot of times during this life, the writing bug hits in waves, much like the dreaded rollercoaster of fortune. Sometimes the writing comes as natural as breathing, others I can force out (don't really like to do this, but necessities and all...). Then there are times like now when there are just no words coming to mind.
I am in process of trying to add at least 700 words to a piece of flash so I can submit to an anthology by October 31. Sure, I seem to have plenty of time, I just wanted to get it in before the date gets too near. I'm always getting a sub in just before or on the final date and wanted, for once, to be early.
William said…
I hear that. Sometimes a short story can come out in one night and be edited in a couple days, then other times it takes a month or so. If nothing is coming out, it's best to just write anything that comes to mind, continue to write until you start writing what you need. Then you can go back and erase all the things you don't need. This exercise helps with getting thoughts and ideas out. Also, try writing out a story from start to finish, don't stop to edit or anything. Just get everything out. Then afterward, you can go back and make any necessary edits.

I hope I could be of some help. Thank you for your comment, John.


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