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Some Don't Like the Rain

Today it is nice out. Some don't like the rain and clouds. But I do. I like it because it lets you think. Lets you go back in time and think of days when the weather was similar. A time machine. Portal. It takes me back, I feel creative and creative thoughts spark new ideas. Clouds and rain are not always a bad thing. Of course there are things you can't do in the rain. But there are a lot of things that you can do. Of course that is rhetorical. Or is it? I mean, it's just there. That saying. You don't have to abide by it. It's just there and for everyone to see and no one needs to answer anything about it. Why? Because sometimes there is no answer. Like clear meaning to what I'm saying here. You just do. You just think and get catapulted back to that time when things were different. You feel they were good times, because the future is already known. But back then a few steps forwards was just as uncertain as they are now. So perspective comes into play. Perspec