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Lawn Work Revisited

Pain... Pain medication...  And water. Must. Have. Water. And maybe some asthma pump. Let's see.  Not a wise idea to do this during a heat wave. But didn't do all. Just enough to, you guessed it, not get a ticket. Lol.  WCM 

Lawn Work

Oh hey! Will here. Going out to do some lawn work before I get a ticket for it being too high.  The heat has been insane, and thus has taken a toll on my ability to go outside. It's still hot today, but I have to do a little. Don't want a ticket.  Thought I'd drop on here and empty a thought, or two.  Been a bit crazy heading back to work. Stressful and getting busy again.  I am planning a few big things for YouTube and have been jotting down ideas for stories I plan on getting back into.  I've just about had it with social media, at least the always connected aspect of it. No time to think, or even connect with things I like on it.  Nothing wrong with it, just has to be used in the right way.  Well, those are my thoughts for now. Gotta get to the lawn.  No ticket, remember?  Talk soon.  Check out the YouTube channel while you're at it, and subscribe if you like the content. Also, let me know what you'd like to see, or if we can do something

Halloween Movie Review

Gary and I review Halloween 2018. This one takes place right after the first movie, except 40 years later.  Some familiar names come back and play a roll in it's creation.  It may be late, but perhaps it's not too late being the sequel to it is supposedly coming out this Halloween.  Check it out. And if you enjoy our efforts, place consider liking, sharing and subscribing to the channel.  Thank you, and see you next time.  WCM