Note 8 or 9?

So far from what I've heard and read the Note 9 is going to be a pretty formidable device.

Currently I am using the Note 4, which I still love. The only problem being it's showing its age. With only 3 gigs of RAM and an older processor, while still a powerhouse, the phone freezes a lot.

I am heavy on my devices and need that extra power. Between Word, TV, YouTube, the camera to shoot videos, my art program to make billboards and thumbnails, among lots of other things, I really need the extra space and power an upgrade would provide.

I'm excited about the Note 9's possible 8 gigs of RAM, but now I'm reading some places reporting it will only be 6--the same as the Note 8. Add to that I'm also hearing it's not much of a difference and now I'm thinking I should save the money and buy the 8 on Black Friday.

I'm sure minor things will be better than the 8, but compared to my Note 4, the 8 will be a great upgrade already.

I bought my Note 4 when the Note 5 was out, because I could replace the battery if need be. The problem Samsung faced with the S7 could have been an easy fix if the battery was removable. 

When I purchased my 4, it was at Best Buy for a dollar and my wife and I got one--extending a two year contract. But that was okay. When we got the phone, the five was already out, but a high demand for the 4 was happening. It sold out. Mostly due to the removable battery. 

But now that every phone has a battery embedded inside, that option has long been gone.

The 8 and 9 both still have the micro SD card slots, along with the full 3.5mm headphone jack--on the Note 8 at least.

The pen being Bluetooth enabled and possibly containing a mic are cool features, but extra-money-cool? I don't know. 

Then there's the infinity screen which you either love or hate. 

There's still the great Samsung camera, which doesn't seem too different between 8 and 9.

The launch is still quite a bit away, so let's see what they pull off. I'll be watching closely. At this point I'm thinking the 8. We'll see. 



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