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Draw From Life

When writing it's best to draw on inner feelings and events. Not only can it heal the writer, but on a deep level others can relate.

Gary and I talk about drawing from within on this episode.

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It's A Race!

We're back! 

Gary and I talk about getting back into getting back into submitting, and add to the competition episode. 

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Be True and it Will Resonate

When you write, it's important to write from your heart. A story can be done over and over and each one will be like a copy of the other. But if you inject an inner story into the mix, it will stand on it's own. 

There may be a scene that's taboo, maybe the reader will be thinking, I'd never do that! when inside they know it's something they'd very well do. It resonates. 

It doesn't mean the character thinking the way they do is a bad person for doing what they do, or thinking the way they do, in a story. It only means the character is representing the fact that there are real people in this world that think differently from others. 

Maybe the character sees a homeless man and thinks a certain way. Maybe a homeless person attacked her mom as they were walking through a park when they were younger. Maybe they have a world view on the subject. 

Whatever the case may be, that character has a reason they react to the world you are creating the way they do. It's…

Been so Busy

It's been a bit busy after coming off of vacation. Work should be slowing a bit, but it's going faster because people are off, and it hasn't fully slowed. 

The next two weeks should be slower, just before school starts, but then it's full swing once again. 

Even so, I've been getting in more writing than ever. Over the vacation I've realized a few things and adjusted. 

Took a break from the videos, as well. More will be coming very soon. 

It may look like I'm on social media less, and that's probably because I have been. I do not want to just post things that aren't relevant. Plus, the time wasted on there is time I could be creating. 

The whole reason I had started social media is after listening to a podcast, and other sources, that said it is wise to get your voice out there and build up as you throw your stories out to the wild for consideration. 

I have gained great friends, but, as with everything else, there is always the possibility of negative in…

Driving Grinds Will's Gears

Gary and I talk about driving--the good and bad.