The Brightest Flame

The brightest flame burns quickest. Or like Lao Tzu said originally "The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long." 

Sounds about right. You push too hard and you burn out. There you go. Burn. Candles. 

Get it? 

Well, it's true. Pushing yourself to achieve a goal is a good thing, but to over exert one's self is not. 

It's not only disaster that can take place, but total burn out--and then it's just not as fun. 

A little extra work never killed anyone, until you take it too far, you neglect your family, life. 

Yes, you're doing more, but now your spouse despises you. Your kids don't know you, and you may be getting sick. 

Now it's too late. You've gone and pushed yourself to the limits. And in the interim you've neglected a lot of things. Probably even your health. 

Now you're sick, about to cash in your ticket. And you look around. What did it get you? 

Your kids are grown a bit, maybe spouse left you. You never got to enjoy any of it. 

There is a balance. There are ways of doing things. 

Now go and spend some time with your loved ones. 

And don't forget to snuff out the wick. 

Trust me, there's always a lighter lying around somewhere to start it back up. 



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