That Thing

That thing. 

It's not defined. You can't put a name to it. But you know when you have it. 

You can loose it, but it can come right back. 

Is it like a muse? 

Sort of. 

A little. 

But what is it? 

Well, we're all trying to find out. 

I suppose you can build it up. Reading and writing on a regular basis can feed it. But I'm finding it's not necessarily something that can be seen, or measured. 

It's inside you and it consists of a lot of things. 

Sometimes it can make you feel wonderful, like you can conquer the world. And sometimes make you feel like the world is caving in on you. 

It can make you want to pick up the pen and paper, or typewriter/laptop and get right back at it, or it could kick you in the pants and make you say uncle. 

Whatever it is, it's there. To harness it is the goal. And that time will come, with practice and persistence. 

Until then, enjoy the mystery of it. 



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