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Interpret As You Will

Interpret these words as you will. Some will say to each his own, and there are many ways to tell a story. I agree. But there are many unspoken rules.  Unspoken:  Because they cannot be successfully put into words that will resonate with all.  I'm rushed for time and want to work on some writing whilst at this cafe before work, but I will say this...  Writing is like space. There are things out there you can't begin to believe. And sometimes you get it, but it can knock you down other times.  Some call that being in the zone, but there are basic things that can help put you in place.  Writers have been regurgitating "rules" for as long as I can remember. Like every word must work and write what you know.  And while these are sound, if not widely spanning, bits of advise, they leave some scratching their head as to the exact meaning.  Well, as you go on you do figure some of them out, if not all.  But all in all there are some basic tactics to keep y

What? You Want News? Well...

Well, t he only news you'll get here is about horror and thoughts, writing, maybe a little tech.  While current events may slip in here and there, it will never seem as though the thoughts are coming from one side.  If you are reading this, I feel sorry for you. lol.  Just kidding.  If you are here you either have seen me on Twitter, or have seen one of my billboard posts I put out with certain posts, or maybe you've caught a short story or two of mind out there in the internet.  Maybe you just want to have a different point of view, or want to know there are people out there who think the same things as you.  Some want to just connect.  But I hope that when you come here it is to escape.  As with my writing. I want to create an escape from the world.  While I don't have a lot of writing out there yet--it's coming, I promise--I can say that when you come here you will have an escape from thoughts and hopefully will be entertained.  Remember, these ar

Damn the System!

Ugh. The wonderful day job.  It's like an update to a game system that knocks out homebrew games from being played on it. Or Apple not letting you side load apps.  People find a way. Sure. But still.  But back to the day job.  You see, they always find a way of screwing me over with my writing. Alow me to explain.  I work hard. Probably more than a lot at my place of employment. But I work fast and when you work fast your employers will usually try to milk more work from you--of course with the same pay.  On top of this, I've seen others perusing websites and surfing retail outlets very often.  You see where I'm going with this?  Good for them, but I'm only jotting down some notes, or reading here and there, and feel guilty? Well, that's so.... You know what I mean. I get my work done and done well.  But there is lways a new way to stop or block me from doing my thing, or so it seems.  On of the many is Word documents were blocked without putti

Always the Right Time

Sitting here for a quick moment getting something done. Then I have to run home and work on a few things.  While I'd rather be living life than working the day job, I still need to find time to get some writing in here and there.  OK, off to the next place. The next task. The next writing session!  WCM 

Horror Is Not A Joke, Right?

It's time to step up the game. Horror is not a joke, to me  at least.  From from time to time a situation comes up where I am asked what I do. The reaction is what I'm afraid of.  There's the day job, yeah, but I don't consider that my career--my dream, I put that lower on the list.  I drudge through the day job to give me time to write, to create, but writing is what I do. Creating.  Of course when this is brought up, the inevitable question rears it's head.  "So what do you write?"  "Uh, horror."  "Say that again-"  "Horror, like scary stories--sort of like Stephen King, you know?"  Who doesn't know him...  So it can go in two directions at this point. Either they like "scary stories," or fake a smile and nod and try to find something nice to say.  "Oh, yeah! I love Stephen King."  Of course they do.  Not impressed huh, thought I was an academic writer, literary perhaps?  

Carved Out Time

Carved out a little time for some writing.  Haven't had a chance to do anything, work being busy.  It's these little moments that I love; being somewhere long before anyone else is, or at least most are.  There's a warm feeling I get knowing I'm somewhere doing something before anyone is awake.  Some writers I know do their thing after hours, while the family is asleep.  Some like to create while there are a lot of people around.  I've read about some famous writers staying up until the wee hours of the morning, because that is when they get their inspiration.  Anyway you put it, it's making time for your thing.  When do you feel the muse comes knocking, while the world sleeps, or through the rush of the rush of society?  Let me know in the comments below, or on Twitter here .  Hope to see you there.  WCM