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I Have To Figure Something Out

This is a test to see how this writes. Looks like there are a few snags but I think I can make it work. I'm sorry, I'm talking about the speech dictation on my phone. I'm trying new things to see if I can make it easier for me to do this. At least for now. I have to do something with this blog. And until my YouTube channels start doing anything, this will have to be my version of what I wanted to do on YouTube.  I mean, I don't have to do something with this blog. I want to. I still want to. I used to be so open and explorative with my creativity, but ever since the lockdown it seems to have evaporated. Even if it made me cringe, or something worthy of being erased, I still put it down and tried it out.  I'm not going to fool myself. I don't feel anything creative. I used to enjoy sketching. Even if just to relax. But even that seems as though a weight is pushing down on me when I think about it.  I used to always talk so positive about things like this. Keep yo