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Happy New Year Special

Gary and I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year. Please click the video and subscribe. It would mean a lot.  WCM 

Only You Will Know

New Years is coming up. And while some make resolutions to do things differently, a lot don't follow through with them.  Some of the things they plan on changing should be done throughout the year. Like keeping healthy. Trying to keep peace with others is another one--thought it can tend to be hard in today's day and age. But these holidays are a great reminder, if nothing else, of these things which slip our mind during the year.  Weight loss and success are among the top of the resolutions, but forgiveness and being kind are felt greatly during that night when everyone gets together and celebrates another year alive. We all hug. And then it goes back to normal. Work again. We slowly forget.  But it doesn't have to be that way. It's easy to hold animosity today with what's going on in the news and on social media. But unplug from those things, look around at the real world. Remember that we aren't on this planet for very long.  Of course there are

Paqui Christmas Special

Gary and I did a Paqui Christmas special where I take a chip every minute while doing the show.  I have a few products to see if they help with the heat, like water (which I've heard doesn't do anything), Zevia soda and Almond nog. I'll have the links below if you want to check them out. The almond nog is a seasonal thing, but the company is called Califia Farms. You can buy their products here . Please like and subscribe!  WCM 

Put It Down

I write and edit stories and the YouTube show I do with fellow writer Gary Buller, during my commute to and from work. At lunch I edit some more videos, or edit stories. I listen to music and podcasts. Maybe here and there I'll check some stats, but for videos I've posted.  Twitter is a love/hate relationship. It gives me agita at times, and there are moments it's cool.  Then I realized something. I looked up and saw just about everyone else looking down, arms twisted up to secure a screen before their eyes for a constant eye-v (get it? Haha.)  But it is like that. This is mostly not a joke. And I felt strange. Like seeing something for the first time. I've seen this every day, sure, but now I realized the severity of it all.  Something they don't want you to know, bwa hahahaha.  But seriously. At the time the thought past over me fast, but the residue remained. And the next time I looked up from my phone, I started to realize something.

Book Review Terror at 5280

Gary Buller and I have Gary Robbe and Angela Sylvaine on the show to talk about the anthology they are in. Check it out and please like and subscribe.  WCM 

We Are Alone

We are here alone. No matter how many people are around us, we are inside our heads and until someone figures out a way to penetrate our thoughts, we will always be alone. Even as we vacate this world.  I enjoy playing my PS4, Call of Duty is one I'm currently playing. It's a bit harder than previous iterations, but I'm getting down the learning curve and getting a better kill to death ratios.  I get on the battleground and go against many others from all around the world, and all other systems (this version of the game can do that).  What I do is jump into a game and shoot, blindly sometimes, and I get some other players on the other team, and I rejoice, and then BAM, I'm a gonner, and then I come back and do it all over again, and again, until the session ends some five to ten minutes later.  I shoot, kill, and then die. I try to get as many as possible. Each time I take down someone on the other team, I propel my team towards an overall win. I do my best.

Live Like You're Dying

Not too long ago I had a scare. I was having anxiety attacks, but didn't know why. I know I am a nervous person, and have some OCD and such, but never did I think it could manifest itself in such a physical way.  Well, boy did it.  Medication (Which I quit in a week, couldn't take it) and some therapy later (cognitive), I'm okay. Mental issues happen to a lot of people, perhaps just about everyone to certain degrees. And in today's crazy world, it ain't getting any better.  So I try to stop myself along the way and, as the saying goes, smell the roses. And I think to a great degree I've been fairly successful.  It is crazy how much you realize how much you want to tell others certain things when you think the end is near.  Well, this has been another busy week, but I heard some bad news about another writer a few days ago of his child passing.  This is terrible, and he is in my prayers.  All those thoughts I had before came rushing ba

Kris Hates IT

Find out why our bud Kris from Real Vision Radio hated the second chapter to the Stephen King movie reboot of IT.  And if you like what you see, please don't forget to like and subscribe.  Thank you.  WCM