A Quick Bout

A quick bout of feeling blue. Tomorrow I should be okay. Sleeping it off makes things better. 

As I've ventured this subject before, things can get pretty overwhelming. There are so many writers out there, so many pieces being put up on sites and in anthologies and magazines and e-zines. Then there are the traditional publishers, where your game has to be pretty solid. 

But there are bright sides here. We are the best versions of ourselves. We have what it takes to make it. Our stories are unique. Of course there is hard work that has to be added in this equation, but I'm starting to think remember what this is about. 

See, this blog helps me in more ways than one. 

Sometimes if you tell someone something, you solidify it in your mind. It's a mental technique. 

You know what has to be done and what you're capable of. When you tell someone else, or say it out loud, you remind yourself of your goal and the magic is renewed. 



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