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Avengers Endgame Movie Review

Today we have Kris on from Real Vision Radio to do the movie review of Avengers Endgame. No spoilers.  WCM 

A Story A Day

So I've been trying something. It's a mix of a few things I've said on here, just doing it, meaning writing (or insert anything creative you are going for). I was talking to a writer friend of mine, Gary Buller, and we were discussing another writer who puts out stories at a pretty fast clip.  He mentioned that they try to write a story a day. I've heard about some who do this, the level of polish depends on the writer, but I've heard of it. Then I thought, what if I apply this every time I get a thought.  Instead of just letting the idea get away like usual, I'll act on it and push out a full story, good or bad. So far the results gave been pretty good. I've noticed that stale thoughts are being emptied, making way for new ones. New techniques are being thought up, and I have more room after the purge to think up new ideas.  What I do is grab any device closest: phone, laptop, work computer (if you have access to one at your job) and get

Writer's Blood Coffee

It's not a type of coffee, it's the title for the show and this blog post. A writer's blood, it's said, has coffee running through it. The stuff keeps us up to write into the early morning, or so the fantasy of writing goes.  But seriously, it fuels a lot of writing and that's why Gary and I felt we should dedicate a show (if not another) to the subject.  Hope everyone enjoys, and please, if you like what you hear like and subscribe to the channel.  WCM

Being Concise in Writing

When writing a story it is important to keep things as close as possible to real life. The way things happen and their timeline transfered to the page makes the manuscript more believable and adds one more thing to the list of components that make the reader get lost in a story.  Check out what Gary and I think about this subject on the show in the embedded video.  Hope you enjoy.  WCM

Metroid Morphing Ball

I see why some artists become depressed. I feel down sometimes, I see the points where it happens. Mostly the next day I'm better again, for the most part, but I've got other things to keep my mind busy. Family, work, perhaps a hobby or two.  Writing, and just about any other art form, can be hard on someone starting out. I liken it to the Metroid ball in the first game on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, the character in that game, Samus, could morph into a ball and set small bombs. These could break blocks, but they also jolted the character up a bit in ball form. They'd come back down, but if you set another bomb just at the right moment, and then another on the ground, the first one would propel you to the second, and you keep doing this until you get to new heights in the game.  In the begining it was hard, and I felt it was near impossible, but if you were in the middle of it (of course it could all fail at an

Silly YouTube Thumbnails

This is a fun subject. I always find the YouTube videos with the wild thumbnails to stir many emotions.  As annoying as they can be at times, I still get a laugh. YouTube wouldn't be YouTube without 'em.  Check out Gary and I on this episode to see what we think.  WCM 

Slept On It

I slept on the thoughts from yesterday. I still feel the same, for the most part, for now, but I do see that perhaps I was thinking those things because of emotions.  There are a lot of things going on, like worrying about finances and the endless work on YouTube and keeping up social media.  I also think about how much work there is fore the writing, which has taken a big hit due to it being busy at work.  Either way, it's a bit overwhelming at times. But these are boundaries that have to be busted through.  I also have a couple of stories I have to go through for the Trickster's Treats anthology this October. I'll probably be looking over those this weekend.  Novel writing, I'm finding, is easier for me. I like to write stories more laid out, with a bigger canvas to work with.  Short stories are OK, but I've never really liked them due to the small amount of time you have with the characters and not being able to fully relate to them.  That's how

Silenced? Are We?

That's another thing. Here are some thoughts.  I hold back sometimes, thinking of a way to convey what I really feel. Most of the time I'm OK with how I get my thoughts across. But so much of the time I feel I have to watch what I say.  Now I'm not saying be a jerk and say something hurtful, or nasty. But think about this.  Emenem has a line that says "the only difference is I got the b**ls to say it, in front of y'all, and I don't got to be sugar coated at all" and Metallica says, in one of their songs, "all these words I don't just say".  What is truly on your mind?  It's OK to express what you genuinely feel. It may not be how you feel later, you may not get on the good side of some, but depending on the way you do it, especially if it's a little blog, or your social media, one should have the freedom to express themselves.  And what I was saying just now, we have the right to change our mind. One thing we learned here

Hmmm, Social Media. Yay or Nay

The more I think about it, the more I am starting to think that perhaps Twitter was a mistake.  I've gained friends and sure, not all has been a waste. But even looking at the posts from others, I see that it is a distraction.  Used sparingly, I can see how later it might help, as a resume of sorts, but it seems like a game. The whole follow me and I'll follow you, hawking your wares to others who are most likely doing the same. Politics creeping in just at the right moment to screw things up further.  I don't know.  Maybe I'm not doing it right. Maybe that's all that it's meant for. What do I know?  I do know we are supposed to be doing what we came to do. If that's writing, so be it. If it's some other creative path, so be it, as well. But we are supposed to be getting down to business and doing what we love, what we come home exhausted from work ready to pass out yet need to open that Word file, or insert whatever it is you do that is your &

Jimmy Hendricks of Writers

When you are a self taught writer I think of Jimmy Hendrix, who taught himself how to play guitar.  Check out this Friday's episode and please like and subscribe.  Thank you.  WCM 

A Hole the Size Of A Pistachio

I know it sounds easier said than done, the old cliche, but it's true. A totally different view can be had from the inside.  It's easy to think these things when you have a few years under your belt, or even more, but when you're just begining one might think it's easy.  Oh, I'll just do this and all the riches will flow right in. Then you see someone else struggling and you think, I just won't go that route. But it seems inevitable at times.  Then one might notice the long periods of time it takes and go, "can't be, it only takes this much time for this and that". But then you might notice that it's not just the act of doing the project, but the extras like work and life that extend the time.  When you're young you have all the time in the world, most "waste" it. When you get older you realize time is growing short and grab at any second, envious of the time you had back when you just sat there doing nothing.  Don't

Write to Music

Sort of a dual meaning in that heading, huh? Well, it's something that can help a lot more than some think.  Music can sooth and mend bitter feelings between two feuding friends. It can incite violence, or promote peace. What we are talking about this episode is using music to inspire creation. Or even just to be background music while you edit. Hope we can enspire you. Enjoy.  WCM 

How Do You YouTube?

I like to listen to music when I write. Sometimes I forget, or am just so busy I only get to jot notes. But it's something that can help alot. Gary and I talk about it in Monday's show above. WCM 

A Lifestyle Change

Going out today to food shop. Working on a new intro to the show. I want to make it good. That is what this is about, getting better. Not putting out the same material.  Same with the writing, which is the reason, partly, that I haven't sent out anything in quite a while. The other part is procrastination and being too busy. But more is coming soon.  And yes, I say being lazy. Even though one deserves to relax after work, or during their lunch break, I push through editing the show or editing my writing projects, but sometimes I can be hard on myself and feel I am not doing enough.  The only way to break through and make it, to do this as a living and not a hobby, is to sacrifice. You can still have the relaxation, but need to carve up your time effectively.  The problem is getting to that point.  It's a new way of thinking. Just like when dieting usually the weight comes back. Your old ways and habits will come back unless you train yourself to have a new way of life

Writer's Block

I've been so busy with editing that most of the posts on here have been for that. So what I try to do is write a little extra here on what I feel about the subject.  Video here, by the way: So, about writer's block. I don't feel this is something because one can always write.  The question is can you write how you want, or feel it when you put down on paper? That's another thing. But one can always keep writing.  Anything. Eventually something will come out, or you can use parts of what you wrote. So technically, in my opinion, there is no writer's block. Just mental barriers.  So try and push forward. See what you can write. You may just break on through.  WCM

Free Book Promotions

Wednesday has come and gone and i was so busy. I struggled to edit before work  during lunch  a bathroom break, you get the gist. But here it is, Free Book Promotions.  Gary and I talk about how it can be both good or bad, depending on where you are in your writing career. Of course, as with all other advice, what works for some may not work for all. Hope something within can help, though.  Enjoy.  And please, subscribe if you like what you hear. A lot of work goes into thinking up the episodes, recording them, and then editing.  Thank you. WCM 

Kill Your Darlings

Just like the famous saying coined by Steven King, to kill one's darlings, as a writer, means to edit out scenes that don't need to be in a story even if you love them dearly. Your darlings. Get it?  Gary and I discuss this on Mondays episode of the show here: If they need to be removed, they need to be removed. But, of course, that's totally up to the artist as some may disagree.  But you know, deep down inside, what has to be done.  So go out there and get to it!  WCM

Mainstream or Literary?

There is a belief by some that because a story is literary and flowery with different meanings that it is advanced and the better way of writing.  Gary and I discuss this in Friday's show, here:  Just because something seems better quality, or for those with a higher intellect, doesn't mean it's better.  I've seen plenty of stories that some would have interesting things to say about style and grammar, yet hold the reader with the imagination and content.  There are many factors that come into play, and finding what's best and works for you is important.  Same with YouTube. I've seen some shows that use barebones editing and devices like cameras and mics, and they are more popular than fully decked out sets with super high budgets.  So go and do your thing, make your move. As you get more money, if you want, improve your production. Or, keep it the way it was, most likely the way the fans will want it to stay.  WCM

Social Media Formula

Today, Gary and I talk about our social media strategies and how there is no one way to go about posting.  Please enjoy the show here.  What works for some may not work for others. Some may just go there to talk to family and have fun. It's all good.  WCM 

Bird Box Movie vs Book

Today Gary announces a few things and I discuss the differences between the book version of Bird Box and the movie adaptation.  There are spoilers in this episode, but I put the times in the description area.  So if you've not read the book or seen the movie yet, then skip ahead.  As always, please enjoy and subscribe if you like what you hear.  WCM