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An ocean in a snow storm. The boat motor just blew out. You can't see 20 feet in any direction. Snow is blasting from everywhere and the key just broke off to the below chamber where you could have taken shelter and waited out the storm. Being the motor is out, you aren't sure if you should use the electricity because you remember someone told you it wouldn't replenish the battery, and you might need it in an emergency.   You sat down with the fluffy coat--at least you were able to grab that before the key broke.   Why again, you ask yourself, as the snow pelted your red and numb face, were you going to see him/her across at the island? Then you feel a hand grab at your shoulder. You look back and see it disappear into the messy water. Just snow falling everywhere.   You wait.  Just here writing at a cafe in lower Manhattan, looking across the water to Jersey City. That scene came to me. Trying to kick start back into writing mode after the holidays. Kee p Writi