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A Little Taste of Christmas At Costco

  Was at Costco the other day and came across this cheerful display. Getting close. Time is flying.  Try to slow it down a bit by looking around and admiring all that is good around you.  Today is a good day. Lower temps and the air quality is good.  Maybe I'll take a walk. Talk soon.  WCM 

Michael's Has Fall and Halloween Stuff Out!

  I made it to Michael's today. I always love going. It sparks something in me; a creative feeling. And while they didn't have as far as Christmas stuff out, they did have Fall and even some Halloween items on the shelves.  I took pictures of the various decorations and goodies.  While a tad more bare than usual, they did have a fair amount of merchandise on the shelves.  A new thing as of late is the self-checkout counters. An omen of what is to come from the robots. My wife and I did wait for one of the cashiers. But we had to remind them of one of the coupons on the app. While the self-checkout machine might have pulled it up automatically. I can't be sure, because I didn't use one. But I'd say it would be very possible for that to be the case.  I remember I used to love to find those machines, so I didn't have to use a person with an attitude at the supermarket. Little did I know how far it would go? Because although it doesn't seem like a big deal just

Another Week

Saturday. Another week gone by. Crazy overtime. I slept a long time, but still feel like sleeping more. I'm going to take it easy this weekend. Maybe I'll go out and snap some pictures to explore for weird hidden things. Or maybe I'll hit Michael's and see if their holiday stuff is out yet (like it usually is getting to around this time of the year). Might be a bit early. Hmmm. Well, maybe we'll see. I saw the usual place that has the Spirit Halloween store pop up has a sign saying it's coming soon. Exciting.  I'm going to see what happens after my coffee. Well, my second coffee. Talk soon.  WCM 

Have To Force Myself

Alright. I have to force myself at this point. And I know that's not usually a wise idea. If you don't want to do something, don't do it. But I want to do this. That's the thing. And I love these things. Some place in my mind knows this, remembers this. Yearns? I guess you can say that. But a force almost palpable holds me back.  I used to be so creative. Now I get up and go to work. I run on automatic. I get those sparks, but they fizzle out. This isn't a give-up post. I'm not letting it go. These thoughts usually pass through my mind and then I move on and strive for more positive thoughts. But I needed something to write. And this was on my mind. So here it is.  I'm going to do what I'd done before with the posts. Just post. Anything I'm thinking. Analyze a bit, perhaps. And try to get some reviews out. Because who knows. I'd like to do many of these creative things for a living one day. But I have to reverse and go back a bit and retrace some