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Lost Intimacy in Movie Adaptations

I was thinking about the differences between novel and movie adaptation. (And I know this isn't always the case, before I start.)

Let me say before I lay out the details that I am talking in a for-the-most-part manner, and there can be a separate category for a story that starts out as a movie and not as a novel.

Lets talk adaptations, though. I'm not thinking about how accurate the adaptation is. 

Rather, I'm thinking about how a novel can get more into the mind of the character/s and paint a realistic picture that rings true to those reading/watching.

While a movie paints a somewhere-in-the-ballpark picture based off of the novel. It's never truly realistic.

Now, there are those movies created initially for the big screen. Those usually ring more true than adaptations. But it seems like movies aren't as equipped to really get into the mind of the characters for the viewer.

This could be because cinema relies on visual over internal dialogue. This is why if I was ever wr…


You come into this world alone, and you will leave the same way. No matter how you want to think differently, the truth is we are alone inside our heads. 

If you think otherwise, you're only fooling yourself. 
And there are things no one else will ever know that lurk inside the folds of your grey matter. 

Things that horror reminds us of. 
Now, for writers, we get to tap into that stuff. The stuff that would otherwise label you as perhaps crazy, or an outcast, to those who don't want to admit to those bizarre things we think about at night as we stare a the ceiling and everything is set free to run wild inside. 

Everyone has these thoughts, whether they want to believe it or not. 
Stephen King touched on it in Lizzy's Story, where her husband went into a place in his head to write stories. She, of course, goes to that place in the book. But that's for you to read about. 
We all have these places inside our minds. Sometimes special, sometimes downright freaky. 
Some can properl…

Bad Endings are Great Beginnings

So I had a blog post ready to go.

I had a blog post ready to go, added to it. I was excited because this was the first Friday Musings I had done in quite a while.

I got to the café early with an extra half hour and an idea of what I wanted to say.

It was something along the line of why Twitter is a distraction to creativity.

So I went to save it, and it seemed as though it saved. But then I must not have published the post. I sent the link and a couple people responded, then my browser failed.

I reset it and when it came back up I noticed something strange, my blog post was half of what I had written.

I had a suspicion and checked the link I’d posted on Twitter and yup it didn’t publish, the link came up dead.

I was furious.

Later I also come to find a Word document I’d been worked on didn’t save the way I thought it would, either. Strange.

Now I’m at work trying to grab a moment here and there and literally none are to be had.

Well, there are a few, I am writing this in fits and spurts. 

But on …

It's Been Awhile

I I know it's been a while. It's been pretty rough at work. 
Trying to fit in writing here and there has been the task at hand.
Speech to text seems to be an ally at the moment.
I'm trying it because there is a practice of reading your work out loud as a method of editing and catching things that don't sound right. With the speech-to-text, done correctly, may cut down on that step.
It makes sense on paper, let's see if it works in the real world. Think about it though. You are speaking, sure like a robot, but still speaking and to some degree will sound like you are speaking out loud.
I am working on a Friday Musing.
I did enjoy the picture and question I used to do.
I have been looking at other blogs and see what's what and a thing I see often is comparing a life experience to something you want to make a point with. Or something in that manner. 
Let's see.
I have been staying away from Twitter, looking at my feed maybe three times a day. It has been great on my mi…