Changing Seasons

It's the middle of summer, but I'm looking forward to the fall. 
I love that feeling of the weather changing over. The chill in the air slowly forming. The wonderful breeze that feels full and alive. 

The trees start to turn colors and the supermarkets start to carry carving pumpkins. That's when you know the consensus has given over to the change of the seasons, reluctantly give up the warmth and humid odor of the summer which, similar to a dying star, has spent the last of it's energy before totally blowing off between the brittle branches. 

I'm one of those people who go to the supermarkets and other places to see when they start putting up the seasonal merchandise. 

Back To School sales, then after Memorial day the Halloween candy makes it's appearance and builds up to around sometime in mid-September where the pumpkins come out. 

After that, Thanksgiving decorations and fall things. Food advertisements. The turkeys have to be careful. 

Sometime after that it's all Christmas and holiday commercials. You see that first one, and then it releases the onslaught of the companies exploiting the holidays for you to buy their product or yours won't be the same. Ha ha. 

I watch the Hallmark channel. Say what you will, but the shows on there are like watching a card that encapsulates the holiday spirit. 

No matter what the content is, which isn't bad, really, there is always a decoration, or snow, or something festive to lift your mood. 

I think it's good to watch things that lift your spirit. A lot of the stories on today inject a lot of reality into things. And I'm not talking against that totally, but sometimes you want to be entertained and take a satisfying sigh at the end and maybe even remember old times. 

Contrary to popular belief, everything isn't falling apart. And there are things you can do if you feel you want to fix things. But that's not for this post. 

So as I go into this weekend I'm going to continue to look for those changing season decorations. Along with all the other things that come along with being home from work for a couple days--clean, lawn, cook etc. 

Sunday is the new show with Gary Buller and myself. It's looking to be a fun show so far. Check it out Sunday 3pm Eastern 8pm UK here: and subscribe if you want alerts. 


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