Perspective. It can really make you think--see things from totally new eyes. 
In fact, there are almost limitless ways to imagine all the different points of view and examples that can be put together. 

Each one  opens up your mind to different possibilities. A new way to understand something that perhaps was a bit perplexing. 

It is wise to view things this way, to understand that things aren't always just one way, from one mind or one way of thinking. 

It can open one up to understanding new cultures and other people's ways of seeing the world. And even if their minds haven't been opened, at least they feel something, know that there are other perspectives other than their own out there. 

This is also a good way--for those who like to get into more controversial subjects--to show their message. Or it could simply show there are many different ways to go about subjects. 

It can also help a writer immensely. Because you can come up with a scene, and then look at it from many different angles. Then you can even assign characters to these different POVs and create dynamic people living in a world that is organic and feels real. 

The world will be more robust, realistic. 

They say that each character has a piece of the author who creates them, and it is imperative to blend and mask these details--unless you want all the characters to be cardboard and regular readers be dragged out of the story because they see many versions of the author. This is a perfect way to do just that. 

There are other uses for perspective, these are some I've been thinking about. Maybe i'll hit on this subject another time. 

Until then...

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