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Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

I've got my moon cakes. I've been wanting to try these for quite a while now.  I bought a pack from a local Asian store and will finally get to taste one.  A while back I was able to get a pack, but there was no expiration date and I forgot to check at the place. So I never got to eat those.  Now that I've had one I can say it smells a little like a fortune cookie, and tastes like a pastry. The one I had was filled with red bean paste. There are many other flavors that I'm sure taste equally delicious.  Now I know these are mini, and don't have the duck egg that the bigger ones contain, but that's ok.  Maybe next year I'll pick up one of the more expensive versions.  Until then, go out and try this, it's pretty good.  And for those celebrating, happy Mid-Autumn festival!  WCM

Names and Pronouns

I've been thinking about something that a lot must think about, at least those I've seen while doing research. And there's no sure fire rule to this, it seems. Unless it's out there and I'm missing it.  Some say it goes on how it looks, you'll know. Aesthetics.  Some say to put more descriptions covering up the "he did this, or she did that."  Yeah, I can see that, too. If you describe what the character sees, implying they are doing the action that "she touched the soft dog" would tell, then yeah, you save having to use a pronoun or two.  So you cut down.  But what about going back to the name of the character? What if the reader forgets who you're talking about?  Gary and I talked about this on yesterdays YouTube show. We came to the conclusion that it's a mixture of a few things. Asthetics, importance of using the name--like if the sentence deals with something important as apposed to she picked up this, or

Fall Is Here

Fall has arrived! And what better way than a trip to Michael's to check out some of the Halloween decorations?  And the wonderful colors of Autumn. I love to see all the different decorations the stores have to offer.  Halloween is like the doorway to the holiday season  no matter what you celebrate, we are coming to the time of year here great feelings are abound. There are some who associate this time of year with feeling down and blue, but please remember  there is always someone there. Life is a beautiful thing.  Go out, look around. Take a walk with simply no destination. Or make a simple destination, if only for a coffee.  Decorate.  For horror fans, soon the networks will be saturated with movies great and terrible--B-rated horror is great, too. So get out there and enjoy the cooler weather!  WCM

Update 9/22/2018

To those who are reading and digging my thoughts, thank you!  There will be more coming soon, pictures and all. I've been so busy with work and other things. I don't want to burn out.  I've been working on one of my novels, and trying to finish up a few short stories I've had in the oven.  I also have thought of a few ideas for this blog. Like three types of posts.  First type is the big one with a question to generate interest on social media among anyone creative. Though, even those who aren't creating and just want to read can join in--in any way that pertains to the question. It doesn't have to be writing and such.  Second is my random thoughts that I just throw out on social media, but with no tags or anything. Maybe just hashtags, but nothing saying LOOK AT THIS!  Third are the ones like this post, to those who are really reading and coming back. I see there are a nice handful who check in. Hopefully you like what you are reading.  Among my t

Oh No! Rejection!

Just got a rejection from somewhere, was the first time sending out in a while. And guess what, it didn't hurt one bit.  Like going to the dentist, submitting and getting a rejection can be traumatic if what you don't want to hear is said. I'm sorry, we can't use this. But it's all a part of this writing thing.  Most of th e time it's because the story wasn't a good fit for what they wanted for that particular publication.  Other times it could be you didn't format correctly, or the first paragraph didn't pull them in and that particular editor is strict with certain things.  There's the chance you submitted a theme that other writers were submitting to and it was overkill.  Then there's the chance your story was just bad.  But even then, guess what, there's bound to be those stories.  Yes they can be recycled, yes they can be rewritten.  But then there's also you going and writing a new story. Some stories, like get

The Process

I have to start getting down to business. I've done some short stories, which I'll finish up and then try to find a home for them. But I have to start working on the longer stories--my novels.  Now it may have changed a bit, but for the most part, the whole process is still pretty much how I remember from when I researched the whole deal.  Once you submit a story to an agent, that agent is going to decide if they can sell it, they're going to go through their roster of people who are looking for exactly what you offered.  Most of the time, when they accept your work, it's because they already have a possible home for it.  Think of a real estate agent. The sellers come to them with their home, the agent looks at the dwelling, they decide what they could do with it, how much, etc, and then go over their roster. I've seen some even say they have the perfect buyers.  A literary agent is similar. They'll know which houses, or editors in that house, want spe

I'll Figure Something Out

I know. I haven't been posting lately as much as I used to.  Whether you come for the surreal art, or for the posts which I do try to make original (I put time into the things I write on here, true thoughts I'm thinking about), and there does seem to be at least a few of you at his point, judging from the numbers in analytics, but whatever you come for (takes a breath), know that I'm still thinking about things and hope to post more soon. The day job is picking up the pace, no more slower summer days.  I'm trying to step up my writing game, which means more rejections and less submissions.  I'm also trying to get a YouTube channel off the ground, with a show Gary Buller and I do Sundays. I had bigger plans for that, too, the YouTube channel I mean, with more frequent posts, but alas the day job and other duties put an stop to that.  And less frequent significant blog posts. When I say significant, I mean the Mon, Wed and Friday blogs I did. They had the

Second Day Back

Second day back at work. At the cafe doing my thing before I head in. The anxiety is not as bad as yesterday, but its still there.  I have three stories I'm trying to finish off, but I don't want to just tie them off and throw them to the curve for collection. I want to make them nice.  Then conflicting thoughts about just getting them out there  push their way in and I look up and sigh.  I have to get these finished and get to editing one of the two novels I had finished. Get things moving.  You know?  I had so much time during vacation, but when you're afforded all that time you get lazy. I did do a lot, though. But now the crunch is back, the day job is back. It's fall. The roller coaster car is climbing the track, about to hit the apex. Looking over you can see everything that has to be done. Going over everything is a blur.  I have to keep up.  WCM

Back to Business

So back to school, back to work. Kids rushing off to first days of class, getting all their supplies.  Traffic.  Crowds.  Work starts to pick up again as people come back from their vacations.  The cool air hasn't quite found it s way back to NY yet, but it's going to come soon--and when it does it's usually all at once.  One day warm, next day frigid.  Pumpkin spice this and that, pumpkins and Halloween candy in supermarkets.  Fall.  And before you know it the holidays are abound.  It's important to know that even though all this change it's easy to loose sight of what you're goals are.  Change.  Makes it rough to concentrate.  I'm sitting here in this cafe I come to sometimes when I'm a bit early for work, and my mind is frozen.  I'm using this post to try and push me out of this state, but I know it's probably because in about an hour I'll be inside my day job after not being there for a l

Setbacks and Obstacles

Trying to get into the mood, so what better way than to do a post, right?  Well, I am just finishing up a movie review for Aphotic Realm, check them out here , and (at the time of writing this) have to run to San Juan to exchange a rental here in PR.  This company was usually good, surprised their vehicle didn't meet expectations.  But this is the point of the post here.  And trust me, I HATE setbacks and obstacles. I love when everything just goes smooth.  But most of the times it doesn't, and you have to have back up plans or things in place to continue as fast as possible.  I'm on vacation, but I'm writing. I enjoy it and want to catch up on things I can't do to the fullest during regular work weeks.  So I started a few things before I went, and will commence tonight. But I will keep going.  There are all levels of setbacks and such, this is, of course, minor. But it's important not to let them keep you down for too long, otherwise they becom