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Friday Musings 12/29/2017

Happy Friday. The last Friday of 2017!  New beginnings. This is the perfect time to start that thing  you love. Do it. Write, or write more. Don't give up. You can get there.  It's a great excuse to start, with the new year and all. But you really don't need that to kick you off. You can start right now. Right this very minute. Be ready for when the ball drops. I don't rely on luck or superstitions. They can be fun, but are not needed. Simply get out there and do it. You failed? Okay, get over it, get some sleep, and do it again.  And again.  Until you have achieved your goal. Remember, when it comes time to meet your maker, you're going to wish you had taken that chance.  So go out there, get to it. Life is short and once you start following your passion you'll see how much shorter it can be.  See you at the top.  Happy New Year!  WCM

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 12/22/2017

WCM: This past show we talked about our usual nonsense. We went from skit to skit to skit. Perhaps we didn't finish a few, but that's what made it funnier. Then we realized Jesse was being censored by our supposed boss, Kris McFadden at Real Vision Radio. JD: Kris of Real Vision Radio tried to censor me. He doesn’t want me to be me, because a zombie made fun of him. Other than that we had a good time. Sometimes the shows take a life of their own and as a live performance, you can’t always plan what direction it will go, other than it will just go. WCM: We finally got Kris to call in and defend his name. Some pretty scandalous information had been circulating, and pictures to go with it. But he came on, and actually made nice with the very character who perpetrated the info into the Twiterverse. JD: Kris finally called in and confronted Undead Greg. Finally. I thought Kris was afraid of him, but he was probably too high to dial in before. We must’ve caught him betwe

Midweek Thoughts 12/27/2017

This slow week, I think about life and milestones. About getting up day in and day out, getting to work. First with the day job, and eventually just this--my passion.  Waking up and continually grinding the the day job is rough enough. Then you compound on that the fact this is it. You will have different days, and more milestones and accomplishments, but you will continue to get up, like a robot, until the day you can't.  Even positive individuals have these thoughts. I guess it's how you go at them that separates you from someone who gives up and chooses not doing what's got to be done.  How do you go about going about? Do you give in to a mixture of not doing anything some days, and then doing things the next? Or do nothing for days on end, and have a manic unleashing of productivity?  Let me know what you think on Twitter @Wcmarchese , or here in the comments section below.  WCM

Monday Motivation 12/25/2017

Today, on Christmas--Merry Christmas, by the way.  I choose to leave all my first posts up, so if anyone cares to check, maybe one day when my name means a bit more in the Horror industry, they can see my progress.  Maybe I can be an inspiration to someone starting out.  Perhaps my experiences can motivate and give that push someone needs to go ahead with their career.  That is what I had planned from the start with my blog. No reason to be selfish. Those who really want to be a writer, like myself, will know what the writer giving advice is saying. They will read between the lines and know how to use the info presented. Because sometimes writers can be cryptic with their advice, whether because they don't want anyone threatening their spot, or because they just aren't good at teaching.  Then there will be those writers who don't care enough to take advice. Maybe they think they know everything, or just want to see their name on a book and will be satisfied. 

Friday Musings 12/22/2017

Alright, so this is one of those posts where I'm working at something off the top of my head. I had things pop in there during the week, but then forgot them when I get behind a writing device...  And voila! Well, just that. Forgetting what I was going to write.  The old joke comes to mind where I'd forget a subject while talking to someone and go, "Man, I totally forgot!"  And the other person would go, "It was a lie."  I like to think, when it comes to writing ideas, that it means  whatever I was thinking will be that much better because it needs more time to incubate in my subconscious.  Sometimes I say, in reference to story ideas, that it wasn't worth it. Perhaps that can be added to my previous paragraph, where it's not worth it yet .  I play a game with myself where a great idea pops in my head, makes me all excited, but I can't get to a pad and pen, or anything. So I say to myself that if it stays in my head until later, it w

Midweek Thoughts 12/20/2017

What makes you really scared?  I may have touched on this before, but what gets you to that level where you look around the room?  Movies create visual effects that cause fear inside, but what about reading? Can it get the reader to the same place as that visual image?  I get one is supposed to imagine the things an author describes and that is supposedly the equivalent. But is that truly  possible?  Or is there a different tactic when writing?  And just how far can you go before the reader realizes something gimiky is taking place?  Is it an unsettling atmosphere that creates the appeal?  I don't necessarily think so, because I've read stories that had me in a state of anxiety. I wouldn't say nail-biting fear, but I guess I'm not like that with movies so much, either.  So I know it's possible to create an emotion on that level with writing. But are horror writers doing that these days? Is the element truly there?  What are those conditions that sca

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 12/15/2017

WCM: Another week. Another show and we are that much closer to Christmas and Hanukkah (halfway through) and Kwanzaa and the New Year. This show we had on James H. Longmore. He proved to be a very down to earth guy who hustles and gets his thing done. Both of those traits together? Rare. Go figure. Yes. It is still possible to be successful and extremely nice.  JD: Longmore was hilarious. I knew he would do well on the show. He revealed a secret about the behind the scenes casting couch activities, but I hope no one pays any attention to it. He dropped a truth bomb about making money on Amazon, having a few erotica titles as cash cows just might afford you time to write other things. I bought that advice hook line and sinker.  WCM: Well. Cat Man came up a couple of times. He meant to shame Jesse for back when he partook in questionable activities with the frisky feline. Shame on you Jesse, there is a line and you may have crossed it.  JD: Cat Man is the biggest pussy I've ever

Monday Motivation 12/18/2017

Hello once again.  This Monday, I'm thankful that things should be slowing down at the day job, and that means tons of writing time!  People say: "So what are you going to be doing during the holidays?"  I smile and tell them i'll be at work. They give that sympathetic look, but that's when I how it would be ridiculous not to come in, unless you had somewhere to go--perhaps in another state. And I save vacation for when I need it.  Now I know not all are so lucky, and I really would rather be home. But, you take what you can get.  Plus, it's been a mad house as people get their last meeting in before the holidays.  The city is winding down and most of the days, unless you work in retail of course, are like virtual ghost towns. Mostly between Christmas and New Years.  Now if you do work in retail, or somewhere where it's a busier day, that's still OK. You'll just get to your work at home, but you may want to try and take some days off. L

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 12/8/2017

WCM: This past Friday on the show we had Kelly Evans on talking about midevil times. We delved deep into the customs and how they lived back then. JD: the episode was framed as an education and boy did it deliver. Kelly Evans dropped some truth bombs about the medieval times. Apparently, they weren't unwashed, dirty apes. WCM: We had some enlightening information thrown at us, and I may or may not have fallen asleep a few times. Though, I think I heard the ghost bike once again. (shivers.) JD: Marchese might actually need more coffee. He stayed awake for the shit and bath house stories though, pervert. Haha. WCM: Monday 11th, we had an exciting short episode .it covered paying for a writing education. Is it worth it? Thoughts Jesse? Kelly? JD: I wouldn't recommend it. Writers can learn a lot and really the same info researching online, reading, and practicing. JD and WCM Listen on YouTube and iTunes and also on Spreaker where you can download the lates

Friday Musings 12/15/2017

Coffee. (Sips.) Ah. What did they do to my leaf? Eh, maybe it's a Christmas poinsettia, or something festive. Or maybe a bodybuilder flexing his/her bisep?  What did they do?  Today, I ponder what it takes to become "famous."  Now lets think about this one. Is fame giving up things? Sacrifice? When you're famous, can you do the same things you loved before? Family life, video games, TV (place whatever you like here.)  But think about it. Sometimes it seems as though fame puts you on a totally different level. There are things you have to do to condition yourself to be more productive. And I know one can read about how to do this, or that, to help with writing time, and how to cut this and that to accomplish more creating. But is it just that? Or are those tactics just a way to get you ready, should you prove worthy to move into that slot, for success later on.  Do you really have to give up everything "normal" people do, or can you have a measure

Midweek Thoughts 12/13/2017

This week I'm thinking of what Steve Casey commented on in a prior post of mine. Steve said he has so many ideas going through his head because he writes on the slower side. That's cool, everyone has their own way of doing things. And in the end, he has a lot more content to pick and choose from for the next project. The next mission. And that's good. That's really good.  Just sayin'.  Let's think about how writers create, and how new ideas are formed. Every one uses different methods and tactics.  When I write an idea, or a scene, I put it aside. I have many ideas incubating, waiting for me to use in a folder on my drive.  I don't have to write a story from any particular one, I can use some merely for a story scene. But when the urge happens, or my muse nags, I jot down the idea, or scene, and set it aside. Keep in mind these are most times very sloppy and written like a thought rather than anything close to what the first draft will look like. 

Monday Motivation 12/11/2017

This Monday I gathered things I've been thinking about over the weekend and thought hard about them.  Think about this. Do we get mad when someone gives us a critique?  There are those who say you don't have to listen. Remember, you know what's good for you. But don't get mad at them. They may be trying to help.  Of course are those who may have it out for you. Malicious writers, or non-writers, who wish to sabotage due to jealousy. Identify and stay away from those individuals. Then there are those who give their view of your work, yet they know nothing of the industry.  Listen to them. Something they say can set you off in a totally different direction. Something your tired mind couldn't conceive. And when you're working a day job and have family duties, your mind will miss a lot of things.  Outside events can take a toll on you. News alone right now can sink the best of them. Then there are those preaching constantly about politics. Jus

Friday Musings 12/8/2017

Today I have absolutely nothing. I’m drawing a blank. And the more I press myself, the less I can think of. Ever feel like this? Where you can manage to sit in front of your computer, or have pen to paper, and nothing comes out? There are those who call it Writer’s Block. And those who don’t believe. Writer’s block is real if you let it trap you. But there is a way to defeat it. You can do a search and many remedies come up. But one of the easiest I’ve found to tackle this writer’s ailment is to just write. Write anything. Even if it’s just your thoughts about whatever pops into your mind: the sky, trees, that person walking down the block. Let your mind open onto the page. Anything. And continue until something you want comes out.  Think of it like running your faucet to let out the bad water when it hasn’t been used for a bit. After the darker water comes out, it flows clear. Eventually you will start writing what you need to. It will flow. See what I did there

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 12/1/2017

WCM: This Friday we just sat back and did what we do best, talk like little whinning writers. Kris was supposed to come on, but we couldn't reach him. Though, Undead Greg did give a heartfelt performance when we discovered his true past as a government experiment. Wild times! And the first time I've heard Greg cry.  JD: And there’s nothing more pathetic than a zombie crying. It’s horrible. Undead Greg delivered a bombshell of information, pretty much outing Kris of Real Vision Radio as a homosexual, which is totally cool, because to not be a homosexual kind of makes one a homophobe in this day and age. That’s what the young cats in college are saying, anyway.  WCM: We talked about current events and fan questions. Then dived headfirst into the drunken readings. Jesse had to drink eight shots due to, at the time of the show, the Christmas Cthulhu anthology selling eight pre-orders. JD: I enjoyed the fan questions and current events, but the drunk reading was what I was wai

Midweek Thoughts 12/6/2017

I've been thinking about what things to write and how it comes across. How people perceive what they read.  Do they take it at face value and just enjoy the story? Or do they break it down methodically and analyze each word for hidden meaning that may or may not be there?  I'll read a story and get what it was trying to say, but still enjoy the surface of it. Sometimes i'll get a suspicion there is a deeper meaning.  Subliminal? Maybe.  Then there are stories I enjoy as pure entertainment and a reviewer gets a hold of it and I feel like a complete buffoon with all the extra stuff they come up with.  I guess it's sort of like a funny joke that has layers, or a Disney movie with hidden material for the adults.  For instance: I could have used "jokes" instead of "material," and it could be taken completely different--not just because i'm using a different word. Does that make sense? I could be referring to material being another word use

Monday Motivation 12/4/2017

Don't give up.  Yeah, I know. Easier said than done. But it's how winning happens. And I know it's said so many times by so many. But hear me out.  The ultimate goal is, of course, to make a living off of your writing. The whole "love what you do and you never work a day in your life" and all. Yeah. The ultimate goal.  And perseverance is just that, waiting it out. Do you love this? Can you swallow that this won't happen immediately? Or do you want instant gratification and don't care more than that?  If you are still here it means you want to make it.  Even on a Monday like today, a day when it seems things are burying you and all there seems to be is work and sorrow,you must remember that no one made it in the first go. I mean, maybe there were a few exceptions. I'm not aware of them, but anything is possible. But most of those who have been successful have kept at it, through thick and thin, and aimed for the light. And made it. Like I kno

Friday Musings 12/1/2017

Is Twitter a huge circle of cliques? Is it even necessary? Perhaps, but not for what you may think. It can mean different things for different folks at different points in their career. To a beginning writer it can be good for networking and meeting like-minded individuals. Or to create a group that helps each other. To a seasoned writer with some credits to their name, it can mean the same thing, but on a bigger scale. Now they aren’t really worried about following others, thought it is still important in the social scheme of things. Then there are the successful writers who make a living off of this and are only using it as a venue for fans. They can follow back, as I’ve seen some do, or just post things about themselves. At this point they’ve already built up the fan base and don’t need to worry too much about building up as they are widely known. But again, you can always keep growing.  Of course one always wants their fan base to keep building, but Twitt

Deadman's Tome Podcast Recap 11/24/2017

WCM: Last week we discussed Black Friday, this wonderful American tradition where people punch and kick their way to great steals and deals. Unbelievable. They would even go so far as to strike a child with a shoe. JD: but it's a tradition that offers countless examples of how savage we can be just for some discounts. Want them discounted PS4s? Best be packin heat. It would be nice if people had enough sense to NOT bring their babies! Anyone thinking a baby would shield them from ape shit aggression is just a damn fool. WCM: This despicable tradition even moved into Europe, where the retail industry has been taking advantage of the sales. The only difference is they don’t go as crazy as in America. Though, I have to say, even though I’ve seen a few articles depictingthe treachery, I know it’s not the case everywhere. Some stores have safeguards to stop the madness. But enough of this. We discussed Emenem and how he is mad Trump isn’t paying attention to him. JD: Eminem trie

Midweek Thoughts 11/29/2017

I'm thinking how things aren’t always as they seem. You find some writers fluff themselves up with accolades and other “achievements,” yet they never appear to be anywhere.  I bring this up not to put those artists down, but to put some at rest when it comes to how they perceive themselves. I co-host a radio show, The Deadman’s Tome podcast. I like to think of it as a literary program meets sort of shock jocks, as they are called. We laugh, express our opinions, and interview guests—mostly authors. One week we had on Jonathan Maberry. What a show that was. I came ready with questions to ask. And even a guy who has had as much success as Jonathan didn’t sweat the small things. I asked what he thought about followers, and he said he just follows who he wants and it’s really just to start conversations. He actually follows more than follows him. (Which proves a point about that following scam a lot are doing where people you know nothing about have tens of thousan

Monday Motivation 11/27/2017

This Monday I'm thinking about how close the holidays are. How fast this year went. All the times I wished my life away by wanting the work day to go by fast.  Whatever holiday you celebrate, it is a time to come together with family and be grateful that we're all here another year.  It's important for a writer to know they have someone there for them. Sometimes writing can be a secluded task. To know someone is there when you come out of that sequestered zone in your mind is comforting. Some don't have that. But there is always someone.  It's important to make acquaintances, or friends, as well. It can get pretty lonely in this line of work.   If they aren't there for you, then they aren't true friends at all. And if family doesn't care? Well, that's something you have to decide. But probably not worth the effort.  Support can be the difference between having the courage to submit, or procrastion and fear. It's not easy being a writer. I

Friday Musings 11/24/2017

This Black Friday I'm playing it cool and checking out sites for sales. Cyber Monday, as well. I don't like shopping in retail stores as it is, imagine when there are a ton of people fighting to get at sales.  Not for me.  I'm working anyway. Should be slow, so i'll catch up on some writing and editing.  Things didn't go as expected with my Turkey. The aluminum pan I used for my mammoth bird had some sort of slit in the bottom and all the chicken stock leaked out as I inserted it all into the oven. Mixed juices went everywhere. I was pissed. Badly. Chef Ramsey comes to mind. Though I might have made him blush.  Everything I tried to do did not work. My wife and I decided to run to the supermarket. We needed a few things, anyway.  Other things Hindered my goal, but I persevered. And that is my point in this post.  You don't give up because of a set back--not even a major one. Because these times are what define you on the road to your dreams. These li

Who Do You Listen To?

If you're like any other writer, things can feel as though a blindfold grips your sight and the lights are out--no peeking. You seek with hands that never touch anything,desperate for the slightest indication there are others around. But it doesn't have to be like that. Writing is a learning process. I look back and can see my writing progression. It's cool, and sometimes cringe worthy, to see my development. But you can always learn from it.   I've scoured writing magazines, done continuous research on website and within huge books about agents and such.  But you can't just listen to anyone. Sometimes, even though they may be right with some of the downfalls of your writing, they may go too far with it. You don't want them to steer you in the wrong direction. If enough people say the same thing, then you may want to tweak what you're doing. But don't take one person's critique to heart.  See, sometimes someone can give you advice that pushes

Monday Motivation 11/20/2017

This week is Thanksgiving in the States and everything is winding down. People slowing and getting ready to see family in other states, or simply at home. There is a rush to leave at certain points, but it's not too bad--unless you are the one in the traffic. I have thanks because I was going to send a story out and asked some fellow writers to beta before. Good thing I did.  It was sort of a let down, when I realized how much work lay ahead. But no one said this would be easy.  Plus, the suggestions by by buddies Gary Buller and Jesse Dedman were awesome and just what I needed to go off in another direction. Sometimes that's just what you need, a different perspective.  The world is moving fast, kids, spouse, work, etc. Sometimes we can't think if things because our minds are wound up so tight. But then along comes that spark and bam!  Now, this Monday, I type this out on my phone while I shove a donut and coffee down my throat, and mentally plan out what I&#