Random Weekend Thoughts 7/13/2018

The changes I had wrote about before are already starting to take place. I feel it inside. 

It has been a long time coming, and I knew that they had to happen. 

Of course, nothing stays exactly the same forever. 

Changes happen. 

Sometimes even big changes, or total makeovers. 

There is nothing wrong with that. I just see that the format and other methods can be tweaked, or I'm not comfortable any longer with the way I'm doing things. 

I always wanted the blog to feel natural, like I was typing down the thoughts as they came from my head. 

I struggled with posting updates on Twitter,  because really, who am I? 

Granted, there are those on YouTube and blogs who ask the same question after their channels, or blogs, blow up with many fans and such. 

But still. 

If those people are asking this question, imagine someone who doesn't have all those followers? 

And the Mon, Tue, Friday format can be a bit nuts, too. 

For one, feeling like I have to keep up with that schedule. 

Sometimes these thoughts come and it's better to just get them out. Because later on, when I publish them, they may not hold their power as they did when I first put them down. 

I know having a schedule is better in some ways, and that can still be there to a certain degree. But how will I know if pushing the posts as they come will be better? 

Thoughts about the writing industry. New devices that can help with creativity. Various other things that are just nice to read about. 

Not everyone will like everything. But perhaps if there is more content, they will be able to find what they like easier. Of course, if it comes to lots of people visiting. 

One thing I always liked about these social outlets like YouTube and Blogger is the way it seems the people you're visiting are like old friends. 

You learn things about them and want to know more and more. 

The way TV and other things are going today is interesting. Anyone can be sort of a star, and push enough and in some cases you can be even bigger than actual "stars." 

Anyone can be a news reporter. And those who have no sponsors, or anyone funding them to maybe push their words in a certain direction, may have more honest views to see the latest news from. 

It's a wonder to see. 

Of course, there are alarming things, as well. 

I've seen lots of people who let the likes and comments get to them. 

Either way. I think, as this moment, that by not having a set schedule, the creativity and randomness will create a more personalized experience. 

Isn't that what a blog should be? Well, sort of. 

I'm also thinking when I finish these I will alert social media with a simple post. If people want to read, they will. 

I will try and engage new followers and branch out, but some posts, probably like this one--which isn't really focused--will just go up and nothing more. 

No picture. 

No dancing or fancy sayings. 

Just, hey, I'm here, if you wanna read something. lol. 

Maybe I'll just focus on one big post, like the Friday one. 

The Monday and Wednesday posts were natural thoughts, sometimes pushed out a bit, but nonetheless thoughts I genuinely came up with. But I'm wondering if they were more free to come out, would the be more abundant? 

When the mind is free of constraints, it grows to unimaginable size. Not a quote, or is it? Maybe I can claim it haha. 

Who knows. 

Well, this is the first stage of that experiment. 

Which this whole thing is, the writing and creativity thing. It never ends. Even when you've "made it." Whatever that is in your world. 

So, maybe I'll see you soon. No fancy ending I can think of. Going to go out and get some coffee now. 

Talk soon. 



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