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Different Perspective, So Many Paths

It's been a while since you've been on.  Yeah, well, it's been quite busy. Last week I started going back into the office, as well. Things are moving forward, just hope it stays moving forward.  God willing.  I ponder. With all that is going on today in the writing world, how does a writer write?  No, I don't mean to find the time. No matter what, if you want to write, you will find those moments.  Real talk.  Good subject.  Anything these days can set off someone else. But a new trend is happening (over years, but fairly new) where you can be shut down over thoughts or opinions.  That's bad enough, but put that aside, what's the main thought.  Now, writers write, right?  Of course.  But these days, it can be a bit daunting when you worry about how every keystroke may be one more closer to getting you "Cancelled."  But as a writer you must write. You must have characters with different view points. I mean, they shouldn't be

The Lodge Movie Review

It's been a while, but just put up a new episode of Horror with Marchese and Buller. In this episode, Gary and I talk about The Lodge movie.  I've tried some new things, mostly time frame stuff and slightly different techniques. Always trying to learn new things.  Please, if you like what you see, subscribe, like and share to everyone. Comment, let us know what you like, or would like to see in future videos.  You can subscribe here: Thank you, and see you next time.  WCM