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Don't listen to the bitter hearts

If you feel like giving up, listen to this. Boy Eat World, The Middle. It will pick you up. Then after you're up, listen to this. Motorhead, The Game. Try it, listen to the words. Enjoy. WCM

Writing Resources

If you're about ready to start submitting your story into the market, then you need a good resource to get started. Some of these you can look up online, and some you have to pay for.  In my personal experience, usually you pay to save some time with research, but there are times when research actually gives you info you couldn't get by taking the short cut.  Writers Market, from Writers Digest, is one source I like.  It comes out yearly and offers a lot of markets for your work. Of course, I did have an incident a while ago where one of the people in the book I submitted to turned out to be a scam. But with online resources such as you can cross reference the info and get a better feel of the agent or editor.  In a previous blog post I explain the experience I had with an agent who wanted me to pay to have them edit and such. These types of agents end up lackadaisically submitting your work and are allowed

Tips and Tricks: Focus

I have a big problem and that is focusing on something. I love writing, editing even--the whole process, it's just getting down to business and staying focused is where I face the challenge.  Research perspective and you'll find some useful info, just don't go crazy. Get it into your subconscious and figure out what works best for you. Like schooling, too much can mess you up. Even seasoned writers can learn a few things. It just seems like they know it already because they've gone through the trail and error. Though, something changes, a new schedule, new challenges and you may find yourself having to switch it all up. So go with what works for you.  Closing the door or going somewhere where no one can disturb you may be hard at times when life presses for your attention, but with a little foresight it doesn't have to be a guilt inducing chore. Now if only I can listen to my own advice more often.  Then there are the times that I loose myself in the work and

Have to get moving!

I was thinking about the whole purpose of life. That's a dangerous thing in itself. But over this break I seemed to have slowed down a bit. Almost to a crawl. There were some spots where I went off on a creative binge, but for the most part I just wasn’t feeling it.  There is another Writer’s blog where the writer is feeling failure and openly talks about it. That is good. Getting your feelings out in the open is sometimes most of the battle.  So I’m admitting that I’ve been out of it the last week, or so.  What I’m going to do right now is take out the story I’m working on and just keep it in front of my face. To focus. Now I know this could be wrong in some ways, but a lot of the time it helps me. It’s like when you sit down and nothing comes out, but if you start writing then everything comes out. You usually have to delete most of what you started with, but you’ve opened the floodgates and some pretty good things come out in these moments.  Well, I’m getting the story o


So a thought for now is to start on social media and then end whatever that leads into on here. Not all the posts, but a lot, I guess. This way the enticement is on lets say Twitter, then the link leads here. You can respond in either place.  I just wanted to get things going, and I notice, and feel bad when it happens, that I have gaps in posting.  I take my time with a lot of these posts, and some I don't. But I can't put all of my time into this when my time is very limited. It will also make these posts a bit more personal, like i'm talking on the spur of the moment--which is sort of what will be happening. Things might not be all too polished, but things will move. And I'll be able to focus on the stories. Coming soon.  So we will see how this works. I have faith in it. I will also experiment with different things, too. Lets see.  WCM