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Toying With Ideas and Getting The Monster Going

Been toying around with the idea of throwing a free story on my site. I believe Blogger gives four extra pages to play with. Have to see.  Things have been very busy, with work taking up the biggest portion of my time. Working on finishing up a review and reworking two short stories. During all of that have had some family issues to deal with, along with doubting myself and then coming back strong (usually by the next morning I'm good again and ready to go.)  One thing that makes your head spin is all the little rules and theme, POV etc. you miss if you don't pay attention. Someone points it out and you're like "Oh, man. Should know better." At some point everything blends into itself and you feel as though you're floating around in some sort of life-giving primordial ooze, picking things at random with your finger on the pulse of the beast.  And just when you're about to get it, really GET IT, well, that's when life says, "Hey there fella,