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Escape and sh-... stuff

Writing may seem useless when you look at all the writers out there trying to get a piece of the pie, but I don't think of it like that. It is interesting to look at emotionally, when you're this little underdog standing below these massive behemoths--but save that for writing inspiration when you have a character who is hopeless. We aren't hopeless, i'll tell you why.  What is it to really be the best? To get to the top? Being successful is just as good, no?  I think to make someone escape, to go to the world you create, and keep them wanting to come back is a great accomplishment. You can toil away at your work and get nothing (for now, but if you push you will make it), and if all that hard work only reaches one person and changes their life, well then you've accomplished something big.  We all start out small. Once you pick up that little handful of snow it seems like nothing. But roll it along the ground and watch more snow stick to it. Now, yes, it may c

Still Here

Its been a while. The day job has been very busy and to get into the writing mood has been rough.  I'm still pushing forward, but it's been a bit slower than I'd like.  Some very good news. October 4th the magazine Hindered Souls is coming out with one of my stories in it: Tonight Forever.  I will post more closer to the date and as I find out more info.  Well, back to the day job.  WCM