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A Beautiful Mess

The holdiays are a beautiful mess. Cheesy, right? I say the title of the post in the first sentence. There I go, thinking out loud. But They are. I said it to someone today and it stuck. Think about it. We get all frustrated when they come around. We also remember the lights and glitz, but then forget until we are tangled up in the branches of the Christmas tree. It's holding us, pulling us in. Wrapping us in tinsel. Choking us? Ok, relax. Don’t go too far there. But yeah. Then we remember. And we already have that sweet sugar headache from the hot cocoa and peppermint bark. Ugh!      Do the lights work this year? Test them. Ok. Most of them do, but uh, this one. Great. Have to get a replacement. Of course, after much time spent trying to find the dead light. Either way. It's still beautiful. Wonderful. Memories made. All how you look at it. Perspective, right? Of course.      There are those who say next year will be better. But will it? Will you ever be ready for the holidays

Random Post

  Random post because if not there would be no post. Or something like that.  I've been very busy. At work. Overtime. Other things.  Been thinking about writing. Doing things here and there, but not a lot has been surfacing. I have to stop thinking that everything needs to be quality. That's one thing preventing a lot of ideas and thoughts from coming out. Just get the writing done.  Writing is something that comes out naturally, smoothly. Usually. Thoughts.  Uh, my keys randomly stick. I think there is something underneath the keypad. It's a Surface 2 keypad. And as I try to shake and hit the pieces out, it goes to another key. So annoying.  But that's another thing. Everything won't be perfect when you write. You. Me. Whoever. I was telling someone the other day. There is no such thing as writer's block. You can always write something. Now, will it be what you wanted to get out at the time of conception? Maybe not. But you can certainly write. I think that'