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Dracula BBC Netflix Mini Series Review

Gary and I review the mini series Dracula out on BBC and Netflix. 


New Year, New Innovation

It's a bit past a week into the new year, and how many people have already reneged on their resolutions, I'm sure. It's okay, it happens every year. Some have stuck to them. Most of the battle is at least trying. And nowhere does it say you can't get back into them even if you've failed. 

I've been messing around, as usual, with different writing techniques. And even though it had been slow at the job during the holidays, with changing schedules and moving around to other locations to cover, I've still been mentally exhausted and haven't had much time to put all the notes I'd made coherently together. 

I managed to get a little done, but not enough. Though, anything is good. And I am working off of that at the moment. 

But yeah. So I received blue tooth headphones which I'd wanted. I was excited. I love them. Then I talk to someone and remember all my extensive research on certain things so decided to take a look and WHOA! All the old tests conduct…