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Halloween Movie Review

Gary and I review Halloween 2018. This one takes place right after the first movie, except 40 years later. 

Some familiar names come back and play a roll in it's creation. 

It may be late, but perhaps it's not too late being the sequel to it is supposedly coming out this Halloween. 

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Different Perspective, So Many Paths

It's been a while since you've been on. 

Yeah, well, it's been quite busy. Last week I started going back into the office, as well. Things are moving forward, just hope it stays moving forward. 

God willing. 

I ponder. With all that is going on today in the writing world, how does a writer write? 

No, I don't mean to find the time. No matter what, if you want to write, you will find those moments. 

Real talk. 

Good subject. 

Anything these days can set off someone else. But a new trend is happening (over years, but fairly new) where you can be shut down over thoughts or opinions. 

That's bad enough, but put that aside, what's the main thought. 

Now, writers write, right? 

Of course. 

But these days, it can be a bit daunting when you worry about how every keystroke may be one more closer to getting you "Cancelled." 

But as a writer you must write. You must have characters with different view points. I mean, they shouldn't be textbook caricatures of a person or…

The Lodge Movie Review

It's been a while, but just put up a new episode of Horror with Marchese and Buller. In this episode, Gary and I talk about The Lodge movie. 

I've tried some new things, mostly time frame stuff and slightly different techniques. Always trying to learn new things. 

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Another Nitro Cold Brew - Look at That Line!

I had to go somewhere, so I couldn't make coffee. I decided to go to Starbucks again and wow. The line was pretty long. And once I was on it, the cars filled in behind me. 

The other day it wasn't to bad. Or maybe I just got there at an opportune moment. 

Either way, I needed that caffeine. 


Random Starbucks Sticker

Had to pick up some Starbucks the other day. It's been long enough and I hadn't had my coffee for the day. 

I saw that random Starbucks sticker on the wall, seemed like a cool picture. 

I got the Nitro Cold Brew with salted sweat cream foam. So good. Sugar gave me a strong rush, though. Not too cool. 

Drive through seemed to have saved them in this craziness. Same with a lot of fast food places.

Check out my experience in this whole thing here.

Now get out and get some sun!



Gary and I talk about how things are going where we live in this episode where we talk about being on LOCKDOWN during the virus outbreak.

It's a long episode, but in it we discuss business in the neighborhood, how we exercise and I even throw in a few dishes I'm cooking during the pandemic.

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Almost Done

It's been a bit crazy lately getting used to working from home and other little issues here and there. But the new episode of Horror with Marchese and Buller is almost finished. 

It took a little longer not only because of what's been going on, but also because the raw video was over 40 minutes. I've cut it down considerably, but most of the points are still there. I've cut the stuff that went off subject a bit and placed it at the end, for those who can't get enough of Gary and I--haha. But I think it's a relevant video in these times, and I only have a little polishing to do before it's ready. Will hopefully be Thursday. 

Then I'll just have to make the thumbnail. I'm also trying new techniques, minor things, but they might make the show move along faster. 

We'll see. 

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Supermarket Rant

Going to the supermarket is like one of those movies where you get suited up to go into an infected building. A building with food and drink. 

It wouldn't be so bad if people followed rules. Not that anyone is wrong, I guess. But one is saying follow the arrows, others don't listen. And others do something totally different. 

Some ask to walk by you, while others get up close. 

I'm like, come on! 

Make some rules and go by them. 

Other than that, it sometimes feels like one of those game shows where you're given a certain amount of money and asked to go into the supermarket and grab as much as you can before the timer runs out haha. 

Well. I can say one thing. When I take the mask off the air actually tastes good. Sweet. Makes you realize how much we take things for granted. 

If anything, I hope people realize this was a wake up call. Not for corruption and politics and all that hoopla.But a wake up call for life and what should be held dear to them while they still have it. 

A Life

Tentacles expand from within the center. A center that keeps moving on down the hall. It has to be exact. 

Tentacles? Cliche? Some like, some don't. 

There are many external stimuli which alter the direction of the center. Will it come to the same point designated originally? Those slippery tentacles (I know) prod and learn every corner and surface. Sliding as the center movies. Perhaps. Maybe with a slightly different reality, perspective--alternating constantly. 

Maybe it never comes to the same point intended, maybe it grows a life not devised from the start. The outside pushing in? Or the other way. 

A life grows, a true life. 

It breaths, it feels. Perhaps more than what was initially conceived. But that's okay. That's perfect. That's what I want. 

Like ingredients plopped into a boiling cauldron, what comes out is completely different. I slip my fingers around the rim and push, spilling it all across the shinny clean floors, down the hall. Thousands of outcomes and poi…

Can It Be Done?

Sure. Anything can be done. I know this. 

I guess the question is, will it be done? 

I've absorbed lessons I've learned along the way--lessons that perhaps can't be used for other individuals. Maybe some others can. But I have an idea of what needs to be done for me. I took what I saw and pieced together a plan that I need to move forward. 

Of course you never stop learning, but at the point where I've opened the door and turned on the lights, looking around and gauging the obstacles ahead, I'd basically have the base I'll be building things from. I see it, I can almost feel and taste it. 

Well, I know the next step. 

I had a plan a few years back. I stepped off the path a bit, strayed from the objective slightly. I learned and I move on. 

Some great things came even from that drifting off my path. And who even knows if the path I had started on was the right one? 

I think I had a great idea though, and will look back into that. But it's more about just doing thin…

Haven't Really Been Feeling It

I get a few ideas, then save them and go back to something else I'm doing, feeling excited I thought of another idea I'd like to post on my blog. 

When I come back later, with another possible idea, I remember I had a post or two half done, prior, and feel terrible. 

I shouldn't. I remind myself that this is a place for my thoughts. Those thoughts just didn't fully form, I guess. 



Either way, perhaps it was a thought I pondered posting on social media and that got me nervous about continuing. 

Is it good enough for that? 

Does that matter? 

Yeah, I guess it does. 

It could just be an idea i'd like to share, even if it's not totally polished. 

Are people even reading this? I look at the analytics and it says yes, from many countries. 

Hey, I don't get comments, but one thing I hope--the same with the YouTube stuff--if I could entertain someone the way I'm entertained on YouTube and other blogs, then I'll feel I've done something good. 

If I c…

Chinese Food Dinner -- Support Your Local Businesses

So yesterday I was at my local pizza place, and noticed that the Chinese restaurant I usually go to was open again. They've been closed pretty much this whole time. They said it was their supply place. 

But they were open and I knew Chinese would be on the menu sometime this week. 

So my wife and I decided to get it tonight. And it was like old times. Plus, it's important to support local businesses as this is a very hard time for so many. If you can, try to support. 

I found out that there might have been another Chinese place opened close by, but this particular one has a very high rating and has great tasting, restaurant style fare. 

So get out there. Support! Food is safe. Just make sure to wear a mask. Or face covering. 


More Comfortable on Blog

Weird as it may sound (or maybe not so weird, depending on your relationship with social media), posting on my blog is a more comfortable undertaking than to do so on social media. 

Maybe because on social media you put something out there with hopes people responding, you anticipate positive reactions. Maybe waiting for the interaction is part of the downside? Likes, and such. And it can get shot down with negative interactions, or even no interactions. There's also the anxiety of what will people think. 

Many people post their daily involvements with the world. Some enjoy this, some may roll their eyes, some simply ignore it. Perhaps it's a skill that can be honed you don't feel you have as of yet. You can always build that, though. 

Then there are the negative aspects to social media--some already mentioned above. Being bombarded with news where you really don't want it. There are other reasons, and I've gone over them here and there on this blog and in various You…

Copyright Righted

So I uploaded one of the latest video game videos I've done and got a Copyright notice. It was for a small portion at the end of the video for a song that I thought was played throughout the game. 

Well, either way, the notice said I wouldn't be getting the monetization dough, that it would go to the music owner. 

I've been trying to be careful with this on the video game channel, because I opened a can of worms when happening upon a video about this subject and got a bit worried. There are so many gaming channels, and I've never really heard about this happening. You'd think it was a heck of an advertisement having your game played, making others want to play through it, as well. 

I usually try to keep all aspects of what I put out to be created by myself, or I mix/use what is offered for free on YouTube in way of songs, or pictures on the program I use to edit my videos. Also, fair use allows for some images and songs to be used, as well. But that's another subj…

Still Here

I have been extremely busy. Not only with work, but also trying to do those other things I talked about in other posts. 

Things are coming along, but I've also had a little bout of anxiety and semi-insomnia. 

If that makes sense. 

But things are moving, just have to put all the pieces in place and get them plugged in and electrified. 

And as much as I don't like small blog posts, that's all I have for now. Good things come in small packages, as the saying goes. Unless it's something good in a big package. Hmmm. Or unless it's one of those Amazon box in a box type deals; because then the smaller package is inside of a bigger one. 

Something to think about. 

Talk soon. 


Blogging Helps For More Things Than You Know

It really does. Writing is much more than having a decent grasp on grammar and stuff. 

"Stuff" (smiles). 

It's all about getting a message across in a coherent manner. 

Coherency.Flowing from one thought to another and leaving enough line to string those thoughts together in some sort of a theme that can be understood after your composition is finished. 

It can be other than that, of course. I'm not an expert. I'm just exploring and exposing what I find day after day. I'm not a professional writer as of this writing. But I am trying. And from what I see, that's writing in a nutshell. 

Be coherent. And the only way to be coherent is to write and have people read that writing and give feedback. However you get that done, that's up to you. That's the simple part of it. 

Write and read. Ah, I've heard that before. 

And the reason for the heading? Because blogging is--whether just being used as a journal of sorts, or writing articles for people who like t…

Going Nuts!

Okay. All this is getting to me a bit. Been trying to stay away from the news, but it seeps in from more places than is realized. 

I haven't been really exercising, so my body is weakening and I am feeling worse because of this. 

So I'm going to be taking a much needed walk. 

The weight-loss was put on the back burner, which I have to get back into. But it was based mostly on the ten thousand steps a day I was getting in, which now is five thousand if I'm lucky. Probably even less. And I haven't put any input into my Fitbit for quite a while. (yeah, quite a bit, I get it haha.)

I've been keeping busy, but haven't been able to fall asleep at night. And I have to get up early for work, so that's taking a bit of a toll as well. 

But it will all be put back on track. I'm going to go do a few things, then get out there and walk. 

For exercise, to clear my thoughts, so feel better. 


Consistent Despair and a Wake Up Call

I can see how this quarantine could drive people nuts, especially those already on the edge. Keeping busy and keeping your mind off of things as long as possible definitely helps. This could be a wake up call for many. 

Cooking, cleaning, lawn work if you have a lawn. Hobbies you've always said you wanted to finish. 

So many people have wanted extra time: to spend with loved ones, or to get back in touch with themselves. 

Well, now's that time. 

If you can find something positive in not-so-great situations, then I'm sure it's crossed your mind that this is an opportunity to get things right. 

Of course, listen to reputable news sources for what you need to know in your local area, try as best  you can to get things right with money and safety, like getting things in place for the possibility that this goes on for the long haul. But to avoid going over the deep end, keep your mind off of the consistent despair. 

There will always be bad things happening, bad news to deal with…

Violence In Video Games

Been busy, but I had a final episode that hadn't been edited so I did it up. 

I put a lot of work into it. Tried some new techniques. This one was an old "emergency" episode, to use if Gary and I couldn't come together to record a few episodes. And it came in handy. 

So please, enjoy. And please, feel free to comment, like, share and subscribe on the channel, or here:

Will talk soon. 


Looking Back and Going Forward

I've been looking here and there at the older posts and fixing up issues. Maybe a random misspelling, or something that made no sense. The older posts where the YouTube video dimensions weren't full--I figured out how to do that later through HTML. 

I've been going back as I see what videos are being looked at through analytics, because if I went back with everything, that would be a feat in a half. And let me tell you, some OLD posts are being looked at. 


I've been going about the gaming channel through the lens of having some time and I noticed a lot of others are doing it as well. So I'll do it for fun and see where it goes. I wanted to start playing a little again, so this is my opportunity to do so and maybe start something in the process. 

Who knows. 

It's fun to make the thumbnails. I get to use my art past. Some of it isn't easy, because I take screen shots of a part in the game and have to blank out the pic of me in the bottom left and other thing…

Back on Track

It's time to get back on track--at least in terms of this blog. 

I enjoy all the things I've been doing, a lot to keep my mind off of everything. But I sat back and realized that I'd lost track of what this blog is about, at least the main part of it. 

All the other posts are fun, and I enjoy the video editing and gaming, but I look at the regular posts, these courier posts, and think, hmmm, well, you need to write something better. At least something better than the last time. But then I think, wow, that thinking is against what I had originally wanted to do witch was get my thoughts out. 

Now, don't get me wrong. Of course one must strive to get better with each go at something, but sometimes I want to sit down and write a post without thinking about this or that. 

And I haven't totally been doing that. 

I say totally because I have, but I am missing out on some posts because I worry about this or that. Can't do that. 

I think a lot of it is once I have time to thi…