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I Feel Robbed! Update to Sprint Note 9 Android 10 update

Well, sort of. I have the Sprint Note 9 and February 24th has come and gone.

While I read that some Note 9s have been updating, I have not received my update. 

What has happened is my wife's S9+ got the update. I came home from work and checked and it was there. Downloaded and running.

So something happened today in the way of updates, just not on my Note 9. 

Well, the 25th is going to be another day of checking over and over throughout the day, I guess. Should be coming very soon. 

I'll keep you posted. 

If you've received the update already, then congratulations. Enjoy. 


Blaze Your Own Path

I've seen so many things during my journey to becoming an author, and be able to sustain myself (That's the ultimate plan). 

During this voyage I've witnessed hidden lessons, had many great experiences, some not so great--but a lesson was still to be learned: one that comes to mind is iPublish. 

I really don't want to be run of the mill, standing in the shadows of others while they blaze a path through the tall grass of sucess, grateful I don't have to do any heavy lifting. 

It's not always heavy lifting, though. It comes down to being you. And that should be pretty easy. 

I want to be that person hacking and slashing through the brush to make my own unique style. If others want to follow, that's up to them. But I'd encourage them to cut their own path, as well. 

If you listen to Korn what stands out are the vocals and sound. The bass has a distinct click that others try to replicate. A loose string sound that you know is the band when you hear it. 

Type O Ne…

Note 9 Update Worries

I'm thinking about that text now, the one for a phone getting a big update February 24th that will affect Calling Plus: but I don't think my phone had or has this feature.

I'm holding out hope because I read online that the Sprint variant of the Note 9 would be getting the update that day. And the text message indicates that specific date.

Here's hoping.


Locke and Key Review

Another haunted house? Gary and I recently watched a little of the new series Locke and Key by Joe Hill.

For those who don't know, he is Stephen King's son, and has had a few novels and short story collections out already.

The series is on Netflix, which means the whole first season is up. As I believe is mostly the case with Netflix.

A bit more complicatedIn the review on the YouTube channel, I say it seems like another haunted house story, and it is, but with a bit more to it. 
Children always freshen things with horror, and while I tend not to like the clichés that come alone with teens and school, if not focused on too much, it's okay. Or if there is a reason, like we're seeing through the eyes of the student. 

I haven't watched the whole series just yet, but plan to.

If you want to see Gary and I watch anything else. Let me know in the comments here or on YouTube. 

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Thank you so much. 


Sprint Note 9 Android 10 Update

I'm excited. Just got out of work and my wife texts me with a message she revived from Sprint. 
It states what I'd read on a site not too long ago about my phone getting a big update on February 24th. Not only will Note 9 be getting Android 10, but also Samsung's One UI 2. 

Looks like it impacts Calling PLUS. Don't think I really ever used that. Hope it's not a permanent issue, though. I'll have to look into that. 

I've been loving my Note 9. Had it for about a year now. It's hands down the best phone I've ever owned. People are getting this phone instead of the Note 10, because of the lower price. 

Back to the news. It's not just the updated functionality to the phone and new features that I'm looking forward to, it's the DEX on PC support,  where I can plug my phone in with a USB cable to my laptop and my phone becomes a computer on my computer. Note 9 has DEX built into the phone, so only a cord is needed to turn the device into a desktop…

Different Perspective

What makes someone better to someone else

Oops Edits Please!

Maybe it was having changed the font. Maybe it was getting a bit ahead of myself with the excess of posts as of late. I may have gotten a bit carried away and rushed to get the words out. 
My wife brought to my attention a few of my latest posts were a tad incoherent. I went over them and found some pretty embarrassing errors. 
Even though a blog is mostly thoughts and a diary of sorts, it doesn't mean I should neglect a good edit session--even a quick one. 
Okay, I'm going to go back and look this over. 
Sorry. But no Mandela effect here. I've been correcting posts. My wife did ask who would go back and read again. To which I said, hey, you never know. Or maybe someone went to show their buddy, "Hey, you've got to see this incoherent post." 
"What are you talking about? This doesn't sound that bad." 
"Wait, what?" 

Calorie Deficit and Still Okay

1000 Calorie Deficit
It hasn't been too bad over this past month using the Fitbit app calorie counter. 
I know Weight Watchers is pretty much the same thing, except they use points instead of counting calories. Makes it easier for someone to just get on with the day and not have to worry about counting and looking up calories, but I'm going to stick to the Fitbit for now. 
I'll admit, it can be a pain when an item isn't in the Fitbit database. But it's not too bad. I have food that I eat often that goes under the Favorites, or Most Logged. So it's not too hard to find most of the time. 
Bringing my lunch to workBeen saving a lot of money bringing in two sandwiches a day. Almond butter with a bit of honey. I use Martin's potato bread. My wife also makes some coffee in the morning and puts it in a Klean Kanteen, which keeps it hot all morning, and sometimes It's stayed decently warm into the afternoon. It's about two cups, and I'd say saves an average…

Starting Weight Loss

Went a little post crazy today. But that's okay. I find this is a better way to post my thoughts than social media. That rhymed! 
My Fitbit died. So, have been using Fitbit for quite some time now, maybe three or so years, I am familiar with the terrain. Recently my device bit the dust, though. I went without it for a few months, not digging the way it felt without seeing my sleep stats, or knowing how many steps I'd done for the day. 
Then, for Christmas, my wife bought me the Charge 3 and I said I was going to finally loose weight. For health, not so much looks. I'd used the Fitbit's app to count calories before, so I knew how to do it--I just fell off. But this time I was going to stick to it and not stray off the path. 
Now the fun part.I've been doing this for a while, on and off, mostly using the device for sleep stats and steps. But since the holidays I've buckled down and started counting calories strictly from what the app tells me I can have. 
I had been …

Off to a Greek Diner For Pulled Pork

Went to a local diner today, because my daughter wanted to go to IHOP (a fast-food chain that is known mostly for their pancakes) and there's usually always a line out the door. 

It's President's Day in the states, so a lot of people have off and I am luckily one of those that have the day free. So I told my daughter, if it isn't packed, maybe we can try IHOP. But if it is, we can go to a local diner which is just as good, if not better. 

Glad I did. I don't usually like going out too much, but this place wasn't bad. 

At this point it was too late to get breakfast--even though they still offered it. I was going to go to my favorite, pasta, but then decided on a burger. The prices were a bit high, but not too bad. The burgers were better. 

Then I saw it. Pulled Pork... 

My wife had brought my attention to it first, then there was no going back. I was transported back to my days of watching the Food Network after hard days of work, binge-watching the shows and the BBQ…

Hot Sauce Choices

Hot Sauce Selection There were so many hot sauce choices. From Old Bay to one I'd never heard before called Trappey's.

That one was interesting, offering a blue cheese flavor. But the ingredients didn't say anything about cheese, or milk, so I passed for now. 

My go to is usually Tabasco, Smoked. It's a bold flavor, with a smoked undertone. Not a lot of vinegar taste like other hot sauces. I like to put this in my mac and cheese, giving it a smoked surprise. 

I always love seeing what hot sauces are on display. And I really would have loved to try the blue cheese one, but I am out of my Smoked sauce and didn't want to take the chance that it would taste artificial. 

If anyone has heard of, or tried, Trappey's, let me know of it is. I'm interested. I guess I can always just buy a little blue cheese and crumble it on whatever I'm having. 

I have made a mac and cheese before using blue cheese. It added a sophisticated flavor to my favorite. 

Until next time. 


It's The Journey

I was listening to a YouTube channel where a guy was talking about his friendship with the Co host of the show (I believe he was the co-host).

They were talking about how they met and they're dreams, and they thought that having the luxury apartment or high paying job was what they wanted. Except they weren't happy, not what they wanted after all. 

I've watched other channels and articles that echo this sentiment; that having a ton of money doesn't always make one happy. 

And even a difficult goal, once achieved, leaves you empty once again after it's completion. 

Because it's all in the journey. 

Ever notice how musicians, or artists starting out have what seems like a hunger? They have nothing, they are struggling to get into the eyes of their fans, to climb higher than any others who are doing what they do. Once they get to some level of achievement, they don't see the same. Maybe a shell of what they were, not as raw, too polished. 

That can be complacency, b…

I Show How to Cook Fettuccine Alfredo

Cooking With Will This was a fun episode. I show how to make fettuccine alfredo. 

I had some guests come over and thought, well, I'm making it already, might as well get some footage for the show I do with Gary. 

All in all it came out good. I think it was a tad clumpy at the end, but still good. 

It makes a difference to use half and half, or heavy cream. But if done just right the cheese can thicken it up nicely.

Either way, hope everyone enjoys this. If there is anything else you want me to cook, or think is worth trying, let me know in the comments. And if you like the show, please like and subscribe on the YouTube channel. 

Thank you. 


Lunchtime Edits

Snuck away to take a lunch break. Been very busy today. Got a little editing done on a YouTube video.

Going to see if I can edit a little on some stories. Lots of moving going around this month, so might be a bit hectic.

Got a rejection. Ready to send to the next. 

It's not easy being focused when so many things are happening all around. I just hope my submissions are halfway coherent.

It gives me a headache when I go back to a story and don't see the big picture I had the last time looking at it, or I start tweaking things from a new prospective and it doesn't jibe with the last session. 

Going to get back at it. 


Dunkin' Time

I think I'm going to grab a coffee and donut at Dunkin' Donuts. 

Not sure, being I see this blog is read in different countries, who has these franchises by them. It's pretty much a very commercial cafe. More like a McDonald's of cafés, though Starbucks is getting there.

I have a few things in mind for later, trying to get into the mood. To be honest, with work looming on the mind for tomorrow, I'm not feeling much creative. But I might be able to squeeze something out. 

I had to put off doing the show this week, but I have a couple more episodes that haven't bee edited yet, so I'm good for a week or two. Going to hopefully record something next weekend. 

I'm thinking about other channels, like a game channel and maybe something similar to this blog. I guess they call them vlogs? 

Well, I'm waiting for my wife to finish something, dreaming of those sugary masses of wonder waiting at Dunkin' and the rest of my fun filled night. Cleaning and trying to …

Inspiration May Come

I come here yet again with a pondering. I've been reading about blogs, and a tidbit that struck me was the notion that you can't/shouldn't post unless you feel it, or have that influence that a thought or past experience gave you.

I agree. I think back to when I created my blog. At first it just sat dormant, then I posted here and there--mostly as though it were a diary.

Then I started getting more serious on and off. And at one point I was even making thumbnail-like covers for each one, posting three times a week. Those were experimental times. And while I am a bit disappointed with how much I wasn't able to get done writing-wise, I still feel I have learned a great deal from those moments.

Today, I utilize the skills and program that I had used to create those billboards back then, as I had called them. I used what I'd learned and applied it to my YouTube channel and the show Gary and I do. 

A blog, in a sort of way, is like having a YouTube channel. You think up con…


Deviate. Depart from an established course. 

Everything is different for people who have established themselves. They are their own person. This can hold for any endeavor, but I'll use writing in this case because that's what I want to do. 

It's healthy to copy those who you look up to, or want to be more like. Replicate it, break it down. Learn how it works, how they work. Rebuild it. Put it aside. Repeat. 

Then do your own thing. Build your own way. 

I see a lot of others, in all types of industries following each other. It's fine to see where to go, or what should be done in certain situations, but for the most part you ultimately want to blaze your own road. 

Any person who has made anything decent for themselves in this world didn't get there, for the most part, by following the crowd. 

And anyone who's made their mark, or who you  know as the top of their game, have created a path for others to follow. Some are aware that they've done so, and some probably …

Help or Hindrance

Freedom. This is what I'm thinking as I wonder if a blog is truly the mostly only way to go. 

I was reading (and it's only the begining of my research), but I was reading some publishing places saying social media isn't necessarily a good thing to sell books or stories. 

It is good to have a presence, to communicate with fans or fellow creators, but social media is mostly a waste of time. There are many reasons why.

I am going to look into this further, not just jump into the void and all, but at the moment a few big things stick out. For one just the mere fact of wasting time when I should be focusing more on writing. Coupled with work and life, social media is a huge distraction. 

Another is with how social platforms are offering paid options to advertise your tweets and posts, it will drown out the organic posts. Actually, it already has. 

Again don't get me wrong, it is good to build a community and group of friends, but it is just as equally important to complete the v…

A Calm Moment

Sitting here on this mild day in New York. Just picked up a Nitro cold brew from Starbucks, no cream this time. 

Of course anybody who knows me knows that I don't put sugar in my coffee. The cream makes it, yes. But this Nitro cold brew is so smooth. Watching the foam cascade down into the coffee. The scents. The smells. Deep and rich, slightly chocolaty, yet that robust coffee smell. 
Listening to the various noises, the car is switching by, the announcements from the train station and bus stop. The screeching of the train letting off passengers. 
The sky is cloudy but still inspiring.
Going to go home and clean a little, maybe write, maybe edit some videos. Have some videos of tech channels going, emersing myself in the past. Heck, even the Blogger video
player reminds me of those past years. It looks cool, like old Windows media players. 

Kids playing. People walking into Starbucks. 
It's a calm moment. 

Disconnect. Imagine. Live.

Ever notice how you could be in a world not of today, thinking back to a time when life was simpler and you enjoyed things with an innocent wonder? 

Then you look at some of the people who you've grown up with, actors, YouTube personalities, etc, and they've conformed to things going on in the world. 

Yeah, conformity is a good thing, don't get me wrong. Change is healthy. But what made you you (or them then). 

A great example, and one most people will probably know what I'm talking about, is Stephen King and how he used to write about 50 pages before getting into the action. Just about everyone I've talked to about a King novel have expressed similar memories--not particularly unfond, either. 

That was what made his stories his. To some degree, you expected it when opening one of his books. I haven't read too many recent novels, but of the ones I have, I've noticed this has changed quite a bit.  

Now, understanding what's going on in your industry and what …