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Stranger Things Season 3 Review

Gary and I review Stranger things season 3. Well, I listen to him. I've only see the first season. I've been meaning to watch the last two, but it's been so busy. Now that I'm on vacation, I'll try and catch up. So many shows! 


Forced Reading

Gary and I talk about hor we feel like we are forced to read. It really shouldn't feel that way. 

Sometimes it happens. 


Giving Advice

When I give advice I am not trying to say I know everything. I am the only trying to help the way it helps when I read other author's articles in writing magazines.

I have been published, still have not reached my goal. But that doesn't mean I can't give tips and lessons I've learned along the way out to those who may seek guidance.

Gary and I talk on this episode about just that. 

Giving advice. 


Understanding Fiction

Gary and I talk about understanding fiction and break it down into mainstream and literary. Check it out.


Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July from Gary Buller and I. 


Thank You Twitter!

Say what you will, I think social media actually works against budding artists. If you are posting about your creations, or communicating with like-minded individuals, fine. But when it gets to the point you're  checking non-stop, waiting for your phone to buzz to get that like fix, that's when the problem is starting. 

I've come to the point where social media in itself is highly toxic. News and politics have crept heavily into my stream. And while I know it's a place to sound off for some, I am on here as a writer/artist and don't want to see that. 

So, there are features to tell Twitter you don't want to see these things. And for the most part it works. But then I realized something else. 

I looked up from my phone and saw everyone looking down into theirs. They constantly check for any notification, and search, and watch videos. 

So thank you Twitter, for making me nauseous to the point where I put my phone down for a bit. 

Because, these things are fine in mode…

Pop Culture and Paul Tremblay

Gary and I talk about pop culture end Gary's latest addition to his Paul Tremblay collection.


Zombie Apocalypse MRE Survival Kit Unboxing

Gary and I unbox a zombie apocalypse MRE survival kit.

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So Many Obstacles, But I'm Still Good

If today was a test to see how much I can take, then I believe I've past. So far. 

When life throws curveballs, as the saying goes, you have to go with it. I know it's easier said than done, and I'm not talking about major, life-altering changes (though, those test one's character in their own way). 

I'm talking about the little things that happen that keep us from doing what we want/need to do. It seems like they are put there to impede us, as though an unseen force is trying to stop us from doing our thing. 

The problem is, when these things happen, and thinking like that (the evil entity out to get you, or a curse is upon you thing) only makes things worse. 

I think about that scene in The Neverending Story (epic fantasy story--and maybe a dash of horror thrown in--about a boy who starts reading a forbidden book that sucks him, literally, into the story). But the part I'm referring to is with Atreyu's horse, Artax. They come upon some quicksand and the horse…

Us Movie Analysis

Kris stops by and we talked about the US movie.


The Curse of La Llorona Movie Review

Gary and I review this movie with mixed reviews. Check out the video for more. 

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Can it be Done?

I hate when my glasses fog up in humidity. Or when they get smudged, it aggrivates me to no end. But I stop and clean them. Nothing else I can do. I want to see. You know? 

I got to thinking about how much work it takes to write a novel. Takes quite a while to read one, imagine the other side of it. 

I've read about writers who needed a team to help them put their yarn together. I guess to make sure things add up and all the intricacies that go into a story make sense when seen inside the reader's mind.

Do all writers need that? Na. Some do. The story can definetly be made better even if you don't need the team, thiugh. Some can just put something together off the cuff. Some can't. Or time does not permit them. I mean, having a team is done lots of times on TV series, or movies. 

But writing is different. 


Then I started thinking of exactly how intricate things can get and I realized it takes a lot of work and a lot of concentration. I mean, one can just get by withou…

Shut Out the Noise

Gary and I talk about shutting out the noise. Basically, put down the phone and get to work on your craft.

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YouTube Self-help Videos Grind Gary's Gears

Gary talks about his experience with YouTube self-help videos.


YouTube Connections

Gary and I talk about the connections made when watching your favorite YouTube videos. You come for a particular subject, but come back because of that connection. 

Another channel might offer the same subject, but the one where you made that connection is your go to. 

Have you made a connection on our videos? What do you like, or dislike? 

Let us know. 

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US Movie Review

Gary and I review US, the movie. Hear what we think about it. 

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Something Inside

There's something inside me that, when it comes out, takes control over most of my thoughts. I like when this thing comes out, because things get done. Not to say that things don't get done when I'm in a different mood, but this particular mood is a go-getter.I liken the personality to a Tony Stark type personality
I have snappy remarks to those being wise-guys to me, and thoughts come from my mind with the quickness. I might be writing this with that personality manning the help right this very moment.
I will probably know with the words I choose to use. This personality goes out on a ledge at times. It speaks its mind.
There are limitations to this mainframe, or muse, or whatever you want to call it, but it comes with the territory.
Some say it's possession, some say mood, muse. I don't know. All I know is I realize when this feeling comes over me, and I try to take advantage when it does.
I guess you can say that's why some writers have different styles of writin…

NOS4A2 Review

On this episode, Gary and I talk about NOS4A2 on AMC and Gary goes into all the Joe Hill memorabilia he owns. 


Movies We Want to See

Gary and I talk about movies we want to see next. 


Exposing Your Mind

People write, in blogs and on other forums where they expose they inner thoughts and such, about how they want people to see them. I'm sure at some point they had a great idea of what they wanted to say, some nugget of memory from the past that they feel represents their personality, thinking they will connect with an audience on some level that is wonderful but just out of reach after the daydream bubble pops, but maybe somewhere along this line of thought they became scared of what people might think of them.

Sure it was cool as you were listening to that song. That's me! you think. And you want people to know! But then you start thinking (uh oh, that dreaded thing--thinking--that could be great, or detrimental to your soul). And you come back down from the clouds, and back into your body, and you think, well, I’m not that interesting.

It's happened to me, too. In fact, looking back at this writing I am having second thoughts. But I made a decision (at least for the most p…

Anonymity and Diversity

On this episode Gary and I talk about a serious issue. But like all other issues, we can get through this. With friends and family and coming together to share what we love. 


See what we think. And if you want to comment, or interact, drop us a line. We'd love to hear your thoughts. 


Unboxing Writer's Toolbox

Gary and I unbox a game for writers that is meant to combat writers block, or just give you ideas. 



Just Do Something

Just do something. Ever find yourself wanting to do something, but you put it off waiting for that inspiration? 

Well, sometimes that inspiration may never come. You have to go out there and just do something, even when you don't feel it. Sometimes you'll get into a groove and continue on something that comes into your head. 

Don't just sit there, get to that dream. 



Overlord Review

Sorry I haven't been posting many blog posts. Just YouTube videos for now. It's been so incredibly busy with work and editing the videos.

Gary and I talk about Overlord in this episode. Kris joins for the review.



Serials and Series

Today Gary and I talk about serials or series. Do you love a book idea so much that you want to see 8 more in that universe? Or is one enough? 

We discuss it on this episode.


Chernobyl Revisited

Gary and I talk about this miniseries on HBO. 


Sour Grapes

Gary has has an axe to grind. Check it out on this episode of the show. 


Chernobyl Review

Gary tells us what he thinks of the new HBO documentary series, Chernobyl.


Old or New?

Do you like the old way of submitting your manuscript, or the new way?

There are benefits to both ways, but they are both very different. See what Gary and I have to say in this episode.


Pet Sematary 2019 Movie Review

Gary and I talk about the Pet Sematary 2019 movie. Was it good? Was it bad? Find out on this episode.


How Do You Draft?

It's Wednesday and there's a new episode up. 

This time Gary and I talk about how we draft our stories. Some do it as they go, while others wait until the end to go over it with a red pen. 

Whatever you do, check out the show to see our take, and then comment and join the convo. 

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Social Media Hindrances

Gary and I talk about how social media is keeping us from what we've come here to do. Create. 

Make friends, post your work, but don't become obsessed. 

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How Far Would You Go?

I could have done this, or that, but I was not feeling too well, or it was raining, or I had to do a few things. Bottom line is you didn’t do it. 
Period. No matter how many times you make an excuse, you know the real reason for not doing what you want to do. I believe the saying is, you're only hurting yourself. So don't turn away your next project because something isn't going the way you want it. Later you'll look back and thank yourself for not giving in. It's like that family member, or friend, who says "oh, yeah, I'm losing weight, just lost 5 pounds", and yet they don't look like they've lost anything. They're only hurting themselves. I know it can be hard these days, the barrage of news and work and other outside events that entrench their influence upon your daily psyche, but if you look at those who made it, usually they've put all that outside noise aside and went for it. They didn't get weighed down with the outside distrac…

Just Read

I was reading this article in Publishers Weekly, and thought of my recent trip to the local Barnes and Noble with my wife and daughter.
I love going to the book store. And they do well to entice would-be readers to pick up a book. The feeling is profound, just thinking about all the stories waiting to be read, all with the best special effects money can't buy. Sometimes the thought seems more appealing than the actual reading, almost the same with writing now that I think about it. I'm glad my daughter is picking up on chapter books, maybe she'll want to test her ideas and write stories like her dad. One book series that really gets kids going are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. She loves them. I'd pointed them out in the book store and we tried one, just to make sure, and that was it. It's almost as if she skipped a few reading levels from what she had been reading. I can't wait for the day wh…

Tell is Show, Too

Some say show don't tell. And yes, this makes for a better story. There are stories that tell, and are famous, but for the most part it's better to show. It makes the story like a movie. 
Then there's that little loophole, sometimes it's ok to tell. 
Sure, ok. I mean, if there are stories that are pretty popular with telling in it, then why not? 
But I was thinking. 
So yeah, it's cool to put "telling" in your story, but is it technically still telling and not a different form of showing? 
Allow me to explain. 
There are ways of writing a scene that you aren't writing directions for a character, moving around chess pieces as I like to say. What the passages insinuate is something you see in your head. 
Off the bat I'll try to show examples. 
Instead of saying he picked up the fork, you can say the metal felt cold, hard, he jabbed at the beans, trying to get three on the tongs. They tasted yadda yadda. 
Perhaps a bad example, but I'm in a Cafe and tappi…

Write in the Morning, Edit at Night

Writing in the morning and edit at night. Sound advice. Don't think I've read it anywhere before. Who knows, though. Maybe my subliminal mind slapped it together? But I'm actually saying this from recent events. I've been doing this story a day thing (or at least a story when the mood catches me, which I try to make very often). And I had an idea coming into work, on the train. I was listening to some music and it put me in a mood which lead to a cool thought. It was one of those thoughts that bring one back to another time or place, where you can smell and feel your surroundings. But I didn't whip out my trusty cell and start taping away the basic idea of it. Later on, I'm looking out the window, longing to leave work, and thought about exactly that time this morning when I had this idea. I told myself I could still get it out, but something inside was saying "fat chance". I thought upon this, and how different my mind frame was at that later hour. Semi-d…

Story A Day 2

So, I've been trying this new thing where I write a story when the moment strikes. Like when I get a scene in my head and instead of hoping I'll remember it later, I start writing something out.

So far it's been pretty cool. Got a few stories from it, and even though the others I didn't really care for  I just keep moving. It's a relaxing exercise, at least. 

I don't expect to write a story every single day, but to aim for as many as possible is the goal. Plus, I may find myself writing 2 one day. So it evens out. 

I find getting scenes out of my head frees me up for other thoughts. And even some scenes and techniques I mess with become more pronounced. 

I'm going to keep messing with this, along with trying to fit more reading in. 

If you do this, let me know how it's going for you. Or even if you do something different, but similar. 

I'd like to know what you're thinking about it. 


Social Media Love Hate Relationship

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. And if you think about it just the way that horror writing and some genres were easier back maybe 20-30 years ago, it got harder to break through. Things were new back then, there was unchartered territory.

And now with YouTube and other social outlets, it's becoming harder to be seen not only above others with the same intention, but space is being given to big outlets.

That's not good for the little guy, but we still try. We still create.

I've noticed social media soaks up lots of time that could be used to create more, read more, practice your craft. 

You get hooked on views and likes and what someone is saying next. And don't get me wrong, if you don't go overboard it's cool, I mean who's going to look at all the artists if they aren't looking around. 

What I mean is when we stop writing, or making music, or anything else we are doing, to tweet through the day and night. 

Recently I thought about this, as I …


On this episode, Kris joins us again to talk about his brush with secret society. He says he was confronted on Instagram by the Illuminati and asked to join.

We discuss this on the show.

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Pre-orders And Stuff

On this episode, Kris joins us again to discuss pre-orders. Whether it be books, or games, is it worth it to pre-order products, or more for the benefit of the companies that may want to know there is a need before something comes out, we dig deep and have some fun with the subject. 

Well, maybe not so deep, but we do have fun. 

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Avengers Endgame Movie Review

Today we have Kris on from Real Vision Radio to do the movie review of Avengers Endgame. No spoilers. 


A Story A Day

So I've been trying something. It's a mix of a few things I've said on here, just doing it, meaning writing (or insert anything creative you are going for).

I was talking to a writer friend of mine, Gary Buller, and we were discussing another writer who puts out stories at a pretty fast clip. 
He mentioned that they try to write a story a day. I've heard about some who do this, the level of polish depends on the writer, but I've heard of it. Then I thought, what if I apply this every time I get a thought. 
Instead of just letting the idea get away like usual, I'll act on it and push out a full story, good or bad.
So far the results gave been pretty good. I've noticed that stale thoughts are being emptied, making way for new ones. New techniques are being thought up, and I have more room after the purge to think up new ideas. 
What I do is grab any device closest: phone, laptop, work computer (if you have access to one at your job) and get down the story. 
No hesi…

Writer's Blood Coffee

It's not a type of coffee, it's the title for the show and this blog post. A writer's blood, it's said, has coffee running through it. The stuff keeps us up to write into the early morning, or so the fantasy of writing goes. 
But seriously, it fuels a lot of writing and that's why Gary and I felt we should dedicate a show (if not another) to the subject. 
Hope everyone enjoys, and please, if you like what you hear like and subscribe to the channel. 

Being Concise in Writing

When writing a story it is important to keep things as close as possible to real life. The way things happen and their timeline transfered to the page makes the manuscript more believable and adds one more thing to the list of components that make the reader get lost in a story. 

Check out what Gary and I think about this subject on the show in the embedded video. 

Hope you enjoy. 


Metroid Morphing Ball

I see why some artists become depressed. I feel down sometimes, I see the points where it happens. Mostly the next day I'm better again, for the most part, but I've got other things to keep my mind busy. Family, work, perhaps a hobby or two. 

Writing, and just about any other art form, can be hard on someone starting out. I liken it to the Metroid ball in the first game on the Nintendo Entertainment System. 

If you don't know what I'm talking about, the character in that game, Samus, could morph into a ball and set small bombs. These could break blocks, but they also jolted the character up a bit in ball form. They'd come back down, but if you set another bomb just at the right moment, and then another on the ground, the first one would propel you to the second, and you keep doing this until you get to new heights in the game. 

In the begining it was hard, and I felt it was near impossible, but if you were in the middle of it (of course it could all fail at any moment…

Silly YouTube Thumbnails

This is a fun subject. I always find the YouTube videos with the wild thumbnails to stir many emotions. 

As annoying as they can be at times, I still get a laugh. YouTube wouldn't be YouTube without 'em. 

Check out Gary and I on this episode to see what we think. 


Slept On It

I slept on the thoughts from yesterday. I still feel the same, for the most part, for now, but I do see that perhaps I was thinking those things because of emotions. 

There are a lot of things going on, like worrying about finances and the endless work on YouTube and keeping up social media. 

I also think about how much work there is fore the writing, which has taken a big hit due to it being busy at work. 

Either way, it's a bit overwhelming at times. But these are boundaries that have to be busted through. 

I also have a couple of stories I have to go through for the Trickster's Treats anthology this October. I'll probably be looking over those this weekend. 

Novel writing, I'm finding, is easier for me. I like to write stories more laid out, with a bigger canvas to work with. 

Short stories are OK, but I've never really liked them due to the small amount of time you have with the characters and not being able to fully relate to them. 

That's how I feel now. Lets se…

Silenced? Are We?

That's another thing. Here are some thoughts. 

I hold back sometimes, thinking of a way to convey what I really feel. Most of the time I'm OK with how I get my thoughts across. But so much of the time I feel I have to watch what I say. 

Now I'm not saying be a jerk and say something hurtful, or nasty. But think about this. 

Emenem has a line that says "the only difference is I got the b**ls to say it, in front of y'all, and I don't got to be sugar coated at all" and Metallica says, in one of their songs, "all these words I don't just say". 

What is truly on your mind? 

It's OK to express what you genuinely feel. It may not be how you feel later, you may not get on the good side of some, but depending on the way you do it, especially if it's a little blog, or your social media, one should have the freedom to express themselves. 

And what I was saying just now, we have the right to change our mind. One thing we learned here may change, or ou…