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Exploiting Disasters

Gary and I come together to talk about something that came to me in the wake of all the terrible things going on in the world as of late.

I'm not saying they shouldn't be discussed, but what gets me is when people try to capitalize on these events.

Gary had the same idea, so we said let's talk about it.

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Is Reading A Chore?

I used to look at my reading as a wonderful time to slip into another world and get lost in a story. Listen to Gary and I talk about this on the Monday show here. 
I have more thoughts on this. 

Sometimes it would be wonderful, sometimes not so great, but I always loved loosing myself in a great story where the special effects and imagination were endless. 

Starting to write seriously, I began reading magazines and sites that said reading was one of the more important things to do if you are serious about writing. 

Then when I looked to my reading, I got this feeling. A feeling of being forced, almost. And it became somewhat of a chore. 

Now don't get me wrong. I still enjoy reading. But there are times when I feel I am forcing myself because of all those articles. 

It's like watching horror movies because you feel you have to comment on them. It looses the fun and raw enjoyment because now I feel I am looking for things I should know. Little parts that I should understand, and be a…

Do You Believe In Ghosts part 1 and 2

This Wednesday and Friday Gary and I talked about ghosts and if we believe. 

You're welcome to post your views on the subject below, or on the YouTube channel. 

Here are the two episodes from Wednesday and Friday. 



To Know or Not

This Monday Gary and Will talk about worrying about submissions constantly after they have been sent out. There are websites that you can use to do this, but are they more harm than useful?

We delve into this question on the show. Please click below. 

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Been So Crazy

It's been so crazy. Trying to get writing done with a full-time job is insane.

Sometimes you get lucky, and your job isn't as demanding as others. But today, almost all jobs require attention outside of the work hours.

Luckily I have never accepted anything that would have me working outside of hours. Mostly because it really doesn't pay off in the end with the meager amount extra I would be getting.

But don't get me wrong, my job is still very draining at times. Especially at certain times of the year when things are busier.

To get into another world and create something that doesn't exist is very hard and itself. Add to that things that need to be taken care of in life everyday. And then the most important family. It's very hard. Add on top of that issues on the net and with people you thought were allies. But you must focus on the goal. These things will destroy you if you let them. And with all the things going on in the news and around the world, it's easi…

The Bird Box Challenge

Even though I think it's rediculous to do this as a challenge, and needless to say very dangerous, given the circumstances, I believe I would be able to step to the plate.

It would be a matter of driving very slow and being careful, if the situation came about like in the book/movie. But other than that, don't do this challenge. 

Gary and I talk about this on today's installment of the show. 


The Momo Challenge

On this episode Gary and I talk about the Momo challenge and
the danger it posses as it goes around the internet.

I've heard since it coming out on the news, the artist who created the sculpting, titled Mother Bird, has since destroyed it. 

Here is the warning abiut it, but Google the title and you'll find a lot more information. 


Check out the show below. 

Create Your Own Content

This Monday, Gary and I talk about creating your own content and how to using your own assets and being creative can help.

You don't want to be the one copying over others, but the one being copied.

Hope you enjoy the show. 
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Speech to Text

This Friday, Gary and I talk about Speech to Text and how it can help you write better, our experiences with it, and how, together with reading aloud, can polish your words to a gleeming shine.

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Got GAME Will PLAY Episode 2

On this episode I play Call of Duty zombies again. 

I'm still trying to figure out what I should do in terms of playing. 

As of now I'm probably going to make this just a casual game session until I can see where it's going and whittle out more time.

Talk soon. 


No Passion No Love

Another Wednesday and another episode of horror with Marchese and Buller.

I heard Gwyneth Paltrow wants to leave the role of Pepper Potts on Iron Man. And it got me thinking.

If you're doing what you love--in her case acting--then does it matter what role you play? Or if you're writing, and you've built an audience on a different genre you like, does that matter? You're still doing the thing you love, right? 

Gary and I discuss this on the show. 

Plus, you're making your living off of it. How many would love to say that? 

Let us know in the comments on here or YouTube. We'd love to hear from you. 


Staying Stagnant

Today Gary and I discuss getting caught up in current endeavors and becoming complacent.

Check it out! 

Trip to Michael's

Had a late start to the day, but got quite a bit done. Food shopping and such. A Dunkin ice macchiato with an extra espresso shot really helped. 

Also took a trip to Michael's to get a few things. I always feel rejuvenated when I make a trip. The seasonal and items get me going. 
Sometimes they are a holiday or two ahead, where you can usually find celebratory items months out at least within some small section of the store, on a shelf in an isle off to the side. It's great. 
It's akin to supermarkets having Valentine's hearts in January, right after New Years. Some feel it's rushing life along, but I sit back and stretch out in the comforting chair that is my strange childhood. 
Some of these pictures are from the visit to Michael's today, the various holidays that are on display in the arts and crafts store. They even had some Valentine's day items left. 
Picked up many things, among them a tracing paper book for my daughter who is proving to be artistic like …

Late Start to the Day

Starting the day a little late today. Going to head out soon to do food shopping, grab something to eat, and maybe head to Michael's to see if anything grabs my creative feelings.

Of course some of those things may not happen. But let's see.

One thing I am grateful for though, to be off for a couple days. Going to catch up on a few things and record new episodes tomorrow with Gary. We have three interesting subjects we will be exploring.

Maybe I'll take some pictures at Michaels.

Talk later. 


What's to Come

On this Friday's episode Gary and I talk about the future and enhancements that will be taking place on the show.

There's also a compilation of outtakes at the end you may enjoy. Have a great Friday.

Yomawari Home Alone

Forgive me I got this one out a little late. It was on Twitter though. And YouTube on time.

I already have Friday's episode finished. It's pretty funny.

In this episode Gary talks about playing a game he bought on Steam called Yomawari Home Alone.

He seems to really enjoy it. Give this episode of listen And subscribe if you like what you hear. The best has yet to come.

Got GAME Will PLAY Episode One

A little something different today. I play Call Of Duty Zombies for a bit. Testing out a few things. Want to see how it goes. 

Let me know what you think. 

Payscales and Submissions

In this episode, Gary and Will talk about different levels of payment between begining and pro markets. 

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Webcams Ugh...

Looking at various webcams. There are two that I've heard are good on YouTube, both from Logitech. One is the C920, which is the older model. The C922 is the newer of the two. 

I've seen some tests that show the prior 920 actually works better in some instances, but it could have been the location of it. 

The sharpness did actually seem better in the 922. 

so I'll have to think this through, perhaps a few more videos comparisons. 

There is another model from Logitech vloggers swear by titled the Brio. This is a 200 dollar web came, so I'll be holding off on that. 


But the other two are more reasonably priced, and being I have a gift card from Best Buy, I'll probably be choosing one of those. 

Being the 920 is about 50, before tax, and the 922 is about 80, I just want to compare a tad more. But I'll probably go with the 922, being it can more than likely be tweaked and has more features. Though, sometimes the prior model can turn out to be better. 

Talk soon. 


Altered Leaf

Was able to snatch a little time before work at the cafe again. The design the barista handed me today was a nice little leaf. So I decided to
sip it from one side, then the other. Before I knew it I'd made it into a totally different work of art. 

Ok, I'm reaching here, but think about it. Sometimes tweaking certain aspects of life can make it better, and most of the time the whole process is free of charge. 

Unfortunately, thinking back now, I don't have a picture of the before. But it hit me as I was taking a seat about how how easy it is to alter your outlook, or mood, on the day. 

The thought sort of played off of yesterday's post about being different. Even though the leaf looks strange, doesn't mean the coffee isn't still good. And that leaf is beautiful in it's own way. Eye of the beholder and all that fun stuff. 

Well, I'm going to send myself a story. Should be a slow day at work. Going to try and get stuff done today. 

Talk soon. 


Pet Sematary Reboot

Join Gary and I today as we talk about the Pet Sematary reboot.

I even make a prediction at the end which movie I think we'll do better the Pet Sematary reboot or Child's Play Reboot.

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What The

Ok, what did they do to my coffee? It still tastes good, but I have this weird mangled leaf.

I guess you can say life is like that sometimes. It may not look so great, but it's still good.

Or great, even. 

Sometimes you look at other people's leaves, or life. And you think damn that looks good. But in essence they all look the same.

Then when everything seems about to go south, you look back at that coffee leaf and think that doesn't look so bad after all. Because it's yours. It may cant to the side a bit, and it's not perfectly formed, but that leaf is you and people know who you are when they see that leaf. Oops I mean life.

So yeah I'm going to drink this leaf, it doesn't look half bad. And the coffee is so good.

Talk soon. 


Child's Play Reboot

This week's Gary and I discuss the child's play reboot. See if you can guess who did the laugh for Chucky.
In case you didn't know I try to do an Easter egg at the end of each video. Either something cut from the show to isolate it, a blooper, or a soundscape.
Hope you enjoy and see you Friday. 

There's Things to do

I think I delete more work than I come up with.

Well, here I am in Manhattan, at a Café, my coffee leave has turned into a weird bubble picture of itself, and I'm
loathing the thought of going into work.

A snow storm was supposed to have come through, but it's been "Delayed."

Got here early because there is a drastic reduction in the number of people going to work.

I turn to look out the window, at the ferry, the first few flakes starting to fall, and can't think of anything to write.

I'll think of something, but it's frustrating.

I'm thinking of Wednesday's YouTube show, what I have to do, excited for what is done, but still worrying about if I'm wasting too much time.

My body has been saying "screw you, I'm going to sleep" at night. And I understand. With all I’m doing I need to sleep. But it adds to the frustration.
I paint a positive attitude on top of it, but these are things I am feeling. I don't want to lie to my…

Monday Nonsense

This Monday Gary and I talk about nothing in particular.

The censor dog and Gary's experience in an escape room come up. 

Plus I finally find out what the ghost noise is in Gary's house. Check it out below.

Discount Book Bins

This Friday Gary and I talk about discount book bins and all the great bargains we've had when it comes to purchasing books and memorabilia. 

Take a listen below. 

Video Games and Motion Sickness

Gary and I are back at it on this Wednesday's episode. 

I talk about messing with playing games casually on YouTube and Gary talks about his motion sickness with first person shooters. 

A Place I Visit In My Dreams

I have vivid dreams. I find myself wanting to revisit some of them. There is one where I go to this house that is a conglomeration of all the places I've lived and known throughout my life. My old apartment with my parents' and sister growing up, my grandmother's place, my family upstate and their various houses.

When I'm in this dream, I know it sometime towards the middle or ending. Sometimes I can remember the dream, sometimes I cannot.
All of the times it is basically the same place, from a different point of view. One door opens up to a mountainscape. I don't know how this is, because from entry there are no mountains. There seems to be a bottomless chasm (I just know) before the mountains, but I don't see that, and don't know when the base of the mountains starts, which makes it more eerie.
Then there is the main place, which connects a few different apartments together to form a house-like structure. One side faces an urban-like street, another a more…

Debating Video Game Videos

I enjoy watching others play video games from time to time.

Sometimes I want to see the story play out but don't want to purchase the game.

Sometimes I watch to decide if I want to buy. 

There are times I do nerdy things like watch comparisons of game consoles, or PCs. Graphic cards. 

The evolution of games is an interesting and nostalgic ride. 

There are obviously more qualified gamers to do this. Plus, with a busy life and writing I feel I don't have the time needed to nurture such an endeavor. 

But an occasional session can't hurt. Plus I LOVE horror games 

So maybe, just maybe, if I have some time, I'll play some Call of Duty Zombies and post it to see how it does.

Talk soon. 


Social Media Danger

On this episode. Gary and I talk about tlsocial media and how our cell phones have taken over our lives.

Take a listen below.

Frozen Lament

I sit here frozen, warming the car to go to work. Wishing I could be writing. Well, I guess I am. But you know. 

It's Friday, so there's that. 

Going to be a busy day. I'm going to try and finish off the edits on the Friday YouTube video. Let's see what we can get done. 

Alas, she's as warm as she's going to get. Time for work. 

Talk soon. 


Movies and Shows

This Wednesday, Gary and I talk about movies and TV shows we are watching. And I discuss briefly what I think if Birdbox the novel compared to what I've watched of the movie. 

I'm doing it a bit backwards, but I'll get there, and I'll let you know what I feel as soon as I'm done with both. 

Enjoy the latest episode below. 

Focus, Get Down to Business

Today I'm going to get down to it. There is really no other way. There are so many excuses to fall back on. 

My current ones are feeling sick and work. Legit, sure. But what does that get me? 

I've been out of the game for too long, reading, editing videos for the YouTube channel, writing blogs—well, that one I'll leave alone. 

I can still do all those things, but when it comes time to write I have to take it out and do it. Like during lunch. But it's just so easy to sit back and close my eyes. 

Just think, successful people pushed against restraints. 

Yeah yeah, okay. Let's get to it. Work is starting soon. And I might get a few strange eyes looking at me using my phone as a laptop haha. My little Logitech keyboard and Gear Head mouse, connected via Bluetooth to my Note 9. Sure, the phone is big enough to be used as such, but you know Manhattan... 

Talk soon. 


Find That Point

How do you write this, do you use that sentence there, that grammar, that punctuation. Blah blah blah. It all becomes a cacophony of noise that merges into a steady stream of the harsh grating of metal on metal until your ears ring and then everything comes to a crescendo and... 

Then it all quiets down. Now you look around, you've made it past the waterfall and into the cave beyond. It's nice here. Look, there goes your story. It's just chilling, waiting for you. "Took you long enough," it says, and, "Hurry, we've got some work to do!" 
What do you do now? Well, you should have all that garbage crammed into your head that you need. But guess what, most of it you don't need. 
Sure, the story needs to be coherent. Yes, you need to have a level of skill that creates a piece of work that readers can understand. Does it have to be perfect? No. Should it resonate with others? Well, yes, and if not yet, you'll get there. 
Just get it out. 
The most imp…

Snacks and Cheeses

I was about to start the show when I heard Gary crinkling a bag and munching on something. I asked what he was eating and it went on from there. 

Hope you enjoy this episode. And let us know what you think. What would you like us to review or talk about. We'll look into it and make it into an episode. 

Resident Evil 2 Remake

It's out today in the states and elsewhere. Check out Gary and I talking about Resident Evil 2, the remake and our nostalgia about older video games. Like the hard NES. 

Library Apps and Audio Books

On this midweek show, Gary and I talk about the library app called Libby, ebooks and audio books.

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What We're Working On

In this episode Gary and I talk about what we're working on. 

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Trying and Will Push On

Back again so soon? 

Why, yes. Because I'm having a hard time thinking of certain words. I know Stephen King said to just write everything out and worry about the other stuff later, but the fog is thick. 

Alas, I have decided, as my brain mulls through the word it needs, I will keep my fingers busy with another post. 

The keys lend a (great, searching for a word now, my mind is a mess...) the keys lend a certain comfort to my ears. It makes them think something is happening. 

But it is going to happen... I'm still here and staring down the thoughts. They will give me what I want. Sorry if I sound a bit loony, just trying to work these thoughts out. Will be done soon. 

Oh, wait, there we go. I remembered the word. No I didn't. 


Ah! Figured it out! Thank you blog. Thank you people. Thank you synonym choices on Word. 

OK, talk soon. 


Preparing to Write

There are so many things I want to write. Yet here I am typing on my blog. This isn't a bad thing. It gets the mind primed to get words down. But I get frustrated when I can't think straight. 

Then that saying comes to mind, about how no great work comes from being comfortable. I mean, I'm sure there are instances when this isn't true, but I get what's trying to be said. 

And it's true. Because conflict is experience. And just sitting there not having anything to worry about is boring. Safe, but boring. Right? Well. I'd probably rather be boring and draw on past experiences. But you get the point. 

And this world certainly aids that lifestyle of not having to deal with the outside world, doesn't it? Food marts delivering your groceries to the front door, or Amazon sending you anything you need within a day or two--sometimes within hours. 

And here I am, worrying about writing a few sentences. No YouTube, I will not look at a video. No Twitter, I will not ch…

Setting Trends

Sitting here in the cafe before work, managed to get in a bit early. I got to thinking about trends. People who set them and people who copy others. 

No harm in striving to be like another, I suppose. You can study them, improve what you feel needs improving, and make it your own. 

Remember, though, there are those who make a living off of copying others, and it can get one started, but to really make it one of the ingredients is doing your own thing. 

Be the trend setter, not the follower. And you'll be on the right path. Emulating your favorite author can even bring out your own voice. Eventually. I guess that's where the whole thing about write and write some more. And then write even more comes into play. Read too. Very important. And don't loose focus. 

There will be a lot of road blocks, what defines you is how you get around them.