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Help or Hindrance

Freedom. This is what I'm thinking as I wonder if a blog is truly the mostly only way to go.  I was reading (and it's only the begining of my research), but I was reading some publishing places saying social media isn't necessarily a good thing to sell books or stories.  It is good to have a presence, to communicate with fans or fellow creators, but social media is mostly a waste of time. There are many reasons why. I am going to look into this further, not just jump into the void and all, but at the moment a few big things stick out. For one just the mere fact of wasting time when I should be focusing more on writing. Coupled with work and life, social media is a huge distraction.  Another is with how social platforms are offering paid options to advertise your tweets and posts, it will drown out the organic posts. Actually, it already has.  Again don't get me wrong, it is good to build a community and group of friends, but it is just as equally important to

A Calm Moment

Sitting here on this mild day in New York. Just picked up a Nitro cold brew from Starbucks, no cream this time.  Of course anybody who knows me knows that I don't put sugar in my coffee. The cream makes it, yes. But this Nitro cold brew is so smooth. Watching the foam cascade down into the coffee. The scents. The smells. Deep and rich, slightly chocolaty, yet that robust coffee smell.  Listening to the various noises, the car is switching by, the announcements from the train station and bus stop. The screeching of the train letting off passengers.  The sky is cloudy but still inspiring. Going to go home and clean a little, maybe write, maybe edit some videos. Have some videos of tech channels going, emersing myself in the past. Heck, even the Blogger video player reminds me of those past years. It looks cool, like old Windows media players.  Kids playing. People walking into Starbucks.  It's a calm moment.  WCM 

Disconnect. Imagine. Live.

Ever notice how you could be in a world not of today, thinking back to a time when life was simpler and you enjoyed things with an innocent wonder?  Then you look at some of the people who you've grown up with, actors, YouTube personalities, etc, and they've conformed to things going on in the world.  Yeah, conformity is a good thing, don't get me wrong. Change is healthy. But what made you you (or them then).  A great example, and one most people will probably know what I'm talking about, is Stephen King and how he used to write about 50 pages before getting into the action. Just about everyone I've talked to about a King novel have expressed similar memories--not particularly unfond, either.  That was what made his stories his. To some degree, you expected it when opening one of his books. I haven't read too many recent novels, but of the ones I have, I've noticed this has changed quite a bit.   Now, understanding what's going on in your in

Marchese Chugs

Once again Gary and I are back with another show. This time around I'm talking about one of my favorite YouTubers, Badlands Chugs.  Watching ice-cold drinks dissapear within seconds, from two huge glass boots, leaves me waiting for more.  Check out the show, and then head over to BadlandChugs channel here   And please, if you enjoy our show, like and subscribe. It would mean a great deal.  Thank you.  WCM

Is It Worth It?

I wonder sometimes, when I feel I've lost that fire that keeps me wanting to write, wanting to create. I think back to when things were simple and I sat down and read a book without thinking about it. I enjoyed it. I got the inspiration to do the same. I already had the stories in my head, and now I had some sort of feasible structure to go by--even though it's not as easy as it seams. And I even had a little cafe fantasy (which in decent doses isn't dangerous and can actually help if it motivates).  I still feel this way, but sometimes reading and writing feels different. Not as pure as it used to feel.  I find myself getting caught up in social media, in what is going on in the world, how busy I am and not being able to read as much as I want. I think back to various articles I've read where the author was writing fine, took a creative writing course, or something similar, and then couldn't find that  thing  that got them going in the first place.  I gue

Dracula BBC Netflix Mini Series Review

Gary and I review the mini series Dracula out on BBC and Netflix.  WCM

New Year, New Innovation

It's a bit past a week into the new year, and how many people have already reneged on their resolutions, I'm sure. It's okay, it happens every year. Some have stuck to them. Most of the battle is at least trying. And nowhere does it say you can't get back into them even if you've failed.  I've been messing around, as usual, with different writing techniques. And even though it had been slow at the job during the holidays, with changing schedules and moving around to other locations to cover, I've still been mentally exhausted and haven't had much time to put all the notes I'd made coherently together.  I managed to get a little done, but not enough. Though, anything is good. And I am working off of that at the moment.  But yeah. So I received blue tooth headphones which I'd wanted. I was excited. I love them. Then I talk to someone and remember all my extensive research on certain things so decided to take a look and WHOA! All the old tes