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Finally Friday

It's finally arrived. Hope you haven't been wishing life away. Enjoy this, though. It was a rough week. Then again, that's per perspective, purring like a little kitten when it works out in your favor. But when it doesn't, you see everything askew. Growling. Roaring. Shaking the ground. Just shift. Alt and delete? Only if you want to lock it. But stick around for a bit. It's Friday and you have the weekend ahead of you.   Of course, look at next Monday differently now. Look at it as another day. Opportunity. Life.   Right now think in the moment. If your weekend is work-free (day job free) then this is joyous. If you work on the weekend, then this is just another day. Perhaps it's like a Wednesday for you. Perspective. It’s still the weekend.   The weekends always hold a feeling, regardless. End of the week. Time between. Anticipation for a new week. Get things in order. Rest up.   Of course, you may want some entertainment. May I suggest my YouTube channels? I&

Wishing Your Life Away

Getting there. Inching forward. Every day. But we wish our days away when we wish for the workweek to end. When we wish to get by that obstacle that stands in the way of something more relaxing, something more of what we want to do. Sort of like going through a time machine that ages us, blanking out, thinking of nothing as we dredge through the rough, terrible day to get to the nectar, the good stuff. Is it worth it? Losing your life just to get to a point you think is going to be something more than it possibly will be?   Hey, that something can be great. I don't know. But most of the time it isn't what you thought it to be. Sometimes, like with the holidays, the days leading up to them are the most exciting. Think about that.   You’re mind says, maybe I’ll feel better then. You think about that moment from the point of view of someone who has no ailments, no worries. It’s then you’ll do that thing, or then when things will come together. Meanwhile you’re taking pressure off

Will We Know What Happened?

I wrote something yesterday because I had some extra gas in the tank. I should have taken that and kept roaring, but progress comes incrementally. That can be a saying. But not really. Because progress can come in great leaps and bounds, as well. Depends. Relative. Yada yada. We move on.   I was thinking about the writing "practice" I've been working on and thought it was funny that I'd be figuring this out (if you can call it that) when AI bots are coming out, when artificial intelligence will be able to write blog posts for you, or stories.   But they ain't got no soul. The AI bots I mean. Or do they? Sentient? Perhaps. Or you can use the sludge they produce and edit it for a post or story. Ugh. Still feels skeezy. Or skeevy. Or both. Either word will work. But I think until they get it perfected one will be able to tell if a real person wrote something or not. Or maybe they won't. Maybe everything will encroach us and take over our mind and as we sit there

Writer's Like the Sound of Keystrokes

Okay. Let's put this to the test. More and more, each day, I'm going to try this when I least think it will work and see what takes shape. I think it will work--to some degree at least. This is what I plan to do:   When you have no wish to write, when you have nothing in your head, when you look at the Word icon, folder, blank screen, anything that pertains to writing. It could be your notepad, a pen/pencil. Blood on the wall. Okay. Don't go too far. Well, you need blood. So, if you're writing a long story and feel faint, use that as your guide to slow it down. You need about 60% of your blood--so take it easy.   Anyway. Pick it up, whatever it is. And just start typing anything. I mean anything. Just like anything. See? Anything. And keep typing. And don't stop. If you mess up, retype the correct word, over and over and over until you get it right, or if you don't then just forget it and keep typing. Don't look back, just let ideas come out, thoughts. Even

Practice What I Preach

Hard to make something up when you can't think about anything. Or maybe I don't want to. You me I. What is it? Am I trying to be in general, or is this talking to myself? Am I listening? If I was listening, I'd probably be a success by now. Unless what I'm saying is all garbage. Is what anyone says worth anything? Who knows? To the right person perhaps it is. I mean, think about it. Even words coming from those who have made it don't do anything for most people. You must have that extra thing that they don't disclose. Or have the drive they had when they used their technique. Maybe some have that at the time they put those techniques to the test. Does this even make sense? To some it may. Eh, who cares. Too much thinking on this. Just do it. Don't try to mimic. Just do what you're going to do. Or don't. That's up to you. But give it a try, at least. What do you have to lose? Unless you gave up everything on a whim and are giving yourself like si

Move Forward

Don't know if anything will come out of this session. I've just missed a Saturday, but I'm not worried too much about the weekends. As things pick up, I may have a fire under me to post more. I'm just not feeling creative lately. Only puffs of smoke coming from an engine that hasn't been used in quite a while. I'll have to change the oil and put some gas in there and see what happens. Of course, as is usually the case, I have ideas and want to put them down but make the mistake of not sitting down and putting them into my phone or laptop. So I lose those ideas. Or I remember the ideas but lose the momentum behind the thought of them when they took place. I even had a motivating picture I wanted to take to use for a post, but I didn't do it. This is something I need to correct on my path to creating again. And I'm not just creating to make more content, money, or other reasons. I'm doing it because when I used to create it was fun, it was a release, a


Finally made it. The weather is cloudy, yet warm. I'm tired but I have extra coffee. I had some things to say walking in this morning, but of course, they are all forgotten now. It's okay though. If I remember them later I will see if I write them down.   I did open a very old story I'd created back in 2017 (or saved, one or the other). I wanted to see how bad it was. Haha. But it wasn't half bad. There were a lot of parts that were unclear, but that could be updated. And I'm looking through the new lens of no nonsense if-it's-bad-it's-bad spectacles. I originally wanted to see if there were any old ideas I could glean. What a word, huh. I meant spectacles, not glean.   So maybe I'll tinker with that later. As I ring the bell of summer, starting the weekend with glitter and glam. That's a sham. Hmm. Just wanted to rhyme a bit.   I did take a picture coming in, so I'll throw it up at the top. A local restaurant/bar place.   Remember, if you're


Today. Thursday. What to write what to write. Well. What we think about when we're alone. When the lights are out, or the sun goes down. Sounds like a song. But these moments are, or could be, the scariest moments because we are left alone with ourselves. We see the rest of our life splayed out before us, but we can't see it clear. It's there. Blurry perhaps. The moments and events are just at the tip of our tongue, like a lost name or word we're thinking of but can't quite get it out. It looks like a roadmap. Then it disappears. Then it comes back. It's there, like your thoughts, like your memories, just out in front of you. And there is a feeling. Like a knowing. Some can see this clearer, perhaps. And some don't see it at all. But they feel it. It's there. And they know something is there. Maybe they don't accept it or ignore it. Because acknowledging it can be maddening. As is creating things.   Maddening.   To do this or not. If you don't so

Maybe One Day...

I am challenging myself to write something from my mind every day. It may be on the front end, or may be covered up with soil and buried, but the tips should be showing. These tips will give you an idea, but nothing more. It may spark a thought in your mind. Or you may be on my wavelength and understand what I'm trying to convey. Maybe you piece/string together other things I've said prior and build a bigger picture. Maybe you think you have strung something together but it's all just random nonsense trying to merge together like in those merge games on your mobile device.   Whatever the case may be, hopefully it gets you to think. Hopefully it gets you coming back to see what I think next. Not that I'm important like that, but our thoughts are here, our ideas, our merging of pondering is interesting. Maybe? Perhaps? Who knows?   But if you don't mind, maybe check out the ads on this blog while you're here. For some reason Google monetized my blog and not my You

Plugged In Wirelessly

Ok, so I've skipped a few days. Been a rough few days. But I've been thinking about things, ways to get things done. Opened my video editor and messed with it a bit. Then that wall came and bam. But it's an excuse. It's not there. Even though it feels real. There never really is a wall/obstacle. It's just what you let keep you back. There are always ways to overcome things in your way, or work to deal with them as best as possible. This probably should have been a Monday post. But it's Tuesday. Better late than never, as the saying goes. Cliché? Sure. So what?   The fact of the matter is you should be doing what you need to do but you're not because social media has its clamps on you and is holding you down, holding you to the ground, or bed, or couch or wherever. Sometimes it lurks on public transportation and reaches out when you least expect it. Maybe you miss a stop, or maybe you miss out on life around you. Look up at the world, not at a screen. And not

It's Friday!

Like the song, but not. Time to wind down the week and wind up the weekend. Get started. Push into those two days that, for most, give respite from the week past. Curl up, read a book, or binge watch an entire series. Get bitten by a radioactive spider and stick to the wall while you watch your favorite show. You need a snack? Make sure you're in aiming distance of the kitchen and reach out, bend your upside-down hand and press the meaty part of your palm with your index finger. Now pull your favorite snack or beverage to you. Might have to open the fridge door, first. But that's ok.   The weather's fine, or it could be course, depending on where you live. But you're indoors. Rest. Relax. Get ready for two days that are gone in the blink of an eye. Almost faster than a writing session. In the moment, giving it all you got, focused. And then you open your eyes, look around, and it's Sunday evening. You feel the cold beads of sweat forming from the pores of your brow.

Thursday Thoughts and Theories

It's Thursday. And life has moved on another day. Thank God. Because I'm writing this, and if you're reading this it means you're still alive. Yes. Life is moving in a progression to an end. Until we figure out more profoundly how time may be a thing itself and that we must know how to use it, to manipulate it, to go back and relive moments, or help ourselves and humanity from going on the wrong path. Just theories. Who knows how it is in the end? You gotta have faith. And sleep.   Woke up very tired this morning. Half in a dream. Those are the worst to come out of and into a morning of getting ready for work. Terrible. I want to go back into the dream. It was real at that moment. Which makes me think of that theory that what if dreams are reality and life is but a dream, sweetheart. Hello Hello again... Um. Wait. Of course, there is also lucid dreaming. Some have practiced this. Pretty much being always awake, working on things, living a double life. Sounds interesting

Wednesday Thoughts

What to say today? I don't know. But it's cold out there and smelling some firewood would be nice right about now. I've been writing, but who cares? Right? No, WRITE! It's nice while it's happening, the writing, though I can't seem to shake the heebie jeebies. But almost as comical as another Billy in the 1920s. Research is key, but not necessary. It's fiction. C'mon! Seriously now. It's cold outside. Baby. But don't put me in the corner. Okay. So maybe not too seriously.   I'm thinking about later, but not too hard. Don't want to wish the days away. Work has been a bit taxing these days, almost to rival the government. Which reminds me. I have to do my taxes, too. So many things to remember. But they will get done. Just as writing will. And I'm Will. And this has been another post.   WCM

Bomb Cyclone? Give Me a Break

Or just break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar. But the one from Europe. I've heard it tastes better. Frosty fright, can't sleep at night, eat late and you just might... Well, give yourself something to digest in the morning.  Overtime kills, but money thrills. Especially when you don't have enough of it. So suck it up Jack and get out there. Jump into the flow and get that dough. Even if it evaporates in your hand as you watch it being placed within fingers that curl and try to hold for as long as they can.  Then stop. Take a deep breath. And watch the swirls of snow blow all about. Oh, and swallow. Because you just took a bit of that chocolate, remember? WCM