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Inspiration Comes From Everywhere

Driving through some backroads, I got a feeling. It was good. It's a feeling that doesn't come too often lately, maybe because I'm very busy? But it felt really good again. I saw a house coming up from the road up the hill. It gave me a thought. What's in there? What has happened around here? And then my imagination burst.  Inspiration comes from everywhere, and I love the inspiration I get from upstate. Don't get me wrong, the city has its own inspiration. But up further up w here the trees take over the buildings, special things happen. I reached for my ice machiato with the extra turbo shot and swirled it around, thinking of what I would write later on.  WCM 

Everything Equals Up To Something

Sometimes I'm loathe to work on a project I feel won't amount to much.  I get scared that I'm wasting my time.  When I look back and see that the work I put in initially led me in a direction on the path that I took for the final project, I realize that the initial thought process had to happen, to some degree, to get to the final outcome.  I totally get that some of us aren't lucky enough to have loads of time, we have day jobs and other matters to take care of. We have bill to pay. And the most important thing, our families.  Thinking about this, though. I do feel that even what seems like a waste of time can be useful. Even just a little blog post.  WCM 

Fears and Phobias

What are your fears and phobias? Gabby and I talked about that on this Friday's episode. WCM 


On this episode, Gary and I talk about our Vices. Enjoy!  WCM

Positivity Negativity

Gary and I talk about being positive, and how sometimes too much may not be a good thing.  Check out the video to hear our thoughts.  WCM

Blended Melded

Some artists throw pain at a blank canvas, literally. Sometimes you may find something worthwhile. You can aways see something to interpret. Isn't that what art is about? Yeah. There are times when it can go too far, and art is for the most part, subjective. Unless a specific message is trying to break through. Of course, even then it can mean something different to someone else. And, of course, at the end of the day, even my opinion is up for interpretation.  No one is totally right, no one is totally wrong. Art is art.  Our brains fire off thoughts and feelings fast, perspectives change, views alter, outside influences, well, influence.  Things stick, drip, fade away. We tweak, smear, alter. The vision sharpens. We have clarity. WCM

Fun Show Promo

Here's a pretty cool and fun promo I made up last night. It was more fun being I had no immediate deadline to have it out.  It's amazing when I think of how much I do all of these things from my phone.   Either way, here it is. Enjoy.  WCM

Keeping Your Cool

This Friday on the show Gary and I talked about keeping your cool when not so great things happen. You can hear that episode here. Life is full of these occurrences, it all depends on how you stay chill and calm yourself down that makes the difference. There were many things you can do. A hobby is one. Some relax by watching a movie or their favorite TV show. Others go out to a nice dinner with their loved ones. Whatever you do, just know not to take life so seriously. In the end it can bite you. And don't forget it can also burn you out. So if you like to create, it may be a wise thing to blow some steam off every once in a while. WCM

Exploiting Disasters

Gary and I come together to talk about something that came to me in the wake of all the terrible things going on in the world as of late. I'm not saying they shouldn't be discussed, but what gets me is when people try to capitalize on these events. Gary had the same idea, so we said let's talk about it. Enjoy this Wednesday's episode below. And if you wish to discuss  please do so on YouTube, here, or on Twitter.  WCM 

Is Reading A Chore?

I used to look at my reading as a wonderful time to slip into another world and get lost in a story. Listen to Gary and I talk about this on the Monday show here.  I have more thoughts on this.  Sometimes it would be wonderful, sometimes not so great, but I always loved loosing myself in a great story where the special effects and imagination were endless.  Starting to write seriously, I began reading magazines and sites that said reading was one of the more important things to do if you are serious about writing.  Then when I looked to my reading, I got this feeling. A feeling of being forced, almost. And it became somewhat of a chore.  Now don't get me wrong. I still enjoy reading. But there are times when I feel I am forcing myself because of all those articles.  It's like watching horror movies because you feel you have to comment on them. It looses the fun and raw enjoyment because now I feel I am looking for things I should know. Little parts that I should un

Do You Believe In Ghosts part 1 and 2

This Wednesday and Friday Gary and I talked about ghosts and if we believe.  You're welcome to post your views on the subject below, or on the YouTube channel.  Here are the two episodes from Wednesday and Friday.  Enjoy.  WCM 

To Know or Not

This Monday Gary and Will talk about worrying about submissions constantly after they have been sent out. There are websites that you can use to do this, but are they more harm than useful? We delve into this question on the show. Please click below.  And if you like what you hear, please like And subscribe. Also please share. We can only grow if others are listening.  Thank you. WCM 

Been So Crazy

It's been so crazy. Trying to get writing done with a full-time job is insane. Sometimes you get lucky, and your job isn't as demanding as others. But today, almost all jobs require attention outside of the work hours. Luckily I have never accepted anything that would have me working outside of hours. Mostly because it really doesn't pay off in the end with the meager amount extra I would be getting. But don't get me wrong, my job is still very draining at times. Especially at certain times of the year when things are busier. To get into another world and create something that doesn't exist is very hard and itself. Add to that things that need to be taken care of in life everyday. And then the most important family. It's very hard. Add on top of that issues on the net and with people you thought were allies. But you must focus on the goal. These things will destroy you if you let them. And with all the things going on in the news and around the world, it

The Bird Box Challenge

Even though I think it's rediculous to do this as a challenge, and needless to say very dangerous, given the circumstances, I believe I would be able to step to the plate. It would be a matter of driving very slow and being careful, if the situation came about like in the book/movie. But other than that, don't do this challenge.  Gary and I talk about this on today's installment of the show.  Enjoy. 

The Momo Challenge

On this episode Gary and I talk about the Momo challenge and the danger it posses as it goes around the internet. I've heard since it coming out on the news, the artist who created the sculpting, titled Mother Bird, has since destroyed it.  Here is the warning abiut it, but Google the title and you'll find a lot more information.  WCM Check out the show below. 

Create Your Own Content

This Monday, Gary and I talk about creating your own content and how to using your own assets and being creative can help. You don't want to be the one copying over others, but the one being copied. Hope you enjoy the show.  Let me know what you think in the comments section.  And please, like, share and subscribe. It's so important. Thank you.  WCM

Speech to Text

This Friday, Gary and I talk about Speech to Text and how it can help you write better, our experiences with it, and how, together with reading aloud, can polish your words to a gleeming shine. Have a listen below. And let us know what you think about the show.  Please like and subscribe.  Thank you. WCM