My Surface Pro 2

Recently my desktop crashed--be it an update that did it, or it was just the PCs time. So I had to pick up a new one. And my wife wanted one, as well.
For the holidays one year, I had got her a Surface Pro 2. She never really liked the size. So on another occasion I bought her the desktop dock. It turned it into a desktop well enough, but she never really liked it.

So when I gave her the full PC, she said I could have the Surface.

I quickly redid Windows to factory and began the fun journey every geek loves, adding all my apps and documents to a new device. This task was unbelievably easy due to the cloud.

I've using the Surface Pro 2 and it's wonderful. I still love my Lenovo Yoga 2 (which is sitting on my night table, probably jealous) but this device--as I'm sure is the case with the newer Surface devices--is so choice.

It's a tablet when you pull off the keyboard, which sticks to it by magnets. The charger is also magnetic, which is something I prefer, in case someone walks by and pulls the cord free (the whole device won't go flying.)

There is also a stand on the back that can adjust. My Pro 2 has two levels of standing, but the new ones can do quite a few more.

Its quick booting up and--at least on the Pro 2--the keyboard has a magnet that puts the PC to sleep upon closing.

The keyboard itself feels pretty nice; the newer models follow the more mainstream laptop offerings now.

The program I use to make billboards and thumbnails on my phone is on there too, and I can use my phone's pen because the Surface Pro 2 utilizes Wacom technology. The newer devices use a tech called N-Trig. Oh, and the original pen it came with was lost lol.

There are many different models now, even a dumbed down version that isn't a hit on the bank account.

All in all I am in love with this device as its easy on easy off, jump on some writing or art project is so ideal for anywhere, home or on the go.



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