Just Around the Corner

Yesterday I went to Michael's and exactly what I was waiting for happened. 

I saw Halloween items. 

A week or two it was only fall placards and pumpkins and such. This time I found actual Halloween products. 

And even some Christmas and holiday decorations down another isle. 

It's a strange phenomenon, but I enjoy the consistency of it. We are getting ready for the next seasons. 

Mind you, I do understand it's also marketing. They want to get the next season planted inside your mind, so when it comes time you're ready. 

Some people, like myself sometimes, purchase next seasons products for fun. Usually cheap things like the dollar jack-o-lantern I bought the other day. 
Or, for instance. I love candy corn. In my older age I cannot have as many as I used to, but a handful here and there--closing my eyes and thinking about the taste bringing me back to my childhoo--is a wonderful experience. 

Of course, now I try to get the healthier version from Whole Foods, without the dyes and such. But once in a while a bag of Brach's can't hurt. 

Either way, it was good seeing these familiar decorations and that familiar feeling I used to get as a child of knowing
the Autumn was just around the corner. 



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