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Never more a fitting name for attempting to get something done. 

And then there's NYC... 

Hustle about sums it up. 

I'm rushing into work today, no blog post done, now writing this off the cuff, and there's traffic, and the garage are dopes and elongate a process that should take no more than a minute. 

I sometimes wonder if there is some malevolent force that is preventing me from writing. 

That's honestly how it feels sometimes. 

So I guess this Friday, what do you feel? 

Do you feel there is some force that is trying to keep you from your craft? Or do I just need to relax? 

Let me know in the comments, or on Twitter here: Twitter

See you there. 


Do You

You read your favorite author and think I can do that. You marvel over how wonderful their choice of words is. You can't believe how well their hook, or twist, was pulled off in their latest book. 
You look up their other work and find they have a book on writing. 

Okay, stop there. 

It's fine to read about how many different artists do their thing, but you should be taking that wisdom and building your own plan of action, testing them on your own, to see what works for you. 

Because you are you and those writers are their own person. Even the greats have their favorites, but I'm sure they've blazed their own path and made themselves their own brand. 

I can't explain how it happens, or what exactly it is, but there is a point where you put things together and realize something. You find that special thing that resonates in yourself and you put it into your work. Now your work is yours, only you can write it. 

Then you make a book about writing and fans of yours who want …

Cocky or Confident

Thinking about things, as I usually do, often, I found myself pondering about being cocky or confident--or even overconfident. What is the difference?

There is a lot of difference. Cocky is to be conceited or arrogant, especially in a bold or impudent way. Overconfident is a synonym in that definition, so I guess we can rope those two together.
But confidence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities--according to Google, or whatever dictionary they use.
So think about that. 

Cocky means one may or may not even have the talent they boast of, the tools they speak of, they are so sure of themselves they come off as experts, yet their self-story may or may not be flawed. But confident individuals know what they are capable of, the tools are there and they know it, they know their limitations and up to what point they can go. They are experts of what they know, and probably won't mention or comment on something if they are…


At what point do you stop giving away the secrets? That is, of course, you are giving them out in the first place. Your secrets. Well, there are secrets that some will never understand even if you broke it down for them, they are your own. You can put out a book titled On Writing and give away every single detail and it will never be taken and used to undermine what you’re doing. Some can study up on it, and come out with copies, but you are you and no one can tell what your next move is. Or can they? Sounds like a story. You see, you have learned and taken bits and pieces from different articles and books and pieced them together to suit how you write. And only you apply those learnings in your own unique way to what you want to create. I say you can learn something from everything; you read it and extract the points that make sense to your soul. Of course, don't pass by points that are universal--tidbits that could save you from wasting your time in the bigger picture. There will be a…

Double Think

Similar to the story that made double talk famous, double think is what I might title the event writers go through almost all the time throughout the day.

As I do mundane things throughout the day, think mundane thoughts, I come upon random memories. Many things pass through my mind. Sometimes I run over events that happened to me during the day, or even the day/week/month before--sometimes even years ago.
I find that when I'm thinking about this my imagination runs wild. I think of different scenarios--not necessarily my own--that spawn a full scene. 

It could be something as innocent as the ice cream I had a month ago at Friendly's, but then other things are added via my imagination and the rest is madness. Or not. 
I guess this is how stories come about, but although, for the most part, it's welcome,  sometimes it's not a smooth experience. Intruding, at times. 

I have come to realize what is happening, but it's come to the point where these side thoughts happen qui…

Writing Exercises Help

A writer friend and I are doing writing exercises as a way to keep ourselves sharp and in an attempt to keep the spirit up.
Just like I do with this blog, I try to write something to keep it fresh so I don't put it aside and forget about it for a long period of time. The blog has morphed into something a little different, where I write what I'm thinking if it's strong enough for me to share. Sometimes I just express ideas and thoughts. I don't create a fanfare for some of these posts, as they are just small editions, tiny updates or random things that may not deserve that. Filler for those who may want to read my thoughts to go back and (hopefully) enjoy while I think of the big one on Friday. To get back to the main reason for this post: the exercises. I feel it is helping me because I can hone my skills, and maybe even recycle parts from the little stories created. Gary and I give each other a prompt, and then we write a scene. 500 words he set. I've come up so far …

Kindle Mobile App Update

The Kindle mobile app is getting an update. This is mostly for Android running 7 and up. 

iOS users have already seen this update, though the split screen feature is only for certain iPad models--probably the latest ones. 

Android has had this split-screen feature now on their phones for a bit, and Samsung (which had this feature even before Google put it out) Note phones had it forever until it came to the S line. 

Amazon is adding notifications to the Kindle app. I've had this on mine for a bit, so don't know if this will be a new-and-improved notification system, but could be nice if you're favorite author puts out new work you may want to read, or if there is a flash sale you may want to jump on. 

I purchased a Joe Hill book this way one time, so it could be useful. 

Who is excited for this split-screen feature, or the notifications? 

Do you have them already on your device? 

I do feel it can be useful to look up info while reading, but you can sort of do that already by usin…


Quick post to update what's going on. 

I'm working with a buddy writer of mine on some writing exercises. Thought it would be a good idea to keep each other sharp, and weed out our weaknesses and see our strengths. 

Going pretty well so far. I've been working on that, and a short story I want to have finished soon. 

I also want to start on my novel to send out, hopefully, this fall, or winter. 

Lot's to do, and no time. 

Work has been crazy. Interns everywhere means questions and questions mean all of my attention is at work. 

Although, I can take a note here and there. And lunch, which is where I am now, can get a few ideas out. 

I'm also reading a lot more, or trying. 

I started an audio book by Stephen King called Doctor Sleep. Enjoying it so far. I listen while I'm driving, instead of listening to podcasts. It's a pretty good way to get extra reading in, which is such and important part of being a writer. I really see what some feel about reading often. 

Until n…

Placebo Effect

I heard a news report where they gave a set group of people a new drug, and then another set a placebo--a pill that is either nothing, or a sugar pill. 

Most of the time the placebo results come very close to the drug results, but if there is a tiny bit more of a percentage, I guess that proves the case for that drug. 
But that's another story. 
This one is about the power of your mind. 
Just think; the same way that a placebo somehow worked on the set of people given it and not the actual medication, you can use your mind to do anything you want. 
There are so many methods to deploy. You have to be positive, believe in yourself. We can do this, it's all about staying focused. Don't listen to negativity. 
In the end, those who have stuck it out will achieve their goal. But positive affirmation doesn't hurt. Use your mind to make you believe. 
Now get out there and do your thing! 

Relax, There's Time

I'm thinking about a time when I devised plans of attack for my stories. It was as though I found a time warp and froze the moment. Sure things were going on around me, but I paid them no mind.

I looked at other work, thought about what could be done to improve it, and thought some more. 

Fast forward to my older years and I find I'm frantically trying to catch up to something that never ran ahead in the first place. 

Worrying what this one or that one would think, mostly imaginary characters I've made up in my head based on all critics, I would water down my stories until they were cardboard. Dull and tasteless. 

No more. 

Cut all the outside our--at least that which is having a negative effect on you. 

See most of the boundaries we face are in our head. And it is very possible to do this, it just takes time, trial and error. 


So get to it and don't rush. Look, over there! 

It's right up ahead, perhaps hiding in the trees. Do you see it? It's waiting, maybe …

Practice What You Preach

I'm sitting here before my computer screen and thinking about my Friday post--about being halfway through and to keep going until the end. 

There are other times I can go back to the beginning, but get through it, jump over the part that's giving you trouble--but first highlight. 

It's interesting how even when you know what has to be done, it's still possible not to do what you know should be done. I'm going to force it. Forcing myself over the parts that stick will be hard. But I really do feel in the long run I'll be better off. 

Even those who give the advise may find there are times when it is hard to follow. 

I'm going to put an end to that right now. 

I'm going to practice what I preach. 

Lets go. 


Halfway There

It may be scary to pick up a story from where you left off, maybe edited halfway, feeling everything is going perfect, but if you edit just a few more paragraphs you'll screw everything up.

I have these fears quite often, and I have to do something about them otherwise things won't get done.
I freeze up, then say I'll put it off for next time. But when next time comes I put it off, that YouTube video is so much easier to watch. 

I'm tired. 

I have to check my social media. 


So what I'm planing is to read the whole story through. Just push on through and get the entire story back into my mind. 

If there is a part I get stuck on, I'm going to push past it and keep editing until I get to the end. 

Maybe I'll highlight the part where I was stuck, or for a sentence that doesn't sound right. 

I'll then go back to it later, after I've gone through the entire story. Now it's fresh in my mind. I know where it's going. I know what needs to be done w…

Underlying Themes

What is an underlying theme, I ask myself. This is part of the key to how I will stand out. 

Is it called theme, or is there another name for it? It's sort of like a story that plays out throughout an arc of the overall body of an artists work. You know who that artist is when you see this. 
Sometimes it's planned, sometimes you can run with it. 
Examples: The metal band Korn is a good example where it's laid out almost in plain sight--well, if you relate to them, I guess.
They use stories and mental visuals of sexual exploitation on the bands lead singer, Jonathan Davis, as a theme that comes up many times over just about all of their albums. This is a true thing that happened to him, though some say it's not exactly as he says. But something definitely did happen. He took that and used it to draw upon creatively. There are other examples with this particular band, but that is the most prominent. 
It's sort of like when you hear the saying, use your experience--good o…

Blogging Saves Lives

Never did I think I'd ever be doing something like a blog. I never thought I'd be down to post my thoughts for the world to potentially see.

I wanted some sort of a reason, like some write about tech, some about video games. But to give enough news about those subjects you'd need more than just one person, and there would be many posts a day. 

Well, you could have your average tech fan who writes an article here and there--similar to what I'd probably do when the feelings arise. I love tech, but have so much going on it would be a lot. Though, I used to really keep up with it, and video games. 

Then you can have the person who is successful at, lets say, writing. They put out a blog to fans, but this consists of their personal life--because the fans may care about that sort of thing. 

You can have the blogger who shares their daily experiences of what they go through on their path to becoming what they want. Writer, artist, musician etc. 

I guess that's the slot I fall …

A Quick Bout

A quick bout of feeling blue. Tomorrow I should be okay. Sleeping it off makes things better. 

As I've ventured this subject before, things can get pretty overwhelming. There are so many writers out there, so many pieces being put up on sites and in anthologies and magazines and e-zines. Then there are the traditional publishers, where your game has to be pretty solid. 

But there are bright sides here. We are the best versions of ourselves. We have what it takes to make it. Our stories are unique. Of course there is hard work that has to be added in this equation, but I'm starting to think remember what this is about. 

See, this blog helps me in more ways than one. 

Sometimes if you tell someone something, you solidify it in your mind. It's a mental technique. 

You know what has to be done and what you're capable of. When you tell someone else, or say it out loud, you remind yourself of your goal and the magic is renewed. 


Restrained Feeling

Sometimes it's easy to feel restrained,especially when I work the day job and find no time to work on any of my projects.

Sometimes the only writing I get done are the blog posts. And that's good. I look at it as many things, but one major thing the posts do for me is keep my writing brain active.

But there are times when it can feel overwhelming. I jget home and I'm so tired all I'm thinking about is eating and sleep. And eating seems like too much some nights.

This feeling is a reality by most writers, though. I've read countless articles about how writers cope with this. 

Just writing this--running around getting changed to start work--is making me feel better.

I can't say it enough, but my phone, with Word on it, is one of my best friends. I can sneak some words here and there--like I'm doing now. And get ideas out onto a document I can easily open later when behind a conouter--if I don't pass out from exhaustion first. 

A lot of the things I do, like art…

Just Around the Corner

Yesterday I went to Michael's and exactly what I was waiting for happened. 

I saw Halloween items. 

A week or two it was only fall placards and pumpkins and such. This time I found actual Halloween products. 

And even some Christmas and holiday decorations down another isle. 

It's a strange phenomenon, but I enjoy the consistency of it. We are getting ready for the next seasons. 

Mind you, I do understand it's also marketing. They want to get the next season planted inside your mind, so when it comes time you're ready. 

Some people, like myself sometimes, purchase next seasons products for fun. Usually cheap things like the dollar jack-o-lantern I bought the other day. 
Or, for instance. I love candy corn. In my older age I cannot have as many as I used to, but a handful here and there--closing my eyes and thinking about the taste bringing me back to my childhoo--is a wonderful experience. 

Of course, now I try to get the healthier version from Whole Foods, without the dyes an…

You Are Better Off than you think

You can always find things that are wrong, but really look at your life. Stop. And just look. You have it better than you think. 
There are people in this world who have to worry about where their next meal is coming from. 

Yes, there are situations that have to be overcome. Sometimes you need to work certain jobs to survive. But you have that opportunity. You have all your limbs. 

And if you don't have all these things, and are still creating and doing your thing, kudos to you! 

I respect you greatly. 

This post is for you. 

When I feel I can't go on, I think of those who really can't. 

I think of Stephen Hawking. 

First of all, he overcame the odds. According to doctors he should have been passed on long before he did. He survived the odds. 

This was a man who had no way to move, to speak. He could barely twitch a cheek to set off a sensor in his glasses to type to speak. He has an electronic wheelchair. 

point is this man overcame it all. 

He had help from someone who would watch …

Hours of Work for Minutes of Joy

I was at the supermarket when my little one started acting up. She wanted to know how we made money, because parents were supposed to just give it to kids for toys--lol. 

I, of course, go into the speach of how you have to work for the things you get in life, for money to live, for toys, and how much work goes into the things that bring small amounts of fun when compared to how much work was put into them. 

Like books. How the author has to think up and write the story, and the illustrator has to create the pictures, and the publisher has to put everything together, among other things. 

I hope it made her realize a little that all that gives quick fun is not always easy. There is work that goes into it. 

Writing the story, reading it over and over and editing it to get everything bad out, to make the sentences flow, the hours, days, months, and sometimes even YEARS, that go into the story just so someone can consume it in a day to a week. 

But it's worth it, in the end. 

This was inspir…

Changing Seasons

It's the middle of summer, but I'm looking forward to the fall. 
I love that feeling of the weather changing over. The chill in the air slowly forming. The wonderful breeze that feels full and alive. 

The trees start to turn colors and the supermarkets start to carry carving pumpkins. That's when you know the consensus has given over to the change of the seasons, reluctantly give up the warmth and humid odor of the summer which, similar to a dying star, has spent the last of it's energy before totally blowing off between the brittle branches. 

I'm one of those people who go to the supermarkets and other places to see when they start putting up the seasonal merchandise. 

Back To School sales, then after Memorial day the Halloween candy makes it's appearance and builds up to around sometime in mid-September where the pumpkins come out. 

After that, Thanksgiving decorations and fall things. Food advertisements. The turkeys have to be careful. 

Sometime after that it'…