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Uncharted Movie Review

I wanted to go into this movie with the expectations of it sucking. This was far from the case. I felt worried maybe it would be one of those Hollywood goof-ups that get things totally wrong when porting a game or novel over to the silver screen. But the writers for the Uncharted adaptation did a pretty darn good job. Everything from a cameo of the voice actor for Nathan Drake in the game (Nolan North), to the theme music popping up here and there (though you have to wait until the cameo and then end credits). Still. It brought that feeling when it happened. You know, that feeling. There were memorable scenes--like the airplane cargo hold scene--which really stood out. Moments where Nate jumps, or looks back, encapsulated a moment when the vision was locked in time with the game. And I have to say, Donny Walberg as Sully wasn't too bad. I like that he kept calling Nathan Kid, like in the game.   The movie is mostly a frame story, as they've done in the game Uncharted 2 Among T

Whew What a Post

OK. So after that weird last post. What was that about? Well, it was my thoughts. A different look at them, at least. That's what's going through my mind about a million miles per hour, at times. It's not fun and it can be triggered (there's a modern word for ya) at any moment when I reminisce on things. And the thing is, once it changes something inside, it's kinda hard to change that feeling back to the positive side.   Sometimes.   Then comes the OCD to the rescue. A few rituals and things are right back to where they were. A vicious circle, for sure.   I think if I were creating, I'd be entrenched in that stuff enough not to worried about having wasted time all these years. But the key is, the important thing is, to be doing something. At least then I might fool my mind into thinking I was not just sitting there all that time. Anything. Ok, that sounds depressing.   But alas, here I am. Typing this as I take a break from my work, just before going to lunch w

Tomorrow's Feelings Inside

I keep looking at YouTube videos from old and new times. I look up what happened to some of those old YouTubers. I get emotional. A feeling a surge goes through me. A feeling to do something. To create. But then it's tamped down by another feeling. This one causes a feeling inside I can only explain as a fullness. A light that glows like a smoldering ember--but not one that is about to catch fire--one that is dimming.   I panic. I blow on that ember, perhaps to get it going once again. But something inside knows it's going out. I can make new embers. I can create stuff. But then I think of my writing. Those novels I've been "working on" for all these years. I'd get to it, sure, when the "time was right." It just wasn't quite right at that moment, you know? The idea is there, I just need to be in the "perfect moment". And I remember those times, and I know those feelings are happening again as I watch the screen. I sit there and zone out

Watch the Cliff

 Too many people want to jump off the cliff and build their wings on the way down. That's fine but hold on there, bucko--and bucket. Don't get too far ahead of yourself. There must be a few fundamentals in place before-hand. I mean come on. Because then you'll have a whole bunch of blood and gore at the bottom of that mountain.   Sure. I think the saying is cool and jumping into something and figuring it out along the way is best, sometimes. But there may come a point when (usually just when your feet leave the solid ground) that you realize you messed up, wishing this was a Loony Toons cartoon as you arc down, about to make a puff of smoke in the arid soil below.   Eh, do I even know what I'm talking about? Maybe in my head. But I guess my point is, sure, go ahead and jump. But have a basic understanding of how you might build those wings on the way down and not just barge ahead like you are a WWE (I liked WWF better) wrestler and it's Saturday Night's Main Eve

Head in the Cloud

 My thoughts for today, right now, this very second are that back in the old days writers used pencil and paper. Then they moved on to typewriters. Ok, so before that they used other means, but let's get modern, huh? So today, they just save stuff to the cloud, save this save that. They being writers, of course.   Sure. But I can't always do that. Especially because most of the time when I'm writing down an idea, or scene, I'm at work, during a bit of a down time. Piecing something together that makes absolutely no sense later when I look at it. But... That's if I CAN FIND IT!   Yup. I said it. Word sometimes sucks. I can't find files that I had open. I mean, I'll give them a bit of the benefit of the doubt. It might be when my job shuts down the virtual desktop that causes the Word program to lose the file. Sometimes it's there, and sometimes...   But either way. I have access to a printer. I can print these up and look at them later. And while I'm