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Labor Day Weekend

So it's a three day weekend for most of us and there are so many things to do. But you must remember, if you have the goal of being a professional writer, you have to find time to fit in writing, too.  I keep reminding myself of this over and over.   There are so many ways to write. Computer, pen and paper, phone (pretty much all smartphones have word processing apps), and voice recorders. That last one you can use on smartphones, as well. So there is no excuse--even if you can't actually write and create--not to jot an idea down, or a scene that pops into your head. Maybe edit prose, or a blog entry you were working on. Then, when you have time, you can do the creating and stuff. Another thing I realize is no one is going to say, "hey, you need some time to write? Okay, here you go." You have to make the time. Only you know what you're really doing for your ultimate goal of best selling author. So enjoy this weekend, and this post, and lets


This past weekend was fairly productive, though I find myself wishing for more time. It makes me realize how much time I've wasted in the past. With work and personal responsibility, I have found it is very hard to find time. As I'm writing part of this, I'm sitting in my car in a parking lot waiting for my glasses to be repaired. (Dropped them, concrete, sad story--luckily I had insurance on them). The point is, I'm not giving up. About two months ago, I got up (figuratively) and said, I'm not going to procrastinate any longer; and ever since then I've just been going for it. Every chance I get I write, whether it be an idea, or a scene, or something that comes to me while at work. And when I am in a spot where I can't create, or need to concentrate in order to get into a character, or scene, i'll simply edit what I have. Another thing I've found--which I sort of always knew but was always sort of afraid to do--was simply the act of


So it's Friday and I'm looking forward to a weekend of writing. I'm working faster than ever on my book now, and have been listening to some great podcasts on the craft. I think motivation is a mix of continuous learning (subliminal bombardment) and reading--something I have to admittedly do more of. I know this blog won't be seen in the beginning of its life, but eventually I have high hopes it will. That is another thing I've read, that online presence is a must in this day and age, especially if you want to reach a wider targeted audience. I'm writing this on my phone, so I'll give it a rest for now, but if anyone reads this and wants to sound off in the comments, be my guest.  If you're on the path to writing, too, or just have a question maybe we can work it out together.  Until next time.  Keep writing  WCM 


I'm back. New to this. I have gone through a few stages and now started picking myself back up to write more focused. I am going to post more, and maybe we can get more people to comment. And maybe people can help me out with finding appropriate blogs/communities for writing--especially, but not limited to, horror.  Keep writing. WCM