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Weigh Loss Update April 21st

Down to 285.2  For a bit I had gone up to 288, but that is normal. Some call it plateauing. It's why some go off of diets. Because they see they've hit a wall and quit. But usually you keep going for another few days, or week, and you'll move past that wall.  Other factors can slow down your weigh loss number, too. Like if you lift weights. Lean muscle weighs more than fat. Though, it helps to burn it, as well.  So don't be discouraged. Go by how you look and feel.  And of course, here's proof from my scale app.  Let's keep doing this!  Oh, and I've cut my coffee down to one cup a day. Ugh, the feeling going through this. Especially when you're like me and are used to drinking multiple cups a day.  Pop a pain killer and wait it out. That's if you're cutting back, or quitting, coffee.  I love coffee. I don't think I'll ever fully quit it. But I was drinking way too much.  I'll talk soon.  WCM

Weight Loss Update

Haven't talked about my weight loss for quite a bit. I believe the last time I had, it was before the whole pandemic happened. During that time I went off the path. Not by much, but by enough.  I thought this was a good entry. A little cring, but it helps to get it off my mind, and it just might help someone else who happens to read this to get motivated.  I had not gone back up to my old weight during the pandemic, but I did not continue to loose. And I had gained weight. Too much eating and not enough exercise. In fact, the episode I'm working on for YouTube has Gary and I talking about food and what we like, and things we've eaten during the pandemic. It's older footage I had saved incase we couldn't film, to use if I didn't have anything to work on. And look what happened: I haven't put something up since January, or so. This was more or less from last fall, or coming into it. But it shows what was up around the begining of the virus, just before we were

GTA Coming to Switch?

  I'm going to throw this out there. I've tried looking for any news about it and have hit walls of conjecture. These opinions were mostly on YouTube.  The company of the game, Rockstar, has Bully on the Switch currently. So one might say why not the GTA series, right? I mean, GTA below 4 is currently on cellphones. GTA 4 was done on PS3--and from what I've read and heard the Switch is more powerful than the PS3, if not the same power.  Or so.  And let's not forget that even GTA 5 was released on the PS3 before the refined version came to the PS4. So that could even be done, more or less, on the Switch as well.  Come on. We've seen new gen games come to the Switch. Doom Eternal and even Assasin's Creed. Albeit a bit fuzzier than the latest-gen counterparts; but it's been done.  So, we see it's digitally possible. Is it financially feasible for the company?  That's another story. The Switch has been around since early 2017, and one might say it is co

It's Working!

  I am happy to say my plan has been working. I used to play video games a lot. It relaxed me. But that has pretty much gone to nothing in the past three or more years.  Some think they are a waste of time. Perhaps it depends on what you're doing, or should be doing, when you play hours on end. But it can be very entertaining and stress relieving, as well. There's that old report I used to cling to as kid about how it helps your hand eye coordination. Thinking about it, it keeps me away from looking at the news--which I think is most of the problem these days.  There are many things it helps if you do a search. But these last two days, since I plugged my PS3 back in, I found I put the controller down every so often and did the dishes, and did this and that. And last night, before going to bed (and I really should have tried to get to bed lol--but that's another post which actually might be a byproduct of this whole thing that's been going on), I edited the episode I'

Bring Back That Feeling

  I did it. I got my PS3 working. Not what I expected. Online friends don't see me as being online. Or maybe they do. But I asked and they said no. Eh, either way. It's fun running through Liberty city. This game brings back some good memories.  WCM 

Let's Try Something

  I'm thinking of trying something new. Anything. I need to do it. I've been feeling some energy here and there, related to starting up projects again, but it doesn't feel right. Not totally and not yet. When I start to give it a go does, but then I hit a wall and put everything down. I'll mess around with old stories, like things I'd begun a long time ago, then just give up. So I'm going to try something new. I'm going to force myself to have some fun with my PS3, GTA 4. One of my favorite of the series. Just thinking about it brings me back. And I've been watching some old YouTubers I love a great deal. LA Beast is one and another is Steve1989. One I also recently started watching (when I say recent I mean within the last few years or so) is Badlands Chuggs. Brings me back to when YouTube was fun and creative and, most important, un-blatantly-political. Well, I'm going to unravel these cords and see if my PS3 starts up and go from there. I'm al