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Still Here

Still here. Just haven't been feeling pretty much anything lately. I will be trying to get back into things. Never give up!  I'm going to try and get into things slowly. Everything has just been draining. And I am not complaining, but I was thinking about it and had to admit to it--not fool myself. I wondered: why am I not writing, editing video, thinking about things and writing about them on my blog--even reading or listening to music. And I realized I had spurts of ideas and feelings, but when I made the effort to open the device to work on it, I told myself maybe later. And later never came.  Until now, I guess I can say. Here. With this post.  My cat passed. That hurt greatly. It was pretty much out of nowhere. Instantly. And then I started thinking about others who have lost loved ones throughout all this madness.  So I've turned off the news, only listening to necessary stuff, and that helped a great deal. It's harder than you think. Because you want to know what

New Year's Special

Gary and I talk about the new year and a few interesting things about writing and the things to come. Don't forget to check out the bloopers at the end.  Hope you enjoy, and if you did, please leave a like and comment and subscribe to the channel.  See you next time! WCM